Joiner seeking work in the United Kingdom

I am the perfect candidate for this open position because of my unique combination of skills and experiences. I am an ambitious furniture designer and maker with a passion for the creative design and manufacturing of various types of furniture and woodwork. My compassion and ability to work well with others makes me a great team player, while my ability to take constructive criticism allows me to continuously improve and grow. I am eager to bring my skills and enthusiasm to this role and am committed to delivering exceptional results through hard work, determination, and love of design.
Serial No: 154608
Skills keywords: carpenter/joiner, desing of furniture, furniture maker, interior design, wood work
List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:


- Woodworking: Proficiency in various carpentry techniques and the ability to work with different types of wood.
- Machinery Operation: Skilled in the use of hand and power tools, such as saws, routers, planers, and sanders.
- Blueprint Reading: Ability to read and interpret technical drawings and blueprints.
- Measurement and Calculation: Accurate measurement and calculation skills, with an eye for detail.
- Physical Dexterity: Skilled in manual handling, such as lifting and carrying of heavy materials.
- Safety Protocols: Awareness of safety regulations and procedures, and a commitment to working in a safe and responsible manner.
- Interior and furniture design: Skilled in various design techniques and software such as Rhino, Twinmotion and ArchiCad.

Interests & Hobbies:

- Furniture Making
- Furniture Design
- Woodwork
- Carpentry
- Interior Design
- Hiking
- Keeping fit
- Taking care of animals
- Travelling

Previous Employment Details:

Furniture Designer and Maker, Coetzee Concepts - 2018-2023 - I design and manufacture various furniture items from wood and steel for clients. Duties included: Creating drawings and renders of proposed designs, Selection of suitable materials for the type of furniture to be built, Preparing sketches and designs including accurate measurements and dimensions, Preparing notes about materials and construction methods to be used, Cutting and shaping of wood, steel and other materials according to specifications, Measurement of rooms and spaces to determine where furniture should be placed, Using tools such as saws, routers, sanders and planers to create handcrafted pieces of furniture, Upholstery and sewing of fabric for cushions, sofas and outdoor furniture.

Furniture Designer and Draughtsman, Louw Roets - 2021- 2022 - I was responsible for the draughting and design of technical drawings for the CNC machine and manufacturing of wooden furniture. Duties Included: Creation of CAD files and CNC files, Technical Drawings, Production Assistant, Admin duties and Customer Service.

Fine Dining Server, St. Andrews Country Club - 2019-2020 - I was responsible for serving members at a high-end country club in Florida, USA, using my excellent interpersonal and customer service skills to meet the client's expectations and ensure customer satisfaction. Duties included: Preparing of the dining and events areas, Ensuring that all glassware and silverware are clean and correctly positioned, Presenting menus and specials to guests, Serving food and ensuring that all dishes are prepared correctly and in a timely manner, Checking on diner's needs during their meal, Preparing and delivering checks, taking payments and assisting guests as they leave the establishment.

Current location:  Western Cape, South Africa - View on map
Nationality: South African
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Manufacturing and Operations, other
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: United Kingdom