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IT Jobs in Canada

The Canadian IT jobs market is highly competitive, with demand outstripping supply. This anomaly opens up opportunities for international candidates that are “job ready.”

For international candidates looking for IT Jobs in Canada a considerable amount of research and preparation is required:

  • Are my skills on the current shortage list?
  • Have I had my skills recognised within Canada?
  • If I need a language assessment, have I completed it to the required standards?

Without these three building blocks in place no recruiter will be able to assist in the provision of an IT job. Please be beware of visa agents offering documents without an offer in place; this is a high risk strategy and should be avoided.

IT Operator

For IT candidates we suggest a different approach in compiling a CV, one that will make the document more readable to non-techies and those that may be involved in the recruitment process. Make a CV a two part document:

  1. Information about yourself, your achievements and accomplishments
  2. Add an IT skills check list. (Most employers will be looking for specific skill sets but equally will want to assess you as an individual).

Skills Provision International specialises in the placement of IT professionals. We do however, recognise we are only likely to be approached once local market options are exhausted. Only outstanding candidates are likely to succeed, therefore structuring a CV correctly is imperative.

We work with organisations in all industries and provide people for all levels within a Company. Our ability to perform relies on quality information provided by the employer, this and an internationally competitive package.

So if you are looking for IT Jobs in Canada in any of these areas or have vacancies to fill then please consider our services:

  • Net development
  • Java
  • Infrastructure
  • Development
  • IT Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • ERP / CRM
  • IT Leadership / Management

Candidates are welcome to register at any time and can do so by establishing an account, uploading a CV’s and creating a personal profile. Profiles are promoted often leading to a direct approach from an employer.

From employers we need 3 things:

  • What you want – a job description
  • What you’ll pay – i.e. Terms and Conditions
  • What you are – a brief business description

With IT being a global skills shortage we can help Canadian nationals looking for international IT jobs as well as Canadian multinationals with overseas IT job challengers.