Metering Engineer seeking work in Middle east

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 66294
(10/15/1970, male)
Skills keywords: expert in metering, metering maintenance, senior metering engineer
List Of Qualifications:

1. More than 17 year experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, mostly on the hydrocarbon metering and measurement (flow and level) including metering distribution station (city gate station) but not limited to :
- Custody Transfer, Allocation, Production metering system and terminal distribution metering system.
- Fiscal measurement system and tank gauging system.
- Piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, computer and control related to metering system.
2. Had successfully manage in preventive and curative maintenance for company asset metering system,
involving Government Authorities (Malaysia Petronas Management / SKK Migas Indonesia), Join Work Group
inclusive Exxon Mobil, Pertamina, Conoco Philips, British P, Chevron, TOTAL Ind. also with Government
Metrology body’s (SIRIM Malaysia / Dimet Indonesia) for :
- Calibration or recertification of USM Meter, Orifice (meter tube & orifice plate inspection),Turbine/PD Meter,
ATG & Prover.
- Validation and calibration of metering instrument devices, debugging and troubleshooting.
- Validation, calibration and Integration test calculation for various GC and Flow Computer.
3. Had successfully manage in various metering project but not limited to :
- Budgeting: WPB (included metering CAPEX/OPEX), Estimation, Review & Check PO, Material Requisition,
Service Requisition, Technical Evaluation, price negotiation of vendor quotation.
- Engineering (Design basis): Field Improvement Proposal, P&ID and GA Drawing, System Architecture
Diagram, ILD, Control System Layout & Panel.
- Engineering (Sizing): USM (Liquid & Gas), Turbine Meter (Liquid & gas), PD/Rotary Gas Meter, Orifice,
Venturi WGFM, Coriolis, Sampling System, Prover (Bi-Di & Compact), Control Valve & Press. Regulator.
- Engineering (Calculation): Uncertainty Calculation, HCDP/H2O calculation, Piping & Meter, Velocity,
Sampling Probe line, Piping insulation Heat Tracing, Pressure Drop, Piping Wall Thickness, Noise Level and
Pipe Blow Down calculation.
- Engineering (Procedure): Basic & Detail Design (FDS), FAT Procedure, SAT Procedure, Operating & Control
Philosophy Procedure, Commissioning Procedure, Validation & Calibration Procedure.
- Engineering (Programming): Flow Computer, EFM, EVC, HMI
- Project execution (PMT): Produce and issuing ITB, Technical and Commercial committee focal point
- Project execution (Q/C): Material inspection, checking and verification.
- Project execution (Managerial/Trainer): As Project Manager/Engineer, also involved for execution of FAT,
SAT, Commissioning. Conduct metering and measurement training activity for internal and external party.
4. Very familiar with international standards/codes/guidelines (ANSI/ASME, ASTM-D1945, API-2450, API-11.1
(API-Table 5/6/23/24/53/54), API-MPMS 11.2.1M, GPA, AGA-3, AGA-5, AGA-7, AGA-8, AGA-9, AGA-10, ISO-
5167, ISO-5168, ISO-6976 and Malaysian Standard such as PPGUA and PTS) for flow calculation
methodology using Specific software i.e. Flow 98, KELTON, Flowsolv, Instrucalc, AGA, Excell validation &
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5. Hands on experience with metering system equipment devices including operation, configuration & troubleshoot
for specific products but not limited to :
- Flow Computer (Omni 3000/6000, Daniel Flowboss S600+, Nuflow, ABB EFM, Flow X/Spirit IT)
- Ultrasonic Flow Meter (Instromet Q-Sonic, Daniel Senior Sonic, GE Panametric, Sick Maihak Flowsic600)
- Coriolis Meter (Micromotion, Endress Hauser, Rheonix)
- Liquid Turbine Meter (Conventional : Daniel,Cameron/ITTBarton, FMC, Smith, Oval, Helical blade : Faure
Herman, M&T).
- PD meter liquid (Brodie).
- Gas Turbine Meter (Daniel,Elster Instromet).
- Rotary Gas Meter (Dresser Root, Elster).
- Orifice Meter (single/dual/triple chamber : Daniel, Canalta, Pietro Fiorentini, TMCo)
- Vcone meter (Nuflo, McCrometer).
- MPFM (inline : ROXAR, Pietro Fiorentini and partial separation : Accuflow).
- Venturi meter/Wet Gas Flow Meter (Krohne, DP Diagnostic).
- Prover (Bi-directional and Small Volume Prover/Compact such as Calibron, Brooks)
- Gas Chromatograph (Daniel Danalizer, ABB Totalflow, Sitran Siemens)
- Moisture Analyzer (Ametek 3080 OLV,5812, Easidew Michelle).
- Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzer (Ametek241 CE, Easidew Michelle).
- H2S Analyzer (Scout and Galvanic 602).
- Watercut / BS&W (Agar, Microwave, Phase Dynamic, EESiflo).
- Densitometer (Solartron, Calibron, Densitrak)
- Viscometer (Solartron).
- Sampling system included fast loop sampling system (Jiskoot, Welker, EESiflo)
6. Hands on experience including operation, configuration & troubleshoot with field Instrumentation of metering
system equipment’s, such as smart transmitter e.g. HART protocol, DPT,PT,TT,DT.
7. Hands on experience including sizing and calculation, operation & troubleshoot with field mechanical metering
System equipment’s, such as Piping class, Flanges rating, Valve, Control Valve, PRV, PSV, MOV, SDV.

Previous Employment Details:

1.Company Name : Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (PMO, Peninsular Malaysia Operation)
Current Position : Metering/Measurement Specialist (PTS-31 Dept.)
Duration : August 2014 – Present
2. Company Name : Misi Setia Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd (EPCC Company, Malaysia)
Current Position : Lead Metering Engineer (Engineering Dept.)
Duration : August 2008 – August 2014
3. Company Name : PT. Istana Karang Laut (EPCC Company, Indonesia)
Position Title : Commissioning & Service Engineer (Metering Division)
Duration : April 2007 - August 2008

Current location: Terengganu, Malaysia - View on map
Nationality: indonesian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Arabia, Saudi, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, canada, Iraq