Senior Faculty Trainer in ESL and EFL

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(09/12/1953, male)
Skills keywords: education, management, marketing, technical education english, training
Current location: Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia - View on map

TEACHING EXPERIENCE                                                

Dammam University Medical College - English Language Faculty - 2012- Present

King Saud University - ELT Faculty Riyadh  - 2011-2012

National Institute of Management Administration - Kabul - 2010-2011

Senior Faculty, Accounting Department                                                                NIMA is a World Bank Project; the role was involved in the setup stages of the Institute before handover to local staff. Responsible for the English Language Training of 38 Faculty staff and managing and developing all course related material. Direct employers are Maxwell Stamp PLC of London.

Turco-British Association - Ankara, Turkey - 2009-2010                                  Senior Faculty                                                                                                                      IELTs Trainer to Civil Servants and Teaching to specific private firms.

British Educational Institute  -  Khartoum   2008-2009

Head of Professional Training Services                                                           

Led various Business Management courses for leading firms in Sudan, primarily engaged in the FMCG, Oil & Gas industries.

Various Colleges

Oman    1999-2001                                                                                                             Lectured at various colleges on several engagements within Oman at Majan College, Muscat College, College of Administrative Sciences.

Shannon College of Hotel Management   Ireland

Lectured to students on behalf of the Quality Food Council of Ireland.                                                                                                                                   

British Army - Trainer - 1975–1977

Taught Basic military skills. Numbers 502889 + 24412153.


British Civil Service - Lancashire, U.K. Executive Officer - 2002 – 2008

Accountable for a team of 15 civil servants that reorganised debt management procedures across the entire U.K. The highlight of which was the attendance and participation at a Cabinet meeting in Whitehall.  Civil Service no.84394602.

Allegro Communications - Muscat, Oman - Senior Faculty - 1999 – 2001

Organised and implemented the first employment for Omani college students with private firms in the sultanate. Ran ''Entrepreneurship'' lecture modules at 4 colleges. Produced the first book in Oman relating to Omani entrepreneurs.

Coca- Cola - Dubai, U.A.E. Marketing Services Manager                            1995 – 1999

Achieved the spread of Coca-Cola products to more outlets than competitors in the U.A.E. Ran the first series of lectures for Coke staff on entrepreneurship.


  • Published Work: The Emperors of Coca Cola, ISBN: 978-1-4092-2815-8 (2008)
  • Directorship:  1996 – Present. Belmount Property Services Ltd/Belmount Investments Ltd.  U.K.
  • Training Material Development- Marketing materials for all Account Executives within the Fortune Promoseven Group, Tendering and Logistics materials developed for the Coca-Cola Bottlers in Oman/Qatar/UAE. All training materials written and desk top published for the National Institute of Management Administration in Afghanistan relating to the Marketing segment of the course and the EL section of the course.
  • Running Courses on ‘’Salesmanship’’ for a variety of firms- Coca-Cola, Mobil Oil, Nivea, Emirates Computers Ltd.
  • Passed course in ‘’ Canadian Criminal Law’’ run by the Edmonton City Police [1979] and studied ‘’Irish Military Law’’ with the 4th Infantry Battalion of the Irish Army Military Law Office [1978-1979].
  • Completed the Dublin City Marathon in 1983. Competed to the semi finals for the Irish Swimming Team for selection at the Montreal Olympics.
  • Represented RMA Sandhurst Victory College in inter-service swimming competitions 1976-1977.
  • Assignment based ELT Instructor PRINCE NAIF COLLEGE  Ministry of the Interior [ English for Commissioned Police Officers ]

Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: saudi arabia