CV,South Korean highly experienced in Pipe,Vessels and NDT Inspection

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Skills keywords: ndt inspector, pipe inspector, vessels inspector
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Looking for new job
For pipe & Vessels and NDT(E) Inspector
API 570 Certification

Current location: Seoul, South Korea - View on map
Nationality: Korea South
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: chinese, english, Korean
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Educational qualifications

 Graduated from Kyungpook Junior Technical Collage Korea

 Graduated from Korea National Open University.(Business Admin. 4 years dropout))

 Qualification

1) Date of issue : AUG. 31. 2014 – API 570 American Petroleum Institute

API Individual Certification Number : 53782 (Piping Inspector)

Qualification for Non-Destructive Examination in accordance with the requirements of API-570 as following,

– Radiographic Examination (RT)

– Ultrasonic Examination (UT)

– Liquid Penetrant Examination (PT)

– Magnetic Particle Examination (MT)

Jul. 1977 – Industry Textile Engineer (National Technical Qualification in Korea) : Certification Number : 77234022209T


Professional work experience,

list work experience for last ten (10) years in descending order for each job title held for each candidate, as follows:

Jul. 2014 : Doonsan E&C Co.,Ltd., Wasit Pkg#1 Project in Saudi Arabia

Nov.2013 : Doonsan E&C Co.,Ltd., Husky Oil PJT. Edmonton, Canada.

Jul. 2012 : Sebang ENG. Co.,Ltd., Nestle Clean Water PJT. in Korea

Jan.2012 : Samsung ENG Co.,Ltd., Wasit Pag#2 PJT in K.S.A.

Mar.2001 : Zhensan Tech Ind Co.,Ltd., Piping & Measurement Construction in China

Jul.1987 : Daelim Ind Co.,Ltd., Admin & Visa Dept in Iraq

Apr.1984 : Daelim Ind Co.,Ltd., Admin & Safety Dept. in K.S.A & Visa Dept in Iraq

Job Title: QA/QC Manager

Assigned Period: 07/2014 ~ 10/2014

Project Name: Wasit Pkg#1 Project Client: SAUDI ARAMCO

Project Period: 3 months

Project Description:

Site : Doosan E& C Co., Ltd. in Jubail, Saudi Arabia

– Al Wasit Gas Project, Saudi Arabia—Capable of producing 1.75 Billion STD cubic ft

– Supervision and Management of Quality Control Work

– Trouble Shooting Non-Conformance of shop works and Customer’s complaints

– Review of Quality Control Plan & Procedure, Vendor’s WPS, PQR, heat treatment procedure, hydrostatic test procedure, etc.

– Inspection of QC/QA site area

– Review of Calibration Records, vendor’s inspection reports

– Expedite of Vessels Repair , Manpower Control.

– Inspection for Visual and Acid Pickling & Passivation, Copper Sulfite Test,

Liquid Penetrant Examination(PT), Final Inspection with Aramco’s Inspector .

– Preparation of QC & Visual Inspection Reports

– Preparation for document of Repair Materix

* Applied codes: ASME Sec. II, V, VIII, IX, ASTM, ANSI, TEMA , ASNT, AWS, API 510/570 and client’s specifications

Job Title: Supervisor

Assigned Period: 11/2013 ~ 06/2014

Project Name: Husky Sunrise Oil Project Client: Husky Energy Co.,

Project Period: 8 months

Project Description:

Site : Doosan Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd. in AB Canada.

– Huskey Sunrise Energy PRJ. — Estimated reserves of 3.7 Billion Barrels.

– Inspection & Supervision of Pressure Vessels on Husky Sunrise Oil Project in

Edmonton, Canada.

– Supervision for S.St.304L of 2 Unit of repair Vessels and Inspection to VT, RT, UT, Hydrostatic test & Welding Test,

– Inspection of Materials (Flange, Fittings, Reinforcement Pad, Gaskets)

– Supervision to Repair vessels.

* Applied codes: ASME B31.3, B16.25, Sec. II, V, VIII, IX, ASTM, ANSI, ASNT, AWS, API 510/570 and client’s specifications

Job Title: Project Manager

Assigned Period: 07/2012 ~ 05/2013

Project Name: Nestle Clean Water Project Client: Nestle

Project Period: 11 months

Project Description:

Site : Sebang Engineering Co.,Ltd in Korea.

– Oversea Procurement(Purchase) for Pipe & Fitting and Steel Plate

– Control Plumbing Site construction

– Site Project Manager of Nestle & Pulmuone at E-dong in Korea, and import Materials & Tools from China & Poland, Italy.

– Inspection & Supervision of Equipment & Materials (Boiler, Storage Oil Tank, Storage Water Tank, Pipe & Fittings, Valve, Pump, Air-Compressor, Filter Housing, Water-micro Filter etc.) Purchase & Inspection for Valves

* Applied codes: ASME B31.3, B16.25, Sec. II, V, VIII, IX, ASTM, ANSI, ASNT, AWS, API 577, API 6D, API 510/570, MSS and client’s specifications

Job Title: Expeditor Assigned Period: 01/2012 ~ 05/2012

Project Name: Wasit #2 & Madden R/M Project Client: Saudi Aramco & Madden

Project Period: 5 months

Project Description:

Site : Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd. in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

– Al Wasit Gas Project, Saudi Arabia—Capable of producing 1.75 Billion STD cubic ft

– Supervision and Management of Quality Control Work

– Trouble Shooting Non-Conformance of shop works and Customer’s complaints

– Inspector & Expeditor for GRP Pipe & Fittings.

– Materials delivery to site area of Wasit Pkg#2 , Madden Rolling Mill Project in K.S.A.

– Materials Expedite of FPI Company in Factory and Amiantit company in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

* Applied codes: ASME B31.3, B16.47, Sec. II, V, VIII, IX, ASTM, ANSI, ASNT, API, API 570 and client’s specifications

Job Title: Project Manager Assigned Period: 04/1984 ~ 10/2011

Project Name: Various Client: Various

Project Period: –

Project Description:

1) Imported electric control and management components from America’s Transcat test equipments delivery to the Yang Zhou Wi Heung power plant in

Yangzhou, Jiangsu,China.

2) Installed an electric control and management equipment and steam promote at 3 companies in Yangzhou-city(Singapore, Taiwan and USA co-invested companies) at Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China.

3) Shouzhou Soheung Silk Dye Limited Company’s carried out special oil heating piping, steam piping, air, water and purifier tank related constructions.

Erection of High Temperature Auto Valve for Hot oil pipe Line,

Installed Overhead Crane.

4) The Moolim company’s construction the steam piping and electric steam of auto heating of steam system.

5) The Hwanghe Beer Company, installed two units 10 ton condensing boilers in

Shining, China and the boiler shop of production manager.

This boiler had been product of delivery before at factory.

6) The Copper & aluminum thin plate, high voltage electric condenser, and plant electric measurement and control system, and installed the high-voltage booth bar(160mm) in Koyu Hongwon Electric Co., Ltd.

7) Installed the ironware worktable, storage cabinets, delivery equipment air and water piping construction of Gon San S&T Dae Woo Motors in the Gonsan, China .

8) Public Management of Iron-Concrete (Civil & Building)

9) Inspection and Supervision for Civil works, Steel Structure purchasing, Material inspection, installation of H-Beam, Sandwich panel.

10) Production and inspection for Eye shower Equipment

11) Installation and inspection of Instrument materials (the Tescom High-Pressure Regulator, Pressure Gauge, Chemical Mass Flow meter, ABB Vortex Steam Flowmeter, etc.)

12) Procurement and Inspection for Cooling water line, Cold box, Vacuum line,

Installation and inspection of Compressor for High-Pressure Tank area

13) Quotation works and Global Market survey of Tank Terminal system in South-Africa.

– Pipe Line and Steel structure of pipe rack.

– Marine Loading Arms and Pump system.

– Civil foundation prior to erection of Storage Tank and pipe rack

– Safety Fire System for Pipe line and Nozzle.

– Rising Roof System

14) Imported Instrument Valve & Tube & Fittings from Japan and United Kingdom,

and procurement the Mable import from Greece

Imported the Door rock from Italy,

Measuring instruments of the Transcat imported from USA.

A/S Repaired the Moor Industry’s Transmitter.

15) In charge of Safety & Control to worker in K.S.A, and Visa & Ticketing

Department in Iraq.

* Studied and Applied codes:

– ASME B31.1, 31.3, B16.47,

– ASME Sec. II, V, VIII, IX,

– API 510 Vessel in-service Inspection Rating, Repair, and Alteration

– API 570 Pipe in-Service Inspection

– API 571 Damage Mechanisms

– API 576 Pressure Reliving

– API 572 Practices for Pressure Vessels

– API 577 Weld Inspection

– API 579 In service Inspection for fitness

– API 580 Risk Based

– API 653 Storage Tanks inspection

– API 6D Valve Product Certificate

– API 687 Pump inspection and client’s specifications