Seismic QC Acquisition Consultant

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Serial No: 100395
(10/01/1950, male)
Skills keywords: geophysics
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Mr. Cervantes has over 35 years worldwide acquisition experience in land and marine operations. Previous experience in, Vibroseis, and heli-portable jungle acquisition, OBC, deep marine, transition, gravity and magnetic data providing continuous coverage over the land-marine interface; airborne data augment land and marine 3D data. He has served as a land and marine acquisition consultant in more recent years. He is experienced in all aspects of project management,2D/3D land and marine 2D, 3D and 4D 4C acquisition, 3D and 2D field seismic data processing, survey planning and CDP coverage. Lately working with DS3, DS4, ISS, Flip Flop , Wide Azimuth Surveys 24 vibrators online and 65000 channels on the ground. Competent in the use of Mesa14, OMNI 2017, Testif-I, Globe Claritas, RadExpro, Petrel, Opendtect,GMS SPS Check, IntViewer, Vista 2017 Geometis MX, MIRA, ITA, Neptune, GPseismic and setting up Linux PC Cluster for seismic data processing. Also doing lately land and marine seismic crew start-up and technical audits. Actually working as Crew Manager for Saudi Aramco GDAD department.

Previous Employment Details:

Alphageo India Ltd. May 1 2016 – 2018 Feb 15
Crew Supervisor and QC geophysicist in several seismic crews operating in India, either with vibroseis and also with impulsive energy source, 3D design, QC processing and acquisition parameters.

Coastlines KSA December 2014 - November 1st 2015
Field QC supervision on a 4D 4C project for CO2 monitoring run by Expec Advance Research Department from Saudi Aramco in Uthmaniya Reservoir. The ob is being done using 4C components buried at 70m depth and 4000 traces using Geospace Geores HC-W Recording system and Sercel 428Xl as a master slave configuration and M26HD Vibrators and SeisNET and using CGG Emphaseis Sweep. Testing repeatability over a base line and 22 monitor lines.

Saudi Geophysical Consulting – January 2012 - November 2014
3D designer and Field Acquisition Supervisor for STAROIL company in West Sudan, Supervising BGC Chinese-Sudanese crew, ARGAS and SINOPEC. Performed the start-up Technical Audit and actually is supervising the HSE, Survey and geophysical acquisition. Responsible for daily production, daily, weekly and monthly report to senior staff geophysicist in Khartoum. Recently moved to Saudi Arabia for Saudi Aramco in a High Channel Count crew using TDMA, VTS, 23000 traces on the ground and 24 vibrator fleet using DS3, DS4 and flip flop mode and all different kinds of wide azimuth surveys. All Vibrators AHV-IH equipped with Sercel Guidance system. The recorder equipped with VSAT and EsQCpro for real time QC. Also performing VSP QC quality control in some drilling Rigs when necessary.

Current location: Temuco, Región de la Araucanía, Chile - View on map
Nationality: CHILE
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, Engineering, HR and Recruitment
Spoken languages: english, english and french, Englsih, spanish
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere
List the countires you have a visa to work in: El Salvador, Iraq, Ireland, saudi arabia