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Australia, Chefs and Commercial Cooks Needed Immediately

This position has now been filled. Should you be interested in similar positions, please register on our website.
Serial No: 3541
Location: Queensland, Australia - View on map

There are up to 50 positions available for Chef’s/Commercial Cooks  based all over Australia.

Irish, Italian and Greek/Mediterranean Chefs are in heavy demand.

Positions vary from Head Chefs, Sous Chefs to capable and experienced Pub Chefs and Commercial Cooks.

The basic job description appears below.

Head Chefs would be expected to manage the kitchen function

Candidates should take the following steps:

  1. Go to and open an account. Upload your CV  and create a personal profile.
  2. Email a copy of your CV to Please feel free to attach certificates, food shots, references, and proof of identity but they are not essential at this stage.
  3. We will send you a form for completion. Once received back your paperwork will go to Australia for processing.

If you are 30 or younger you could be in Australia within 2 months.

Over 31 but under 45 it will take 3-6 months but please do apply especially if you are a head/sous chef.

Experience required:

  • Be assigned any task in the kitchen related to food preparation
  • Be able to understand kitchen orders
  • Be able to work efficiently
  • Have good sense of taste, smell and humour
  • Have knowledge about kitchen hygiene & safety procedures to Australian standards
  • Be ready to perform all functions in kitchen
  • Be able to make excellent quality food
  • Have knowledge about different cooking recipes and all kitchen equipment
  • Performing food preparation duties
  • Following orders from senior kitchen staff
  • Keep work stations clean and well stocked
  • Keep the kitchen area and equipment clean and sanitized
  • Perform duties efficiently to make a dish in time
  • Use ingredients in right proportion and follow the right food preparations
  • Be able to work with seasonal produce and an ever changing menu
  • Be able to work under pressure in a very busy environment
  • Be a team player
  • Be ready to stand/work long hours
  • Reliable and looking for a long term position
  • Have a broad knowledge of Australian pub/club/tavern cuisine
  • It may be necessary to perform some administration duties in the kitchen i.e. possible stock taking etc.


  • Have at least 5 years’ experience in a similar position

Additional Information:

Expected Salary for Sous Chefs Upwards:  A$ 54,000 - A$100,000+ depending on skills and experience. Please forward your CV to 

For those with less than 5 years experience there are still openings under a special type of visa but wages are likely to be in the range of A$33,000 to A$50,000

Accommodation provided: No

Required CRB: No

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