Technical Manager, Health administration, Overseas Development, Technical training

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(08/01/1955, male)
Skills keywords: administration, health management, overseas development, technical training, workshop management
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  • I completed an MSc in Global Health at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.  This started in October 2011 and I completed in February 2013.  Please refer to education section.
  • My last working position was at Nyangao Hospital, Lindi, Southern Tanzania.  My position was Logistics and Materials Manager.  I held responsibility for the workshops, stores, site management, and outreach services.  My work involved securing materials and equipment, overseeing building contractors and local workshop staff.  I also oversaw the smooth running of the hospital equipment and machinery from medical equipment to generators and X ray machines.  The health criteria I was recruited for, was to support HIV services and on this initiative I ran gender workshops, and organized out-reach testing services for HIV.  From a zero base the outreach testing service reached over 2500 people in the last year I was present.  I also worked on community health programmes setting up community programmes to improve Maternal Health and child Mortality.  The skills used to set up these programmes are transferable to other work contexts.  I finished this contract in December 2010.
  • Workshop Management at Dareda Hospital Tanzania
I set up planned maintenance regimes, became responsible with my counterpart in material and component acquisition.  The aim, which was achieved, was to hand over the Hospital Engineer role to my counterpart.

The building up of relevant resources for workshops has been one of my roles.  A circular saw was purchased for Dareda Hospital with donated money along with many hand tools for carpentry, building, electrical installation and plumbing.  These relevant pieces of equipment enabled the workshop staff to increase their productivity and improve the efficiency of the hospital site.

I had to evaluate and adapt methodologies to local needs, working with local materials, drying wood, obtaining bricks from the local brick fields, using locally made roofing tiles, adapting wood burning stoves for more efficient usage, using local methods to heat water using an open fire and a converted oil drum. I also had to work diplomatically with the hospital managers over the distribution and consumption of water supplies during the dry season.

The writing of funding proposals for projects became part of my role.  Through the Diocese who ran the Hospital funds for the rewiring of the hospital were raised along with funds to purchase a vehicle for hospital.
  • Training and Facilitating skills     
Whilst working in Tanzania as a Hospital Engineer I became involved in the training and facilitating new skill areas to workshop and some administration staff.

I initially took two computers into the hospital environment primarily for report writing and recording purposes.  There was a request from one of the office staff for training on how to use a computer.  Lessons were given for an hour each day for about one month.  The member of staff became proficient in the use of word processing and spread sheets.  Two further computers and a printer were obtained.  The member of staff is now very proficient and trains other office staff.  The Hospital now uses computers for most recording, letters and administrative procedures as well as email now that telephones have arrived in the area.

I am confident to train others in Carpentry, Wood Machining and Furniture making.  I have set up a small commercial furniture making enterprise at Dareda Hospital Tanzania.  This enterprise eventually moved into the village where it is still in operation.

I have good knowledge of Bench fitting, Gas Welding, Technical Drawing, Graphic Communication and Engineering Drawing.  I have a good practical knowledge of the construction skills, concreting, and plumbing, in vehicle maintenance, blacksmithing, and sheet metal work.

The hospital generator was broken and dismantled before my arrival.  I negotiated to have the spare parts imported from the United Kingdom and worked with my counterpart and a local mechanical fitter to have the generator repaired giving the only electrical power to the hospital at the time.

I have a good basic knowledge in project management, water supplies and domestic wiring.  At Dareda I oversaw the rewiring of the hospital, drawing up the specification, keeping within budget, buying the electrical components and negotiating with local electrical contractors.

I taught my counterpart to drive the hospital vehicles.  He now holds a driving licence and is one of the hospitals named drivers.
  • Working with the Fire Service
Working as a front line Fire fighter for fifteen years I was involved with driving Fire Appliances and four wheel drive vehicles.

The work required the wearing of breathing apparatus into smoke and chemical environments.

A working knowledge of building construction, community infrastructure and health and safety is a requirement of this profession.

Much of the work is securing and moving water supplies from the source to a fire.  This involves the use of pumps and hoses and has to be used in different situations where water has to be lifted from a river using vacuum force, from Fire Hydrants where the water is obtained from the water mains and gravity fed supplies where water tanks are used.  The moving of water over large distances miles is required in dealing with certain incidents.  The work also included pumping out water from flooded properties and areas.

Car crashes where persons were entrapped in vehicles are part of the work and I attended courses to deal with and incidents occurred where people needed to be cut from the wreckage of vehicles.  I worked closely with the Fire Service to develop ways of stabilising vehicles after car crashes to prevent them moving whilst casualties were removed.  This was part of my degree course.

Dealing with, making safe, containment and the removal of chemicals and poisonous substances when problems occur is part of this job.

I have worked regularly at height, used ladders and made primary repairs to damaged structural work on buildings after incidents.
  • Education Skills
My last post in education was as a supply teacher at a school for pupils with profound learning difficulties.  I finished in June 2011 to pursue an MSc in Global Health.

I taught Technical Education for 29 years at secondary level. Art, Pottery, Design Technology, (Wood, Metal, Plastics, Technical Drawing, Basic Electronics, Engineering).

Teaching at post 16 to Advanced Level groups in Design Technology and Vocational courses in Engineering and Computer Graphics.

Adult education subjects taught include Craft subjects in Wood, Metal and Clay (pottery).
  • Teaching related Skills
I have worked in a variety of classroom settings and been responsible for the management of individual and suites of rooms.

I was responsible for the production of most of my own teaching resources and continued to evaluate and adapt teaching materials to the needs of the pupils.

My lesson planning had to take into account the individual needs of all pupils in the classes which in my Special Education post at present is very diverse with pupils with autistic spectrum, downs syndrome, blindness, emotional and behavioural problems and other conditions associated with Medium Learning Difficulty pupils.

My pupils followed the English National Curriculum Technology guidelines for years 7 - 9.  Year 10 - 11 follow Entry-level courses in Technology.  I set up and was responsible for the teaching of these courses.

I worked as an assistant Head of Year being jointly responsible for the pastoral welfare of 300 pupils over two years

At one of my previous schools.  I was a form tutor to many groups of pupils.

My Information Technology skills extend to word processing, spread-sheets, drawing programmes and interactive whiteboards.
  • Management Skills
I have worked as a Head of Department in two schools in one being the line manager for eight staff.  The work involved being part of a wider management team.  I have also worked as a Co-ordinator of Technology ensuring that all the component subjects such as Textiles, Food Technology, Information Technology, Technical Drawing, Design Technology and Art all provided the required input to the whole school National Curriculum requirements for the subject.

The budget for the subject has been under my control along with the buying, securing and maintenance of materials, equipment and machinery.  I have a network of colleagues in various schools and industries that have helped me with specialise knowledge and materials.

Extra-curricular activities have been of interest to me and I have organised and taken various craft clubs, and school visits to places of subject interest.
  • Curriculum and Course Development
Courses for lower secondary pupils in Design Technology have been researched, set up and taught for the various needs and abilities of the pupils by myself.  Relevant accredited courses for Key stage four pupils (aged 14 - 16) have also been set in place and at my present school this has been an Entry Level course for pupils with learning difficulties.

I have always worked with pupils with learning difficulties mainly in Mains Stream Schools.  I have adapted the courses to the needs of these pupils along with the writing of Individual Education Plans for those who need them.  At my present school all pupils have individual needs and the curriculum, courses and lessons have to take account of the varying difficulties the pupils are likely to encounter.  My previous post was at a school for pupils with Medium Learning Difficulties as well as emotional and behavioural difficulties.


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June 2011



February 2009


December 2010












April 2003


December 2009

Fordwater School, Chichester, West SussexSupply Teacher:  Temporary work. Pupils with profound learning difficulties. Finished to pursue MSc in Global Health


St Walburg’s Hospital Nyangao, Lindi, Tanzania:  VSO

Materials and Logistics Manager

Day to day issues to maintain the smooth running of the hospital.

Initiated planned maintenance schedules for hospital equipment.

Supervision of workshop staff, contractors, writing bills of quantities, procurement of medical equipment and supplies.

Overseeing and restructuring of stores with maximum and minimum stock levels.

Initiated outreach work for HIV testing and Mother and Child clinics to local villages.

Responsible for the material development and maintenance of the hospital.

Project management and successful proposal writing for the funding to renovate ten staff houses at the hospital.

Organised and introduced gender workshops into the hospital and village environment.


Glenwood School Emsworth Hampshire

Teacher in Charge of Design Technology

Special School for pupils with Medium Learning Difficulties

100 pupils on role

Introduced new courses for all pupils at key stage 3 and 4.

Entry-level courses 100% pass rate on those who attended.

School trips introduced to local museums













April 2002
































1981 to



1976 to



1978 to

Bognor Regis Community College, West SussexHead of Resistant Materials

Large Comprehensive School

1200 on role  + 300 sixth form


West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

Retained Fire-Fighter at Bognor Regis Fire Station

Fire-fighting duties

Retired due to injury

St Andrew's Church of England School, Worthing

Teacher of Design Technology

Curriculum development and introduction of schemes of work for key stage 3.

Taught resistant material, graphics at key stages 3 and 4.


Dareda Hospital, Arusha Region Tanzania

Voluntary Service Overseas

Hospital Engineer

I worked alongside hospital managers, administrators, the doctor in charge, government and catholic diocese representatives, local workmen and contractors helping to run the technical aspects of a bush hospital and assisting with new developments and initiatives to further the technological progress of the hospital.

My main achievements in this role were the training technical staff, fund raising by project writing, introduction and training with computers, organising the installation of mains electricity to the hospital site, setting up a furniture project with a small saw mill and keeping the site operational in difficult financial and logistical circumstances.  The work involved being a team member and none of the achievements would have been possible without the support and close working with others.  Substantial progress was made to further the work of the hospital in the two years I was the Hospital Engineer and I found the work satisfying and challenging.

Bognor Regis Community College, West Sussex

Co-ordinator of Technology/Assistant Head of Year (Pastoral)

My original post was as Lower School Teacher in charge of Technical Studies.  The role developed into co-ordinator of Technology, which included overseeing the subjects, Textiles, Art, Food Technology, Resistant Material Technology and Information Technology. I was responsible for the co-ordination of all subjects to ensure Technology Key stage 3 was adequately covered.  My teaching covered all groups throughout the school including exam work at key stage 4.  I was involved with craft clubs, camping trips, part of a team organising discotheques for pupils and a form tutor.

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

Retained Fire-Fighter at Bognor Regis Fire Station

The skills I acquired were use of breathing apparatus, Large Goods Vehicle Driving, Emergency Fire Appliance Driving, Driving of Four wheel drive vehicles off road, pump operation, communication and computer training in relation to fire control procedure as well as general fire-fighting and ladder work.  This work relied on high levels of physical fitness and some incidents pushed my abilities close to the limits. This work has been valuable experience in knowing what is possible and aspects of crisis management unlikely to be encountered in other fields of employment.

Ryedale School, Newton, Helmsley, York.

Teacher in Charge of Metalwork/Head of Design and Technology


Lytchett Minster School, Poole Dorset

Teacher of Woodwork, Art, Metalwork, Technical drawing,


Dorset Fire Brigade

Retained Fire fighter at Bere Regis Fire Station.


  • Midas Mini Bus Driver
  • Health and Safety Representative at Glenwood School
  • Positive play course attended
  • Emergency First Aid in Schools  (not certificated)
  • Chair making course attended
  • Fire Service Training (including emergency fire appliance and vehicle driving and advanced 4 wheel driver training)
  • Intermediate Kiswahili Training
  • Adapting Technical work practices course at Harborne Hall
  • Relevant VSO courses related to working abroad
  • Certificated in the use of Circular saws and other power machinery for woodwork
  • Certificated course for the use of gas welding
  • Have held licences to drive Buses and Large Goods Vehicles
  • Computer literate in day to day administration programs.
  • National Association of School Masters (NAS/UWT)
  • General Teaching Council for England
  • Retained Fire-fighters union

Spoken languages: English Kiswahili
Location I am interested in working: africa, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, canada, India, Italy, Mauritania, new zealand, saudi arabia, Singapore, spain, switzerland, United Kingdom, United States