Mechanical, Manufacturing & Project Engineer

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Serial No: 3609
(30/06/1985, male)
Skills keywords: lean manufacturing, process improvement, project management, quality control
Current location: USA - View on map

Engineering Technician- 3rd Gen Machine, Logan, UT (Jan 2011-Aug 2011)

  • Refined Solid Works CAD designing abilities by designing products and machinery
  • Interpreted drawings and performed quality control and dimensional inspections of the products
  • Operated vertical/horizontal CNC machines for manufacturing high precision products
  • Used lean manufacturing techniques to improve workplace efficiency
Lead Project Engineer- USU Mechanical Engineering Department (Summer 2012)
  • Managed a team of engineers involved in developing a reconfigurable putting green
  • Identified and introduced design changes for an optimized design within budgetary restrictions
  • Operation of hand tools and machine shop equipment, handling of technical drawings
  • Identified possible suppliers and purchased required materials and parts
  • Developed project & time management skills and also improved decision making skills
Engineering Researcher-USU Thermal Fluids Laboratory (Sept 2009-Dec 2010)
  • Used design and technical skills to develop a device to measure thermal diffusivity, conductivity and flow rates of streamed sediments
  • Used technical computer knowledge to acquire and analyze data to improve performance
  • Developed complex modeling, case development and technical writing skills
Teaching Assistant-USU Mechanical Engineering Department (Fall 2009-Dec 2012)
  • Used interpersonal skills to tutor and assist students individually and in small groups to master assignments and concepts
  • Assisted in designing laboratory experiments and conducted laboratory sessions for students
  • Taught Fluid dynamics, Advanced dynamics, Thermodynamics, Hydraulics and  Engineering numerical methods
  • Grade homework and tests, and compute and record results to monitor student progress.
Student Researcher-USU Microgravity Research Team (Spring 2007)
  • Conducted the research on various satellite designs and worked in a team setting to design the structure of a satellite using Solid Edge for the Cube-Sat Program

Mountain Bike Front Suspension Fork
  • Used engineering concepts and principles to create a drawing package and  build a prototype
  • Arranged weekly team meetings, maintained the schedule and monitored the project progress
Heat Flux Sensor Calibration Rig
  • Used the knowledge of electrical applications to design and construct a system that generates a known heat flux and used theories of heat transfer to creates a 1-D Heat flow
  • Used the insulation techniques to minimize the surrounding heat loss and created thermocouple to acquire data along the specimen
  • Conduct a Uncertainty analysis of the heat flux readings
Piping Network Design
  • Used theories of fluid dynamics to design a piping network system according to given specifications and conducted cost estimation for the design
Solid rocket performance analysis
  • Used MATLAB and theories of propulsion to analyze the performance of a solid rocket motor
  • Build a Chemistry table for AP-composite rocket propellant to determine the optimum performance using NASA developed CEA program.
Double wedge Airfoil Modeling
  • Used MATLAB to determine the airfoil dimensions using shock wave and expansion pan theories
  • Analyzed the airfoil performance at different angle of attacks at various altitudes.
Carbon diffusion process analysis
  • Used mass transfer techniques to analyze the carbon diffusion in to steel of creating a much hardened material under given specification.
Bi-directional spectral reflectivity measurement apparatus design
  • Used radiation heat transfer theories and industry standards to design an apparatus capable of accurately measure the Bi-directional spectral reflectivity of specimens.
Finite element analysis of a nitrogen storage tank
  • Used finite element techniques and  FEMAP/NASTRAN to model and analyze a storage tank
  • Computed load and stress requirements to identify failure criteria and implemented design changes using Solid-Edge
Flow around a cylinder modeling
  • Used advanced fluid dynamics and CFD to model and analyze a flow field around a cylinder using potential flow and boundary layer theories.
  • Undergraduate Research and Creative Opportunities Award (Fall 2009)
  • Abstract submission for Utah State University Student Showcase (Spring 2010)
  • Undergraduate Researcher Transcript Designation (Spring 2010)
  • Dean’s List (Spring 2007)

Spoken languages: english (fluent)
Location I am interested in working: Australia, canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, new zealand, Singapore, spain, switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom