Military Officer seeking work with NGOs

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Serial No: 87191
(08/09/1981, male)
Skills keywords: • security management, leadership and management, risk analysis
List Of Qualifications:

1. Leadership and Management - Diploma - United Kingdom
2. United Nations Military Observers Course - Certificate - Malaysia
3. Military Grade 3 Staff and Tactics Course - Certificate - Fiji
4. United Nations Investigation Course - Certificate - Iraq
5. Junior Staff Officers Course - Certificate - Fiji
6. Regimental Officers Basic Course - Certificate - Australia
7. Australia and Military Familiarization Course - Certificate - Australia
8. Global Peace Operations Initiative - Peace Support Operations
Exercise - Certificate - Mongolia
9. Fiji Disaster Management Workshop and Table Top Exercise -
Certificate - Fiji
10. Endurance Training Leader - Certificate - United Kingdom
11. Range Management Qualification Course - United Kingdom
12. Supervisor Infantry Operation Course - Certificate - Fiji
13. Republic of Fiji Military Force Officer Cadet Course - Certificate - Fiji
14. Military Basic Recruit Course - Certificate - Fiji

Previous Employment Details:

I am a willing and able person that has acquired an outstanding military background and experience with the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) over the past 15 years of service. I have also been ADC for 2 Presidents of the Republic of Fiji. I have operationally served in the Middle East on four Tour of Duties, that is, 2 Iraq tour of duties with the United Nations in Baghdad and Erbil, Kurdistan, 2 Egypt (Sinai) tour of duties with the Multinational Forces and Observers.

I have just resigned from the Republic of Fiji Military Forces with the rank of Captain with an intention to join and pursue my career in Security Operations in the Middle East. My last appointment in the Army, I held 3 command appointments, Operations Officer, Company Commander for the Battalion Headquarter Company (BHQ) and acting Company Commander for the Logistics Support Company (LSC) for the Force Training Group (FTG) in Nasinu, Suva in Fiji. My overall job and responsibilities at the Force Training Group Unit was to manage, monitor, coordinate and control all current Unit training, daily operational tasking and plan future training programs and activities. I have worked a lot in leadership, command and supervisor level for the Army in Fiji supervising more than 150 soldiers as well as in the Middle East while serving with the United Nations Mission in Iraq and the Multinational Forces and Observers (MFO) in Sinai, Egypt, thus I have gained a lot of military knowledge, skills and very positive experiences. These experiences and capabilities have enabled me to be a very successful officer with the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF).

I returned from my last Operational deployment on 11 May 2017, after successfully completing a 1 year 3 months deployment in Egypt serving with the Multinational Forces and Observers (MFO). During this deployment, I worked closely with the United States Army Battalion (South Battalion) as the Company Commander of the RFMF Company (Alpha Company) that was based there. The Company consisted of 120 soldiers who were tasked with the following responsibilities:

a. Providing South Camp security;
b. Providing security and the manning of MFO installations and remote sites;
c. Providing armed Mobile Observation Teams (MOT) in the MFO Southern Sinai Area of Operation;
d. Providing armed Escort Groups for MFO road missions;
e. Providing armed Personal Security Details for the MFO’s Civilian Observation Teams (COU);
f. Providing Quick Reaction Force teams; and
g. Providing a CCTV Camera Observation Teams for the MFO’s South Battalion Tactical Operation Center.

Training is a very essential part of our operations, therefore, I always to conduct training with our training officers regularly in order to maintain our operational capabilities and momentum at all times. The training modules that I supervise and conduct were based on our operational tasks and responsibilities. Additional training modules included the following:

a. Combat Life Savers Training (First Aid);
b. Quick Reaction Force Training;
c. Mobile Observation Patrols and Escort group Training;
d. Weapon Training;
e. Radio Procedures; and
f. Navigation.

For the successful completion of my mission, I was privileged to be awarded the "Order of Saint Maurice", a United States Army Infantry Order in recognition of my leadership qualities demonstrated as well as the significant contribution of my Company towards the Multinational Forces and Observers mission with the highest standards of integrity with dedication to duty.

Current location: Central Division, Fiji - View on map
Nationality: Fijian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  General Management, Oil, Gas and Energy, other
Spoken languages: english, FIJIAN
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere