Dairy Farmer Seeking in New Zealand or Canada

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 97063
(12/07/1993, male)
Skills keywords: dairy farming
List Of Qualifications:

• Good animal-handling skills to ensure cows, calves and bulls are
healthy and productive
• Ability to understand animal welfare, including knowing how to
treat common animal health issues
• Ability to understand of pasture management to achieve high
quality milk
• Knowledge of the milking process
• Profound knowledge of Farm Work and practical farm operations
• Huge knowledge of care of livestocks and poultry
• Solid understanding of service requirements of plows, cultivations
and milking machines
• Ability to follow supervisor's instructions and handled farm
• Ability to care for all farm animals
• Ability to maintain sanitary living quarters for animals

Previous Employment Details:

Agri-Vet Supply
Quality Checker
September, 2018 - Present
1. Attend daily pre-shift meeting
2. Meet with truck drivers to get paper works
3. Check and maintain good quality of feeds
4. Meet supplier

Philippine Carabao Center, Central Mindanao University
On-the Job Trainee
February, 2018 - March, 2018
Responsible for caring for the animals by providing or arranging for food, shelter, or medical care. They are also often in charge of regular milking. Dairy farmers may be responsible for monitoring the cattle and facilities in order to ensure maximum production.

Department of Animal Science, College of Agriculture
Dairy Production and Management Trainee
August, 2017 - December, 2017
1. Prepares cows for milking.
2. Operates and maintains a milking parlor under sanitary conditions.
3. Cleans cows; feeds and cares for milking herd.
4. Performs tasks related to animal care; duties include detecting estrus,
calving and treating sickness or disease.
5. Dehorns calves.
6. Maintains milking equipment.

Current location: Calamcam, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental, Philippines - View on map
Nationality: Filipino
Preferred Sector of Employment:  other
Spoken languages: Filipino and English
Location I am interested in working: canada, new zealand