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The first thing I would say to the people who ask me for leather products in my life, it is enough to tell me your dream of the product you want from me, leave the rest to me, I have always fulfilled the dreams of people who came to me with hundreds of dreams, I can definitely say that the people or organizations that will hire me in this direction will be very lucky. .
Serial No: 148818
Skills keywords: hardworking, leather craftsperson, leatherworker
List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

I work as a Saddler in the Turkish Armed Forces, I apply leather and hand stitching to the mooring lines of Turkish warships and Turkish submarines that come to the mooring anchors.
Also, whatever you can think of to do with leather in Turkey, I am the only one doing (everything) of the Turkish Navy's leather goods production business.

Interests & Hobbies:

swimming, horseback riding, spearfishing, reading, exploring the world on the internet, chatting with people from different cultures.

Previous Employment Details:

I was born in 1975 in Turkey/Balıkesir/Bandırma. I went to primary school in Erdek and secondary school in Erdek. While I was a saddler with my father, I saw the announcement about the purchase of saddlery for the Turkish Navy in 2019 and after a difficult process, I am still dealing with Saddlery-Leather products, bag manufacturing and repair-Shoe Repair. Turkish Navy.
Thanks to my sociology undergraduate education, I gained the ability to understand what people might think, how they might act, and even what work people I don't know do.
For this main reason, I combined my saddlery craft with the values that my Sociology education added to me, I blended my experiences with what kind of products people might want, and it gave me a whole new perspective.
Maybe I haven't heard of anyone else in this world who could combine Saddlery and Shoe Repair with Bag making and tinkering and their Craft with Sociology, right?
I would like to work with you in leather products production or repair companies in England or to do my leather business with you in the company you will manage, to show my sociology and English knowledge and to continue my professional leather business by working.
The fact that my sociology undergraduate degree includes not only studying sociology but also technical and technological disciplines such as design and efficiency by combining the art of design in my saddlery gives the clue that I can be the first and only person in this field.
My aim is to work part time or full time in leather goods manufacturing, leather goods manufacturing or repair business and I have the desire to work in the approach, design, manufacture and repair of new products and products. I am an experienced person in traditional designs and the special needs of consumers.

Current location:  Turkey - View on map
Nationality: Türk
Preferred Sector of Employment:  other
Spoken languages: İngilizce, İtalyanca, Türkçe
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere