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Serial No: 3783
(24/07/1976, male)
Skills keywords: confidentiality, database, decision making skills, organised, proactive, project management, service orientated, team leader
Current location: Egypt - View on map

Aug 2011 – Present:  Various Customers (AHOLD /GENISYS/ Statoil).  Location: Offshore.


  • AHOLD environment review.
  • GENISYS Production DB Partitioning.
  • Statoil capacity planning.
Role:  Technical Manager / Customer Advisor.

My role in those projects varies between reviewing the production environments performing capacity planning and advising the customer for the best decision to be taken for the aim of getting big customers confidence in order to bring more business and to create new opportunities.

Oct 2010 – July 2011:  Project: Mobily ERP R12 Upgrade.

Location: Saudi Arabia - Riyadh

Role:  Technical Manager / Customer Advisor

My role in this project started by putting the architecture for all the customer environments and then leading technical and functional teams for performing the upgrade operations as well as acting as the single point of contact/Escalation between Oracle and Mobily.

April  - July 2010:  Project: Kuwait Stock Exchange Disaster/Recovery site building

Location: Kuwait – Kuwait City

Role:  Technical Manager for DBA – AppsDBA team

My role in this project was to manage the operation of building a disaster/recovery site for all the production environments for Kuwait Stock exchange. This includes building a DR site for the production trading system as the first task. The second task was concerning the production EBS environment to perform a platform migration from HP-UX tru64 to HP-UX itanium for the DB tier and to perform a platform migration from HP-UX to Linux for the MT tier, to add a second MT on the new platform, configure the 2 nodes with hardware load balancer then to build a DR site for this environment. The last task is to install and configure the grid control to monitor all production environments. The working team was consisting of 2 consultants and i was sharing technically as well as coordinating between Oracle and the customer.

Sept 2009 – Feb 2010:  Project: British Telecom Production databases Upgrade to 10g

Location:  United Kingdom- Sheffield

Role:  Upgrade Database Administrator Team Lead

My role in this project was to lead a database upgrade team consisting of eight consultants half of them working Onsite with me and the other half working offshore from India. The task was to upgrade multiple very large production databases from 9i to 10g and my task was to lead both onsite and offshore consultants and act as a  single point of contact between the customer and Oracle, to perform upgrades with the team and to provide technical guidance and support to the  of the team.

December 2008:  Project:   Landmark Group Performance Tuning. Location:   UAE – Dubai

Role:  Performance Tuner

As a performance tuner for Landmark Group, one of the largest companies in UAE that is using RETEK products. My role was to perform a performance tuning exercise to provide the customer with recommendations to alleviate the current performance level. An analysis for the customer environment was performed and a set of recommendations were provided and implemented which included tuning on both the instance and SQL statements level and which had lead to a performance boost noted by the customer.

November 2008:  Project: Nichii Gakkan DBA Support

Location: Offshore

Role:  DBA-AppsDBA-Technical Advisor

As a technical advisor for Oracle On Demand –Japan assisting in following and solving critical SR’s for the customer which guarantee that the production environment is running smoothly. My role includes provides technical advice for the customer whenever it is required to solve the critical and repeated problems based on my previous experience.

July 2006 – October 2008:  Principal Operations Engineer  - Oracle Egypt - On Demand organization

Responsible for troubleshooting E-business suite technical problems related to configuration, performance in addition to troubleshooting all Oracle products for Oracle on demand customers. My work also involved reviewing the setup of Oracle applications and making sure that it is working smoothly and make recommendations for the customer to follow in order to omit any problems that he can face in the future. Also responsible for the performance tuning for both Database and Ebusiness suite, Managing the backup and the OS issues – Managing databases running on a RAC environment –Managing ASM (Automatic storage management)database instances  troubleshooting Apache configuration – Managing workflow and guarantee that it is working smoothly. I was involved in a global project which is targeting to stabilize the customer instances by reviewing the customer’s environment and analyzing the type of the frequently occurring errors and developing a global solution that guarantee to permanently solve these issues. My role also includes the responsibility for the database administration of some important customers critical production databases and guarantee that they are running smoothly and with an acceptable performance level and make the recommendation to apply patches for the Database or Middle tiers in order to be synchronized with the latest version or recommend a hardware upgrade when it is required. This is in addition to assisting the other departments - when required - by providing them with technical recommendations.  I was a member in the escalation team to handle the service requests opened by Oracle customers with the highest severities in order to solve the problems in the shortest time possible in order to keep an acceptable level of service with the customers and to guarantee that the customer business will not be affected.

October 2005 – June 2006:  Senior Database Administrator - Orange – Egypt Branch

Orange Business Center in Egypt (formerly Equant) is a France Telecom subsidiary offering outsourcing services to Orange Customers all over Europe.

My role was a Senior DBA in Orange Egypt, responsible for 90 databases running different oracle versions (8i, 9i, 10g) and varying in size between 50GB to 2TB and is hosted on various platforms (Sun Solaris-HP-UX AIX) in addition to the windows 2000 advanced server. My job include installation and patching of different oracle database software and data migration to oracle in addition to the daily troubleshooting activities and managing backup and recovery and defining and solving poor performance issues and provide performance health check reports to the customers. Communication with Orange customers and determine their needs regarding their future expansions. Some of the work required on site visits to the customers such as Gaz de France.

March – September 2005:  Senior Database Administrator - Good News 4 me- Egypt

Responsible for creation maintaining all database software and application in the central site and in other countries (Emirates, Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia).My work was including building and maintain the replication between the central database and those other nodes. Completed the installation of both Linux enterprise edition release 3.2 and oracle database 10g ( on 3 dell 2800 servers for Mobile cellular network in KSA in addition to building the replication between these servers and the central database in Egypt. Write some applications using form developer 6i to monitor the replication and send emails from Oracle in case of any errors. Managing 15 databases running on different platforms (windows 2000 advanced server, windows 2003 enterprise edition and Linux red hat enterprise edition) and responsible for the performance tuning, backup and recovery and capacity planning issues in addition to helping the developers in tuning queries and in the analysis and design for the new applications as well as mentoring and coaching junior DBA’s.

January 2002 – February 2005:  Database Section Head  - Orascom construction Industries (OCI), IT Department.

Responsible for all the activities related to the development and the database administration for OCI which was serving Accounting, Human resources and warehouse departments. The systems maintained were databases varying in size between 100M and 16GB , Ebusiness suite R11.5.8 and its customizations,Oracle discoverer, Primavera as well as customized applications for the Human resource and Warehouse departments. My role was to guarantee the smooth functionality of those systems and to solve any issues that may arise, mentoring and coaching the developers and other database administrators, providing technical advices related to databases and ebusiness suite and assisting the management in taking critical decisions such as upgrades, migrations or introducing new systems, work closely with the other IT departments such as the network and hardware and coordinate with the vendors of the customized systems used by Human resource and warehouse departments.

January 2000 – December 2001:  Assistant Lecturer- Department of Computer Science - Modern Sciences and Arts University

Participated in teaching the following courses:
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Database Theory
  • Analysis and Design using Oracle Designer 2000
  • Advanced Software Methodologies using SQL PLUS  and Developer 2000
  • Supervisor for the graduation projects for Management students and computer science students
  • Database Administrator (DBA) of the Oracle Server of MSA.
  • Responsible for maintenance and upgrade of control system of the university.
  • Analyst and developer for the new control system of the University  (Using Oracle SQL+, Developer 2000 and Designer 2000).
  • Developing an employment system for the students of the University
  • (Using Oracle SQL+, Developer 2000 and Designer 2000).
  • Helping in the development of the University web page.
July 1998 – December 1999:  Assistant Lecturer, Department of Architecture - Faculty of Engineering – MIU University

Participated in teaching the following courses:
  • Introduction to Computer.
  • AutoCAD for Architecture Department.
  • Introduction to the Internet.
  • Microsoft Office
  • Coordinator for establishing the Faculty of computer science of Misr International University (MIU)
  • In addition I was responsible for the Lab’s maintenance and  worked as a developer for the software of registration and admission.
  • Developing database applications for commercial uses.

Spoken languages: Arabic, english (fluent), french
Location I am interested in working: Bahrain, Belgium, France, Germany, kuwait, qatar, saudi arabia, switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom