Linesman Graduate Seeking New Opportunities


As an experienced electrical and electronics engineering graduate, I possess a strong foundation in power systems and electrical installations. With a track record of successful projects and hands-on experience in site operations, I am adept at designing and implementing electrical systems, conducting maintenance tasks, and ensuring adherence to safety standards. My proficiency in computer applications and problem-solving skills further enhance my ability to analyze complex issues and deliver effective solutions. With a passion for continuous learning and keeping up with industry advancements, I am ready to contribute my expertise to a dynamic organization in need of a dedicated and skilled electrical engineer.

Serial No: 180108
Skills keywords: overhead transmission linesman, overhead transmission linesperson, overhead transmission linesworker

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

1. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Power Option) - Proficient in electrical systems, circuit design, and power distribution.
2. Samsung Electronics Engineering Academy Certification - Skilled in repair and maintenance of electrical devices, including handheld devices, laptops, printers, and audiovisual systems.
3. Knowledge of computer applications - Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), enhancing productivity and data analysis capabilities.
4. Strong problem-solving skills - Able to analyze complex issues and develop effective solutions in electrical and electronics engineering.
5. Detail-oriented - Attentive to precision and accuracy in executing tasks, ensuring quality in electrical installations and repairs.
6. Teamwork and collaboration - Demonstrated ability to work harmoniously in team settings, contributing to collective goals and objectives.
7. Strong communication skills - Able to convey technical information clearly and concisely, facilitating effective collaboration and understanding.
8. Strong analytical skills - Able to analyze data, identify patterns and trends, and make informed engineering decisions.
9. Continuous learning mindset - Committed to staying updated with evolving electrical and electronics engineering technologies and industry advancements.

Interests & Hobbies:

My interests revolve around electrical and electronics engineering, particularly in the field of high voltage power. In my spare time, I enjoy reading journals on technological innovations and discoveries. I am also passionate about community service and engage in voluntary activities to contribute to society.

Previous Employment Details:

Details on request

Current location:  Nairobi County, Kenya - View on map
Nationality: Kenyan
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Engineering
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Europe, United Kingdom