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Operations Foreman seeking work overseas

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 49766
(03/22/1981, male)
List top 5 skills: production operations
Qualifications and Skills:

• Meticulous and highly accomplished professional with over 14 years of extensive experience in Plant Operations, at Pakistan Leading urea manufacturing Company (Engro) & Global Multinational Oil & Gas companies across Pakistan & Middle East.
• Committed to Professional Development,I have completed Numerous Training & Certificate.. Including: Task risk Assessment,Permit to Work,Basic Onshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training. FRT Certified gas Tester.
• My Key Contributions At Different Workplaces,
• Panel/Plant Operator , Engro Fertilizer Limited .(Urea Unit Operations)
• Production Technician, ENI Pakistan Limited. (Wellhead Operations,Front End
Compression,Utilities) .
• Operations Foreman, Abu Dhabi Co.for Onshore Petroleum Operations .(Production Operations &
Surface Facilities,Wellhead Operation ,Gathering system,Central Degassing Facility).
• Through out my career ,I have gained Experience relate to Operations Management ,Organizing the activities , timely completion the task.
• Computer literate with Proficiency advance level to use MS office & corporate software.

Previous Employment Details:

Operations Foreman.
March 2012 - Present
Field Name: Bab, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Abu Dhabi Co. For Onshore Petroleum Operations.
Production Operations & Surface Facilities, Wellhead Operation, Gathering System, Central Degassing Facility).
The facility processing sour crude 500K mbopd from 300 oil wells & exporting 3500 mmscfd gas .
• Deliver production targets of Oil in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner in concurrence with good reservoir management practices.
• Operate and maintain oil production, separation and pumping facilities with the associated flow-lines and wellheads. Operate and maintain support utilities and associated equipment.
• Production Train Start-Up, Shutdown & Normal Operations. Equipment under operations are Separators, Crude Heater, H2S Stripper, Stripper Pumps, Flow Surge Tanks, Oil Export, MOL Booster & Main Pumps, Metering Skid &Chemical Injection.
• Monitoring & Execution of Safe & Efficient Well Head Routine/Non-Routine Operations: (Oil Producer, Gas Lift Well, ESP Wells, Gas Injectors,Observers,Water Injectors, Wash Water Supply
Wells, Disposal Wells), with in all related Integrity & Technical aspects.
• Make Sure Targets are meet as per requirement by adjusting the production Rates considering the Allowable & Technical Rates.
• Follow the Plan & Procedures During the Operation of Plant Performance and Capacity Testing, Process Trouble Shooting, Process and production Optimization & Running the Plant in varying range of Load Condition in accordance with HSE rules and regulations.
• Carry out Commissioning (Pre & Post) activities for Wells & New Facilities. (e.g. Transfer, Trunk & Flow Lines, RDS & New Equipment).
• Prepares & Handing over the wells to Wire line Services Crews, for Rigging & Rig less Operations Like: DH Reservoir surveys,Surface Well Testing,Coil tubing Operations,Fishing, Stimulation, CM & Planned
PM , Includes isolation, spading and depressurizing the system.
• Manage Well Testing & Fluid Sampling, by using 3 Phase Test Separator & MPFM. Technologies from HIAMO & Schlumberger.
• Pigging Operations of Trunk, Transfer & Main oil Lines varies from 16” to 36”. It involves Launching, Receiving & Retrieving followed by sample.

Production Technician
January 2010 - March 2012
Field Name: Bhit Gas Plant. Karachi, Pakistan.
Eni Pakistan Limited.
Production Operations at the Field Facility include Gas Wellhead Operations, Wellhead Gas Compression, and Utilities & Processing Facility.
Joined As Production Technician in Eni Pakistan Limited , the largest foreign producer in the Pakistan E&P sector. Operator of the Bhit Gas Plant (BGP) and Kadanwari Gas Producing Fields. The BGP produces a
clean, high calorific value sales gas for export, Joined into countries major Gas Distribution network of SSGC.
With wide experience in Different areas of Production Operations at the Field Facility in safe & efficient manner, include Gas Wellhead Operations, Wellhead Gas compression,Utilities & Processing Facility.
Wellhead & Gas Gathering Facilities Operations:
• High Pressure gas Producing Wells • Well Head Control System
. • SC-SSSV Equalization System. • Fire & Gas Detection and Process Shutdown System.• Well head Test separator. • Wellhead Instrument Gas Package (Sour Gas package).• Wellhead Corrosion Inhibitor Package. • Telemetry & Communication Facilities.
• Electrical Power System (Solar Panel).
Well Head Compression:
Commissioning & Operations of 10 well head Compressors designed by Costain Energy & Process,UK. individual well sites increase natural gas pressure by reciprocating (Ariel) Compressors , driven by gas
(CAT) engines.The whole package supported :
• Fire & Gas Detection System. • DCS (ABB) Control System. • Power Generation Package Produced Water Package. • Fuel gas Conditioning Package. • Corrosion-inhibitor package.

Utilities Operations:
Supervise water well & Effluent Treatment plant operations. Execute the Operations of Utilities to Support Gas Processing .
• Water Treatment (RO Plant,Potable & Demin Water system)
• Compressed Air System. • Condensate Handling.Loading & unloading of bowsers ,measuring,sampling & Dispatching. • Fire Water System & Fuel Gas System. • Inert gas system (N2 Generation Package)
• Produced water system with O2 Scavenger Seprated,Recovered,Storage,Re-injection in deep well).

Panel Operator
April 2004 - January 2010
Engro Fertilizer Limited.
Urea Unit Operations.
Worked on DCS based Urea Unit.
• Urea Plant operations : Worked on DCS based Urea Unit "Toyo Total Recycle Process". Urea Plant divided into 4 Units. 1.CO2 Compressors ,2. Synthesis,3. Recovery & Decomposition, 4. Prilling Unit.
• The Equipments under my Operations were: Centrifugal and Reciprocating Pumps and Compressors, Urea Autoclave,Steam Turbines, Blowers, Vacuum Systems, NH3 Pre-Heater,Decomposers, Absorbers, Reboilers, Evaporators, Condensers and Filtration Systems.
• Ensure & Execute Safe,Smooth & Efficient Operations of Plant under the Designs limits & Operating guidelines.Along this Accomplish Operations during Trouble shooting & Emergencies.
• Issuing the permits ,Handing over the Equipment for executing the Maintenance jobs.
• Manage Samplings,(Collection & Delivery).Make sure the Quality of product under the NEQS Limits By Check Daily Laboratory Results ,Highlighting abnormalities,take correct actions.
• Manage & Execute the Planned Annual Turnarounds.Execution of Steam Turbine Washing, Coolers Washing & Back Flushing,Steam Blowing,Handed over equipment for Hydro Testing.
• Involved in overhauling activities preparing the static and rotating equipment within the plant for repairs and revision operations.
• Usages of Maximo, Raise Work Orders,Generate MIVs,Reporting, Log Books,DPR,Handover Notes.
• Responsible for the Training & Development of Peoples Assigned to me.(Mentorship Certification)
• Projects Management :Completed Projects (e.g: EIP & ETP ) .
• Attended HSE Training & Courses .(e.g:PTW,PSRM,PSM,GasTestings,First Aid,Fire Fighting)
• Carried out Emergency Exercises & Drills.
• Performed Role as Member of Emergency Squad & Captain of Shift

Process Shift Operator
May 2004 to July 2004
Bobi LPG Plant OGDCL, Sanghar,Pakistan
Pre-commissioning and commissioning of BOBI LPG plant and Oil Complex.

Apprentice (Chemical )
Trainee Plant Operator
April. 2002-April.2004
(2 Years) Engro Fertilizer Limited.
In a Chemical Trade. Trainee Chemical Plant Operator
Total Experience: 14 Years, 4 Months, 20 Days
Engro Fertilizer Limited

HSE Committee.
• Performed as a Member of ( Site HSE Audit Teams),
• Pre-Start up Safety Review Team)
• PTW Audit Team & Safety Critical Compliance Audit ).
• Worked as Safety Facilitator.
• Member of " Operating Manual Updation " Team.


Honors and Awards
Safety champion award. July 2008 (On the HSE Performance ).
The Best Production Inspiring Team (URUT) April 2009
On the Performance of best Unit Operational Excellance .


EIP Phase-2 Project.
January 2008 to November 2009
Members:Ayaz Hussain Channa,
The Environment Improvement project installed at urea-I .In which Process pipe lines,piles,foundations and
Vent Stack (285 ft) constructed and commissioned successfully .This was to prevent ammonia venting at
ground .

FEC Project
March 2010 to February 2011
Members:Ayaz Hussain Channa
08 Front end Compression Units Installation & commissioned .

RDS Commissioning
August 2012 to August 2014
Members:Ayaz Hussain Channa

MPFM Tie-in & Commissioning .
November 2013 to Jan -2014
Members:Ayaz Hussain Channa,

Schlumberger Vx Meter:
Wet gas metering technology as alternative to test separator.
Improve well testing Quality & safety.
Optimization of reservoir management with continuous monitoring of well production performance .
Improved HSE with smooth operation and minimal intervention

Plant Process Operator
Engro Corp
• Personnel safety management (PSM).
• Basic Fire Fighting Training
• First Aid Training
• Work Permit Authorization
• Process safety and risk management (PSRM).
• Six sigma Trainigs
• Safety Critical System.

Production Technician
• Employees Self Service Module.
• H2S Safety Awareness.
• In-House course of Amine Gas Sweetening .

Operations Foreman
• HSE Induction Training Course.
• HSE Emergency Response Training Course.
• HSE Task Risk Assessment Course.
• PTW (AA/IA) Basic.
• Production Operations & Surface Facilities course -
• Commissioning & Troubleshooting Control System.
• Enhanced PIES Production Injection & ExportManagement System (PIES)
• Oil & Gas Process Troubleshooting & Problem Solving.
• H2S & BA Refresher.
• Authorized Gas Testing.
• EPTW Refresher Course.
• Authorized Gas Tester.
• MPFM Course By Schulmberger.
• Basic Fire Fighting Course.
• PTW Pre Requisite Course.
• Managing Commissioning Start-Up Shutdown.
• Process Plant Start up,trouble shooting & Commissioning.
• First Aid ,CPR & AED.
• Air Compressor Skid - RDS 1 - 5- Training.
• IAC PLC Architectural Design & Operations.
• WellHead Control Panel & WHCS.
• Oil & Gas Flow Measurement & Control
• H2S & BA.

Skills & Expertise
Health, Safety & Environment
Six Sigma
Precommissioning & Commissioning
PTW Systems
First Aid training
Communication skills Development
Punch Listing Techniques
Production Management
Downstream Oil & Gas
Well Testing
Occupational Health
First Aid
Production Managment Systems
Process Control
Safety Management Systems
Natural Gas
Gas Turbines
Hazard Identification
Process Safety
Gas Processing
Oil & Gas

Authorized Employee of Work Permit
Engro Fertilizer Limited December 2009
Authorized & Issuer of PTW System
Eni Pakistan Limited HSE Department
Certified gas tester & Explosivty Monitor.
First Aid & CPR
Authorized User of SAP System
Post Mentorship Certification
Engro Fertilizer Limited December 2009
Basic & Advanced First Aid/CPR training License 145-13-25 March 2011
SAP Certification License CORP/0009 July 2010

Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur
M.A, English (Literature), 2004 - 2006
Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited
APPERENTICESHIP, Chemical Plant Operation, 2002 - 2004
• Organizational Development.
• Six Sigma Projects.
• Digital Photography.
• Professional Networking.

Current location: 

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

Oil, Gas and Energy, Manufacturing and Operations

Spoken languages: 

Englis, Urdu

Locations I am interested in working:

Arabia, Saudi, Australia, austria, azerbaijan, kazakhstan, kuwait, libya, Oman