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Electrical Engineer, Thailand

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 3840
(11/12/1980, male)
List top 5 skills: controls, electrical, HVAC, installation, switchgear
Short Bio:

I am a very keen, conscientious and loyal person, willing to give my all to a
company that will reciprocate with the same enthusiasm to enhance my
personal abilities, status and rewards. I am confident in my work and very
focused on my specific goals, both in my career and my personal life

Current location: 

Phetchabun, Thailand - View on map

UPS Installation. Project Management. Mar 2013 - Apr 2013

Benning Power Electronics UK. (Various Locations, Nationwide, UK.)

My most recent role. I single handedly built 11 4kva UPS systems in just 5 weeks. The volume of work I produced would normally take approximately 12 weeks to complete. Utilising my capacity as a contractor, and having made a price agreement with Benning, i chose to work very long days over the entire Christmas and New Year period, stopping only to have Christmas day off. This kind of commitment was critical for Benning to meet their client’s demands. These 11 systems comprised of 3 cubicles, a UPS section, containing the main controls and power equipment such as inverters and rectifiers, plus the user interface for site management, the bypass section, which essentially switches the Mains incoming supply to a Battery back up supply, and a battery section, containing four separate strings of Batteries. I managed to complete these systems in record time to enable Benning to test, certify and despatch these systems in keeping with a very tight deadline. I was then tasked with the installation of each of these 11 systems at various, isolated, National Grid Gas sites around the country. Taking management control of the whole installation project, I successfully installed all 11 systems in just 11 days across the country, without any incident or issue. I personally took charge of the whole operation and ensured that we were logistically prepared across all 11 sites, I ensured that the systems were delivered to the correct site, on the correct day and on time, installed safely, and professionally into the correct site position, as determined by our client. Every installation was a success, we completed each one with professionalism and care and attention, and I'm delighted to say that I received personal commendation from both the end client (National Grid) and our primary client Mott Macdonald. It was a real pleasure working with representatives from both of these highly esteemed and professional companies.

UPS Construction, European Site Services. Mar 2010 - Feb 2013

Benning Power Electronics UK (Finchampstead, Reading, Berkshire.)

I undertook a workshop based role with Benning UK initially, building a wide variety of critical power UPS systems, which i thoroughly enjoyed. I was then most fortunate to be offered an alternative and concurrent role, something which gave me a fresh and exciting challenge, and something I jumped at to further enhance my skills and experience by assisting with Benning's European site and service support. This additional role enabled me to travel as far afield as South Africa and Israel and throughout many European cities, including Rome, Paris, Zagreb, Oslo, Helsinki, Prague, Amsterdam etc. etc. Working mainly on my own in the field and in conjunction with two of Benning's most esteemed clients, AT&T, and Tridium. My role was to travel to various data centres around Europe and install a secure, Tridium network, which AT&T would use to monitor critical information regarding power usage and power supply information from Benning's UPS system. Essentially, it’s a secure window into the status of AT&T's critical power security. I would install a head unit/controller next to a server, connect a (secure) data line through an existing Modem so that the system would be viewable from anywhere in the world and then run a dual power supply to the unit (in case one should fail), and to minimise the risk of losing a valuable data server for any length of time. Once the installation was complete, I would run through a commissioning procedure, via conference call with AT&T and Tridium head offices. I also undertook some major power system installation work within this role. Sometimes just for general maintenance purposes and on many occasions for full system migrations and new system installations. Working through a scheduled maintenance window, we would be tasked with the safe removal of an old UPS system, whilst maintaining at least one of two supplies are always in commission, and then integrate a brand new UPS system. Technical and demanding work, under the pressure of a tight maintenance window, working with 'live' circuits and at unsavoury hours of the night, at the weekend and in many different countries.....I enjoyed it immensely!

AC Inverter Drive Panel Construction Nov 2009 - Feb 2010

Unico Ltd. (Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK)

This was a short term position on a four month contract for Unico Ltd, a large multi-national company based in Milton Keynes, UK, with headquarters in America. I constructed a wide range of general purpose and high performance A.C. Inverter Drives that will be integrated into system applications for various Industrial markets, worldwide.

Switchgear Construction and Installation. Jun 2008 - Oct 2009

Prism Power Ltd. (Watford, Hertfordshire, UK.)

From June 08' to October 09' I worked for Prism power Ltd in Watford, a switchgear manufacturing company who produce specialist critical power solutions. My role as a fitter/electrician demanded professional experience and knowledge of switchgear system build and electrical installation to deliver resilient power solutions to some very large clients and data centres. Essential skills required included, Cubicle and Panel construction, copper bus bar installation, using my experience and initiative with cable routing, trunking and component positioning, a good knowledge of ACB’s, MCB’s, switch fuses and related controls components, and exceptional wiring and looming skills. This was a role I really enjoyed and I was very proud of the standard of work we produced.

Control Panel Construction (HVAC) Jul 2006 - May 2008 - Grundfos Pumps Ltd (Windsor, Berkshire, UK.)

From July 06' to the end of May 08' I worked for Grundfos pumps, fulfilling my job role as an HVAC electrician, my daily roles included, mechanical design and fitting of BMS control systems incorporating electronic controls and electrical distribution circuits. I immersed myself in every aspect of production, from assisting with schematic design, building and designing panel layouts, fitting trunking and installing a variety of different components and wiring systems. I gained a great deal of experience of control system production and felt I built on my experience and time served background, gratefully providing more than just the labour services of a standard electrical wireman role. Controls components such as MCB’s, relays, star delta systems, manual motor starters and electronic timers were installed using my initiative and experience to provide the most professional job possible. I worked from schematic drawings and installed many different circuits with varying voltages at a very high standard of presentation. I really enjoyed the multiple roles within this position.

HV Substation Electrician. May 2004 - Jun 2006 - Siemens (PT&D)/National Grid (Nationwide, UK.)

I have benefited greatly from working on two massive projects on behalf of Siemens PTD at Littlebrook substation. I gained a massive amount of experience and I thoroughly enjoyed my time working as part of a highly skilled team. The work involved the full installation of two monstrous 400kv transformers, both of which were the size of an average house and weighed 900 tons a piece, and all of the associated switchgear, marshalling kiosks, voltage transformers, current transformers and every high and low voltage cable in between. From working alongside and liaising with the civil engineers at the planning stage of the job, through the mechanical fitting of the CT’S and VT’S, the local control cubicles, the surrounding copper earthing tape and the transformer itself, right up to pulling the armoured cables through the miles of trenches, the installation of hundreds of metres of cable tray and taking initiative with efficient and professional cable routing, As a team, we completed the lot on time. The final Terminations and wiring the whole system together gave an enormous sense of job satisfaction, we were a great team, we were all involved in every aspect of the job together and I would relish the opportunity to be part of a such a huge project with such competent and passionate people again. I have completed relay protection refurbishments on 400kv substations in Braintree and North Swansea for the national grid. Work involving extensive mechanical fitting, cable pulling, cable glanding and termination of steel armoured cables and scs paired cabling working from schematic drawings and wiring diagrams.

Siemens PTD little brook Wireman/fitting (April 06 – June 06)

Transformer Installation

Siemens PTD little brook Wireman/fitting (August 05- Oct 05)

Transformer Installation

Siemens PTD Iron Acton Wireman (March 04- April 04)

Siemens PTD Fawley Wireman (May 04 – September 04)

Control Panel Construction Sep 2002 - Apr 2004

C.S.E, Castell Safety International, Triple Pole Electrics, Etc. (Various, UK)

From September 02' until April 04' I worked as a sub-contractor on a number of short-term contracts for various local reputable HVAC panel companies such as C.S.E, Castell Safety international, Triple pole electrics, and R.E.Dew control panels. The work was generally identical to my other HVAC/BMS wiring roles, and involved the same mechanical constructive practices and professional techniques, to a very high standard, as well as the safe and competent installation and integration of electrical cabling, always compliant with British Electrical safety standards. I would be happy to provide any more additional information on these roles if required.

Control Panel/Switchboard Construction. May 2002 - Aug 2002

Hill Graham Control Systems. (High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK.)

I joined Hill Graham Control Systems on a three month contract shortly after leaving Palcon and immediately began work on four very large drilling rig control switchboards for a major shipping customer. Although different in aesthetic appearance and despite being larger in a mechanical sense, the experience i gained during my apprenticeship at Palcon had stood me in good stead. I adapted very quickly to my new surroundings, and to the alternative format of Hill Graham's schematic and technical drawings, i settled with great ease into a new team of different people. The confidence i had in my existing technical knowledge coupled with an honest and enthusiastic ability to listen and learn and take advice from my peers and from my far more experienced elders made me a popular figure. I fondly recall the enthusiasm of a few of the older engineers teaching me the way that they were taught to undertake and complete practical tasks, I greatly appreciated that education and advice, and I am aware of how it has benefitted me greatly. Once we completed the construction of the Drilling Rig Control Panels we had to produce an incoming 600v supply, using two very large diesel generators outside the workshop. Once this supply was generated and terminated into our systems we could run the systems up to their full potential for a number of hours as an extensive SOAK test, ensuring that these systems functioned fully and without issue before the panels were disconnected, signed of as electrically safe and then shipped out for delivery to site.

Control Panel Construction. Aug 1999 - Apr 2002

Palcon Systems Ltd. (High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK.)

I joined Palcon Systems under an apprenticeship scheme, learning my trade whilst completing my Electrical Qualification concurrently. Duties included the construction, layout design, drilling, and fitting of control equipment and power distribution components. Thereafter, the safe and structured electrical installation of differently rated cables and circuits to extremely high and safe standards. These control panel units incorporated single and three phase wiring configurations. And a range of differently rated circuitry, such as 240v AC incoming supplies running through step-down transformers to provide 24v AC power for the integration of sensitive controls equipment. These controllers could then provide a 24vDC output as well as Volt-free signals for simple signal only switching. The complex arrangement and combination of these multi-voltage systems gave me tremendous experience and education from day one of my career. Skills required: - the competent reading and understanding of complicated schematic and technical drawings, the safe and proper use of small hand tools and large power tools and the safe use of electrical test and commissioning equipment. I gained experience of onsite work including the rectification of faults and modifications to existing customer panels. Some of our Client contracts included British American Tobacco, Tesco Stores and Southampton Football Club.

Spoken languages: 

English Native., Thai-Progressive speaker

Locations I am interested in working:

kuwait, new zealand, qatar, saudi arabia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates