Enthusiastic Loyal Person Seeking Work in England

" I have always been told by my dad that I "must" (meaning that I do not have any other option) than being the green apple in the case of red apples, so I have been following his guidance since very early ages of my life. I have always managed to be the interesting student that every single teacher pays an attention to, you know that one student who always draws attention to some extent, yes that was me. I have been in a really good communication and I'm quite eagerly to communicate with my professors at university, status and reputation get on aside when my teachers prefer to have a chat with me, they even invite me over for a cup of coffee to have my thoughts about the most recent happenings and events that go around us on trends. I currently work 10 hours a day from home and go to university for about 6 hours in a whole day, which means that I'm capable of accomplishing and more important never giving up. I have always outstood among my equals, despite the fact that I'm just 19 years old, about to turn 20 really soon, I currently work with people who are over 30 at least. They get amazed by my thoughts and successes, I'm pretty sure that so will you. I'd highly appreciate getting to meet my future team soon, I guarantee you that you will highly appreciate the time that you will take into getting to know me even if you wouldn't prefer to proceed with the hiring process.

Serial No: 136768
Skills keywords: customer service support
List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Crisis management, communications, sales and strategy management.

Interests & Hobbies:

I'm very interested in science fiction movies and games, I highly enjoy doing sports in my spare time however I don't get the time and chance to leave time on it as I work and study simultaneously on a full time basis.

Previous Employment Details:

Teleperformance - I've been working as an Interaction Specialist for a US based operation since February.

Keepnet Labs - I was responsible for researching the most appropriate and relevant information regarding the cybersecurity related articles, occasions and happenings all around the world. Alongside the duty that I've just stated, I was responsible for SEO management and drawing traffic to the site.

Current location:  Turkey - View on map ?>
Nationality: Turkish
Preferred Sector of Employment:  customer service, General Management, Sales
Spoken languages: English and Turkish
Location I am interested in working: United Kingdom