Foreign English Teacher and Creative Writer avaliable


After finish my graduation in Literature and Languages' degree, I have spent the last two years improving my English skills in an Au Pair program in USA, publishing a novel in Brazil and getting a strong professional experience in one of the most important language school in Brazil as English teacher: Wizard By Pearson. I am happy to teach in my home country, but I would like to do that in a foreign country while I am still having a life in a different country. I have always been passionate about literature from countries that has English as first language, as well as the culture from these nations.

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Skills keywords: creative writer, english literature teacher, english teacher, foreign languages teacher, portuguese

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

I am graduated in Languages English and Portuguese since 2018.
Also, when I was an Au Pair, I studied three online courses at UCLA Extensions in 2021 in United States: "Arts and Entertainment", "Storytelling and Filmmaking" and "Make a Difference and Discover U.S".
As well as, I am a person very patiente, flexible, thoughtful, creative, fun and kind.

Previous Employment Details:

My last employment was an Au Pair in United States between 2020 until 2022. I was a babysitter while I was living in the house of an American Family for the Cultural Care agency, being responsible for an eight year old child, having as tasks driving the kid to the school and to his activities, preparing his meals, doing the laundry, cleaning the mess, and helping him with the homework.
But in my current job, I am an English teacher at Wizard By Pearson, where I am introducing the vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation of the words, doing the homework corrections, answering questions, explaining about some foreign traditions in United States as well as helping with the listening and writing.

Interests & Hobbies:

I really like to write, specially novels that I would like to publish, listen foreign music, since movies soundtrack until band songs. For reading and watching, I love fantasy genre, for example Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Os Dragões de Éter (a brazilian fantasy book series) and etc. I also like to cook and I would like one day to study Italian Gastronomy, a new language or European History. I love travelling and meeting tourist attractions that were important for the humanity history or artistic events, for example theaters.

Current location:  Brazil - View on map
Nationality: Brazil
Spoken languages: english, portuguese