Opportunity for a Chief Geologist in South Africa

Serial No: 123330
Location: Western Cape, South Africa - View on map

One of South Africa’s leading petroleum companies is looking for a Chief Geologist.

Nigerian recruitment

Salary and Benefits

  • ZAR 820,000 pa
  • Excellent benefits package


The Role

  • Continuously assess the execution of geophysical workflows and outputs and enable improvements in efficiency and effectiveness as required
  • Recommend and monitor the use of appropriate work programs and best practices in the geological disciplines to ensure appropriate and consistent evaluations across all asset teams and projects are done
  • Ensure that the available geophysical resources (staff, software & equipment) are effectively utilised to execute all geoscience work programs efficiently
  • Assess resource levels (staff, software & equipment) and recommend appropriate mitigations and/or solutions to address any shortfalls identified
  • Provide quality assurance of geophysical workflow outputs through structured peer reviews
  • Assess the workflows used in performing volumetric estimates and the quantification of uncertainty (likely outcomes) associated with the calculations
  • Assess the sub-surface risk factors (charge, seal, migration, reservoir, & trap) for each sub-surface project and derive a consensus Chance of Success for drilling targets
  • Ensure appropriate work programs are defined to mitigate identified sub-surface risk
  • Communicate the findings and recommendations of the peer review process to management and asset teams



  • A background in development geology, reservoir characterisation and petrophysics would be advantageous
  • A good understanding of the definition of petroleum reserves and resources as defined by the SPE’s PRMS resource classification scheme
  • Demonstrate a very clear understanding of what is required for E&P success
  • Be a proven prospect generator with demonstrable exploration success in the development of plays and leads into successfully drilled prospects
  • Have expert knowledge of all aspects of the petroleum system
  • Have expert knowledge on the calculation and definition of petroleum reserves and resources as defined by the SPE’s PRMS resource classification scheme
  • Have experience of evaluating the reserve portfolio of E&P assets to inform potential investment as well as in promoting E&P assets for divestment
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Have a passion for transferring skills and managing the growth of geoscientists at all experience levels
  • Demonstrate commitment to the integrating of geophysical outputs with other disciplines such as geology, reservoir engineering, petrophysics, etc.
  • Have extensive experience of working in different petroleum provinces, regions, basins and environment
  • Demonstrate expert knowledge and/or experience of well-site and operational geology
  • Have experience working in partnerships and joint venture operations


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