Experienced Carpenter with over 7 years of experience.


I am seeking job opportunities in Australia, the United States, Canada, or Europe. I am a highly experienced carpenter with over 7 years of comprehensive expertise. I possess strong skills in shaping and assembling wood to create unique and high-quality pieces. I am enthusiastic about joining a professional team and contributing to construction and design projects. I am committed to delivering work of excellence and precision, and I thrive in a collaborative and team-oriented environment. I look forward to the opportunity to achieve professional success in a dynamic and motivating work environment.

Serial No: 183087
Skills keywords: hard working

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

1. Carpentry Experience: I have extensive experience in the field of woodworking and have been working in this industry for a long time.

2. Technical Drawing Interpretation: I can read and understand technical drawings and woodworking plans accurately, enabling me to execute projects according to the required specifications.

3. Hand and Power Tool Proficiency: I have a high level of skill in using a variety of hand and power tools commonly used in carpentry, such as electric saws, hammers, drills, and more.

4. Wood Cutting and Shaping: I possess the ability to cut and shape wood accurately, according to specified designs, including straight cuts, curved cuts, and three-dimensional shaping.

5. Assembly and Installation: I have experience in assembling different wooden pieces and installing them to create furniture and wooden structures, such as doors, windows, and cabinets.

6 Finishing and Painting: I am skilled in performing finishing and painting operations on furniture and other wooden projects, including surface polishing and applying paint or varnish.

7. Wood Types Knowledge: I have a wide knowledge of various types of wood used in carpentry and their characteristics, enabling me to make appropriate decisions in selecting the suitable materials for each project.

Interests & Hobbies:

1. Reading: I love reading and exploring new worlds through books. I enjoy classic literature and fictional novels.

2. Traveling: I am passionate about traveling and discovering new cultures and landmarks. I love exploring breathtaking landscapes and experiencing different foods and cultures.

3. Cooking: I enjoy trying out new recipes and preparing delicious meals. I love learning different cooking techniques and preparing healthy and tasty dishes.

4. Sports: I am a sports enthusiast and enjoy regular exercise. I love practicing yoga, cycling, and swimming.

5. Music: I take pleasure in listening to music and diversifying the genres I listen to. I also enjoy learning to play a musical instrument.

Previous Employment Details:

Details on request

Current location:  Oriental, Morocco - View on map
Nationality: Moroccan
Preferred Sector of Employment:  other
Spoken languages: english, french
Location I am interested in working: Australia, canada, Europe, United Kingdom, United States