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(09/08/1982, male)
Skills keywords: fitter, new technology
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September 2012 – Present - Robi International 83-110 Tczew Anders 9e/11 (Norway)

Plumber, Fitter.

  • Implementing sprinkler installation  (fire protection), connecting  Air Condition unit. Working with (use water) Mepla, Mapress, PEX (sprinkler):  grooved pipes, Mapress.
  • Working in Norway (building of an aqua-park) under  the supervision of Oras Agder AS COMPANY
  • From 08/04/2013 work under  the supervision of YIT Kristiansand  as ventilation  fitter. Performing air and ventilation systems,  with insulation against fire.
March - June 2012 - Skills Provission LTD The Islana House, Midsomer  Norton, BA3 2DZ Radstock, Somerset  (United Kingdom) - Plumber, hvac-i fitter

Seconded to work in India for Voith Company  as the fitter quality. Performing cooling installations of glycol and technologic.  Installations of use water, connecting  power supplies of an air condition  (outside and inside units, glycol, chiller), Armaflex Isolation, refractory. Supervising the progress and the quality, teaching workers  how to implement European technology.

October - December 2012 - Meercox Afrikastrat, 6014 GG Itterwoort (Netherland) - Ventilation and Insulation Fitter in public facilities

Assembly of ventilation and insulation, industrial ventilation channels with a cross-section from

600x200 to 2500x500 and ‘spiro’ ventilation pipes from 100mm to 630. Working under time pressure.

July - November 2010 - Vamed Engineering Centre ville, rue Anguiley MathurinLiberville

(Gabon) - Plumber.

Teaching, supervising and performing installation whilst building the hospital in Gabon. Preparing installations of medical gases for connection with equipment such as: sterilizers, medical sinks with water-detergent mixers, installation of oxide-ethylene, plant steam, liquids of health care and gases. Installation of the air conditioners, sinks, showers and radiators.

November 2010 - February 2011 - KON-BUD sp. z o.o. Jezynowa 1, 62-002 Suchy Las (Poland / France) - Insulation fitter

Renewing an insulation of an installation in refinery of Esso, in Marseille. Thermal insulation in the outside, insulation in metal coat. Working in a high temperature conditions and changeable weather conditions on a height over the 20 meters. Working with insulations: connlit, rockwool, Paroc, Promat and others.

July - September 2010 - Pomorska Agencja Pracy (Labour Agency in Pomorze) Arkonska  48, Gdansk (Poland) - Fitter of ventilation

Seconded to work abroad, to Sweden. Interchanging of a ventilation and a smoke removal system. Working under time pressure  with only possibility  to work with manual  tools – no support of electric  cut tools. The residential building with a department store in the bottom part of the building.

January 2008 - June 2010 - Job contracts, short  contract’s for specific work - Fitter. Plumber

Air conditioner and ventilation, hydraulic installations, servicing. Climavera systems, galvanizing, installation  of hydraulic systems inside and outside  the small facilities. Working with systems: Poliplopyren, alupex, Mepla, Mapress, steel, proinsulation.

March - August 2008 - Vamed Engineering Sterngasse 5, 1232 Vienne (Austra) - HVAC-i fitter

Interchanging a ventilation system with insulation in a hospital in Libya. Teaching workers from Libya (Benghazi) how to work with ventilation, insulation  (gravity and mechanical). Complete process of installation. Assembly of central ventilation  units. Installation of exhaust and intake air supply, plenum boxes and diffusers.

Performing installations of a ventilation insulation  with a HEPA pressure  test.

December 2003 - December 2008 - wi-tex Czajkowskiego  54/5, 51-171 Wrocław (Poland)-

Private Business

Assembly of central heating, use water and sewage, including ventilation and air-conditioning. Systems: galvanized, steel, stainless steel, flexible sleeves to spread the air. Working in Poland for YIT Company, Apersbud,  Emco, etc. Finishing works and installation of such equipment as air- conditioning  convectors, heat pumps, diffusers, etc. Installation and connection of solar units. Insulating the afore-mentioned systems using rockwool, armaflex, conlit, tubolit, thermaflex, promat  systems.  Managing the personnel.

June 2005 - July 2007 - Apersbud Sp. z o.o. Solskiego 4 4, 52-416 Wrocław (Poland) - Fitter, plumber,  welder's  assistant

Performing insulations and installations of: glycol. Central heating, technological heat, smoke removal system, steel construction systems. Installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems, central heating, condensate, plumbing. Assembly of air conditioning units (air curtains, heat pumps), diffusers, plenum boxes, smoke extraction.  Fire dampers and smoke turbine type TJFT / TJHT. Preparing handles, pipes and the entire installation of temporary supports  for welding

October 2004 - March 2005 - Top Service Sp. z o.o. Metalowców 25, 54-156 Wrocław (Poland) -

Contract for specific work

Performing air and ventilation systems.  Mounting of air conditioners. Mounting of ventilation systems.  Insulation, fire insulation: connlit insulation, rockwool, promat.  Performing installations of ventilation with zincked steel pipe with cross-section from 100 to 630 and channels from

100x100mm to 100x120 to 1200x2000. Connecting mechanical central air conditioner from producers such as: ClimaProduct,  VTS, Hair.

Spoken languages: english, polish
Location I am interested in working: africa, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, canada, china, India, Japan, kuwait, Mauritania, new zealand, nigeria, Norway, qatar, saudi arabia, Singapore