Student Seeking Work in the US

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 62807
(27/09/1999, female)
Skills keywords: customer services, sales oriented
List Of Qualifications:

English Literature A*
English Language A
Mathematics A*
Additional Mathematics B
All Sciences A*
Computing A*
French A
Photography A*
History A*
Religious Studies A*

-Duke of Edinburgh-
After completing a 20 mile long expedition, 6 months of voluntary work, 3 months of table tennis lessons and 3 months of building an app through an online course I achieved the BRONZE award.

-Sign Language Level 1-
Participated in a course which was 3 months long and developed a wide range of vocabulary in sign language. This includes the basics such as greetings, questions, telling time, giving directions, expressing emotions and expressing preferences.

-National Citizen Service-
This was a government funded youth programme organized in order to offer young people social and active experiences.I was involved in many activities such as surfing, rock climbing, kayaking, and orienteering. As well as this my independence grew through having to handle my own money while I was away for 3 weeks, making my own lunch, clearing my own room and manage my time in such way that I was able to do all the activities. This also meant I was put in a social situation where I did not know anybody but still had to work in a team and get involved.

Previous Employment Details:

Saddles and paddles June – July 2015
One week long – I had to assist my colleagues while setting up the shop (bringing bikes out, getting kayaks and canoes on the water), renting them out to customers, offering customers a short course on how to handle a canoe or kayak and dealing with other general problems.

Children’s Hospice South West July 2015 - Present
Volunteering at this charity helped me further polish my customer service skills and offered me a long term opportunity to practice punctuality, team work and my problem solving ability. I had to work on the till, arrange the shop, take in donations, put out stock and clean.

Office Outlet Exeter January 2017 – Present
A challenging working environment based solely on excellent customer service and ability to sell which are 2 things I have proven very capable of as an associate of the company. At this job I not only have to serve customers but engage with them and answer their queries, and occasionally bring my expertise onto the subject to come up with a solution for the customer. With the Copy and Print Centre which the company has available, my technical and problem solving skills are also apparent.

Current location: England, United Kingdom - View on map
Nationality: Romanian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , Hotel and Catering, Marketing
Spoken languages: english, romanian
Location I am interested in working: canada, United States
List the countires you have a visa to work in: Europe, United Kingdom