Pilot, First Officer

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Serial No: 4674
(18/12/1972, male)
Skills keywords: dedication, humbleness, loyalty, precision, professionalism
Current location: Lazio, Italy - View on map

During the period at the University I attended a training program of six months (from 19/05/97 to 18/11/97) at the technical base of Eurofly, which, at that time, had an air fleet of six McDonnell Douglas airplanes (four MD-83 and two DC-9-51). I had to cooperate with the Continuous Airworthiness; more in detail I was assigned the task of analysing airplanes failures, planning the scheduled maintenances, controlling that the relevant deadlines were respected and the anomalies worked out, optimising the use of the fleet, managing of spare parts in “A.O.G.”.

Flying Experience

Flying School – From November 1999 to June 2001 I have attended the Ab-initio Integrated Pilot Training organised by Alitalia Skymaster. During the flying school I have flown 140 hours on the Bonanza BA-36 (single-engine airplane) at International Flight Training Academy – Bakersfield (California) and 60 hours (+ 84 hours of simulator) on the Piper Cheyenne PA-42 at Alitalia Flying School in Alghero (Italy) and I have obtained the CPL-ATPL Frozen licence.

Alitalia Express – In August 2002 I have been hired by Alitalia Express and I have flown until April 2004 as Co-pilot on the Embraer 145 (about 820 hours flown on type).

From April 2004 to June 2006 I have flown as Co-pilot on the Embraer 170 (about 1220 hours flown on type), that Alitalia Express was the first airline to operate. In the same period I have also performed the task of Ground Instructor.

On May 19th, 2006 I have obtained the ATPL licence.

Alitalia – From August 2006 to December 2008 I have worked for Alitalia, flying as First Officer on the MD80. From December 9th, 2008, because of the MD80 fleet reduction operated by Alitalia, I have received unemployment benefit.

Meridianafly – From May 2010 to January 2011 and from June to August 2011 I have worked with a temporary contract for Meridianafly, flying as First Officer on the MD80.

Alitalia CAI – From April to September 2012 I have worked with a temporary contract for Alitalia CAI, again as a First Officer on the MD80.

I have at the moment about 2550 hours flown on the MD80.

Current licence and total hours of flight:

  • Current licence : JAA-ATPL issued by : ENAC – Italian Civil Aviation Authority
  • Current Type Rating : DC9/MD80
  • Total flight hours : 4805 hours + 418 hours of simulator
  • “Multi-pilot” hours of flight : 4660 hours
  • Hours of flight on jet airplanes : 4585 hours (EMB145, EMB170, MD80)
Additional Information

Languages - Fluent in English. I have improved my knowledge of it by attending summer courses in England as well as in the United States. Moreover, in order to get the pilot’s licence, I attended a flying school in California for five months so improving my knowledge of the language further on.

On the 9th of June, 2009 I took the TEA, with a “level 5” result.

On the 19th of September, 2011 I took the TOEIC, with a score of 950.

I have attended a course of Spanish at the Cervantes Institute of Milan, obtaining a certificate of level B2.

Military Obligation – Civilian duties done, instead of national service, in a home for the aged.

Other activities – For about ten years I have been a volunteer in ambulance for the Red Cross in Milan .

Glider Pilot Licence – Since November 2011 I fly gliders and in April 2012 I obtained a Glider Pilot Licence.

Spoken languages: english, italian, spanish
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