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Engineering Jobs in Canada

Canada is short of engineers, so much so that it’s becoming an internal problem. The anomaly for the country is it operates a tight system in regard to the in-flow of migrant workers. Patience and

determination are needed to be successful in securing an engineering job in Canada. Our management team believe the skills gap is set to widen, thus providing more opportunities in the future, for skilled operators looking to move to the region.

Engineers in Canada

Skills Provision successfully act as a bridge between employers, that have exhausted the local recruitment route and top quality candidates. Employers need to have obtained government permission to recruit from outside of the country, whilst prequalified candidates must satisfy immigration legislation. Candidates seeking a contract of employment must fully understand the restrictions placed upon them. Whilst it is difficult to source engineering jobs in Canada, it is not impossible. Utilising assistance from global recruitment specialists, such as Skills Provision will greatly improve the chance of success.

The Government’s Foreign Credentials Referral Office (FCRO), is designed to help internationally trained individuals with the assessment of credentials. For more information please visit the following website Candidates need to be aware that this is just the first step in the process. Even if you are approved and get an acceptable job offer you will not be able to represent yourself as an engineer. Every immigrant engineer has to work through licensure on arrival. Basically a period of training that can last upwards of one year. When a task is undertaken it has to be signed off by a licensed engineer.

Candidates should contact the association of professional engineers in the province or territory where they plan to settle.

Candidates applying for engineering jobs in Canada will need:

  • Original diploma(s), degree(s), and full transcripts recording course completion and marks.
  • Full address of educational and professional institutions related to engineering qualifications.
  • Employment and character references.

All documents must have certified English translations (French in Québec; a choice of English or French in New Brunswick). Each provincial/territorial engineering body has its own steps in their licensing process. For more information contact the association of professional engineers directly.

Working in Canada before being licensed

Applicants can work as engineers in Canada only if a licensed professional engineer takes responsibility for their work. It is illegal for non-licensed engineers to approve drawings or reports, use the title “professional engineer” or any variation of it.

If your company is searching for top quality candidates to fill engineering jobs in Canada, simply contact our Support Team on +44 (0) 2079890750, alternatively you can email For candidates searching for meaningful employment simply register on our website and upload your CV.