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Serial No: 100390
(07/01/1980, female)
Skills keywords: business administration
List Of Qualifications:

Have a long experience in Human Resource Field and Administration works

Ready to work within sales+ public relation and marketing departments

Ready to work in all kind of Jobs

Previous Employment Details:


Duties:  Prepare all requested documents before the arrival, discharging and departure of the vessel.  Work on ASYCUDA System.  Follow Customs clearance process strictly.  Ensure on-time submission of customs clearance paper to authority.  Follow up import tax payment to avoid overdue and penalty.  Verify the shipments' documents: Bill Of Lading- Origin Certificate- Quality Original certificate-Radiological certificate -Fumigation certificate -Phytosanitary Certificate- ETS.  Translate Russian and Romania Bill Of lading and other documents.  Work as a Broker between Vessel’s Owners and goods owners.  Following up with MSC Agency and other Maritime Agencies.

Accountant Duties:  Making the invoice for each vessel besides preparing the Disbursement Account.  Making the accounting for financial taxes on profits.  Prepare invoices for Alnasser Maritime Agency and Accounts Follow up with our other companies Sarah Mills LTD and Alnasser for International Transit. SARAH MILLS LTD (RELATED TO ALNASSER MARITIME GENCY)Syria/Tartous: from 1st of JANUARY 2018 TILL 1ST OF JUNE2018 NOTE: The owners of Sarah Mills LTD are the same owners of Alnasser Maritime Agency and after establishing HR department in Sarah Mills LTD fully, I moved upon the owners’ request to work in the second company of the owners which is Alnasser Maritime Agency, and still follow up HR duties and Organizational Chart and job descriptions updates through my work in Alnasser Maritime Agency) POSITION: HUMAN RESOURCE SUOERVISOR AND OFFICE MANAGER: DUTIES:  Establish HR department beginning with making the HR plan and the organization chart for Sarah Mills LTD.  Prepare job descriptions for all positions.  Put and update HR policies and strategies besides the Internal system .  Making all HR forms.  Handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training.  Making the first Job Interviews with evaluate candidates .  Prepare MOM on daily basis with Production reports to Managements.

FGM CHARTERING LTD /SYRIA/TARTOUS: From December 2016 till January2018 POSITION: CREW RECRUITMENT TEAM: DUTIES: Sea staff recruitment which includes:  Keeping abreast of all manning regulations and any relevant changes.  Establishing manning requirements through a solid manpower plan.  Verification of seafarer certification and qualifications.  Screening and initial evaluation of candidates.  Liaising with the relevant Superintendents/Managers for interview and approval of candidates.  Establishing and maintaining relationships with Crewing Agencies. Administration of sea staff including:  Managing crew changes for allocated vessels.  Compilation and management of sea staff contracts.  Travel, Visa and relevant joining documentation management.  Payroll administration and submission for managed vessels to ensure all crew are paid on time and correctly. Review and management of crew training requirements which includes:  Checking crew certificate and qualification validity.  Ensure all crew joining the vessel have completed required training before embarking  Coordination, scheduling, booking and management of training courses for crew where applicable LAFARGE CONCRETE AND AGGREGATES COMPANY IN IRAQ/ ERBIL: From October 2013 till May 2014 POSITION: RECRUITMENT SPECIALIST: DUTIES:  Handle human resource activities including recruitment, compensation & benefits, employee relations, performance appraisal, HRIS.  Manage recruitment process including candidate sourcing, composing of job descriptions, posting of job advertisements, studying resumes, scheduling and inviting applicants for interview, interviewing applicants and managing the job offer process.

 Make initial employment interviews with candidates beside evaluation and HR monthly report.  Track recruitment documentations like: interviews, hires, transfers, promotions, and terminations.  Prepare recruitment plan containing: vacancies and the future need expectations for human resource with its job description.  Update HR policies and strategies.

HARLOW INTERNATIONAL COMPANY IN IRAQ/ BAGHDAD: From May 2012 till October 2013 POSITION: HR Manager DUTIES:  Make HR plan which includes: (Organization chart, Job descriptions, future expectation of the required human resources and its resource (internal and external)beside replacement plan.  Put and update HR policies and strategies to cope with the Company’s rapid development.  Make orientation about Harlow Riverside Company for newly joined employees and explaining their job description and responsibilities.  Work on HRIS besides preparing HR reports like HR monthly report .  Manage the performance appraisal on quarterly basis, study the evaluations with identifying performance weaknesses which require improvement and coordinates with managers to perform a suitable training plan.

CENTRAL BANK OF SYRIA/DAMASCUS: From July 2011till October 2011- Temporary contract for 3 Months- with Government sector, (The Central Bank names the holder of Master degree as Head of the department). POSITION: HR Planner DUTIES:  Update HR plan of bank continuously.  Prepare HR monthly report.  Prepare a new database for bank's employees which make the statistical study for the data easier.  Prepare a complete statistic study for the HR monthly movement with its analysis.

ABU QURRAH OIL WELL MAINTENANCE EST.UAE- ABU DHABI: From June 2007 till February 2009. POSITION: HR Supervisor DUTIES:  Supervision of human resource activities including recruitment, compensation & benefits, employee relations, performance management, HRIS implementation.  Participate with HR manager to make the HR plan .  Manage recruitment process and performance appraisal.  Coordinate with managers to perform the training plan.  Update HR strategies and policies to cope with the Company’s development.  Tracking the documentations of: interviews, hires, transfers, promotions, and terminations.  Report HR reports to HR manager. ABU QURRAH OIL WELL MAINTENANCE EST.UAE- ABU DHABI: From June 2003 till June 2005. POSITION: HR OFFICER

DUTIES:  Put and update the Staff Handbook.  Prepare the welcoming orientation for newly joined employees.  Receive job applications or resumes, sorted and classified them on HRIS.  Prepare and attended interviews, checked references and background for candidates.  Prepare employee’s contract and relevant documents for example: medical insurance, degree verification, personal summary sheet...  Following up work permits and social insurance status .  Working on HR database and personnel files for employees, beside ensuring that their files and HR database are accurate and up- to- date.  Prepare HR monthly report .  Following up the training courses for staff according to the training plan, for example: (PMP PRIMAVERA...), beside filing the employees’ certificates and taking it inconsideration for their evaluation.  Prepare the salary survey report in which the minimum and maximum range for each position is reported, in addition to having an idea about the required qualification s for similar positions in the local job market.

Current location: Syria - View on map
Nationality: Syrian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  HR and Recruitment, Admin and Clerical, Sales
Spoken languages: English & Arabic
Location I am interested in working: Australia, canada, Europe, Germany, greece, Hungary, Iraq, new zealand, Norway, Romania, Russia (Russian Fed.), Rwanda, Syrian Arab Republic