Phd Candidate and Experienced International Lecturer


A unique, educated, outgoing and dedicated international teacher and researcher with a passion for life and experiences of the human condition. I am a political person by nature not only training and inquisitive by birth, having been designated for my experience and a combination of extensive global travel make me a unique candidate for any institution

Serial No: 183009
Skills keywords: esl teacher, lecturer, masters international relations, policy anaylsis, research and analysis

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Qualitative research
Design research, methods and Inquiry- Course certified
International Relations Theory- Passed qualification Exam
Political Theory- Qualification Exam scheduled for spring
Hannah Arendt - Reading Course certified
trip planning
security analysis
pop culture
curriculum development
Museum lecturing
Tour Guide
History Teacher

Previous Employment Details:

I currently work as a Teaching Assistant, teaching Undergraduate ESL students the basics of Social Statistical research in Social Sciences. It is an intensive year long foundational course which aims to provide incoming expat students with the foundations necessary to conduct research in a western post secondary institution. This position is ongoing, should I choose to continue to accept it, I am aiming to have a position for the Fall of 2024 latest as to rescind this position.

I teach during the summer break at a private company in Toronto. I am responsible for general English education but also education on political history of Canada and the British Empire to groups of foreign teenage students. My last group was 50 from Spain. I instruct them and then take them on guided excursions across the city in relation to political activities. This is also an ongoing.

I was the private estate manager for an elderly woman and her affairs. I was responsible for all private liasons as it relates to medical care, legal care, day to day functions of banking and administration. I was responsible for managing correspondence, organizing appointments and travel itineraries. This position concluded after several years when the lone individual passed away.

Interests & Hobbies:

I enjoy reading classic literature outside of the endless political documents I read for my research. I also enjoy extensive travel and trying new foods and cultures. I have a great passion for history and civilizations foundations and enjoy traveling to locations rumored to be associated with these locations. I also like gems and interesting minerals in combination of rare plants and flowers.

Current location:  Saskatchewan, Canada - View on map
Nationality: Canadian
Spoken languages: Belorussian, english, russian