CV,Qualified Physiotherapist wants job in UK, requires Tier 2 sponsor

I am currently unavailable for work
Serial No: 7007
(06/11/1987, female)
Skills keywords: communication skills, emotional health, information gathering, physical skills
Short Bio:

Vast exposure and experience in the public sector.
Formed part of the world renowned centre, Sports Science Institute of SA. Worked alongside some of the top surgeons, doctors and scientists in their fields. Was solely responsible for the treatment and rehab of patients post surgery at this centre.
Developed expertise in post surgery rehabilitation as well as home-based care for many procedures/injuries.
Successfully managed a large amount of case loads during every career venture, as well as a great variation of physiotherapy scope.
Various post education courses and lectures completed.

Current location: Eastern Cape, South Africa - View on map
Spoken languages: Afrikaans, english
Location I am interested in working: United Kingdom


• I am a qualified South African physiotherapist with a sound base of knowledge and clinical reasoning. I am able to assess and manage patients effectively and safely using my skills. I have experience in a hospital, sports & rehabilitation and a community clinical setting.

• I am an enthusiastic and ambitious individual and am able to work well independently as well as contribute effectively to a team environment.

• I have well developed communication and inter-personal skills allowing me to establish positive relationships.

• I am quick to adapt to change and respond well to new challenges or opportunities to continue learning and development.

• I am dedicated, organised and hard-working and am certain that I will add value to any organization that employs me.

Higher Education

University: University of Stellenbosch (2006-2009)

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy

Year: 2006 – 2009

Subjects: Life-forms and Functions of Clinical Importance

Chemistry for Health Sciences

Personal and Professional Development

Health in Context




Anatomical Pathology


Physiotherapy Science

Applied Physiotherapy

Clinical Physiotherapy

Research Methodology

Physiotherapy Practice Management

Results: Available upon request

Achievements: Member of Golden Key International Honour Society

Post Graduate Courses & Education

• Dry Needling Module 1: Port Elizabeth, May 2010

• Dry Needling Module 2: Port Elizabeth, Nov 2010

• Haemophilia Physiotherapy Training Course: East London, 2 June 2010

• Basic Resuscitation Course: Dora Nginza Hospital, 26 July 2010

• Paediatric Resuscitation Course: Dora Nginza Hospital, 16-17 August 2010

• Wheelchair Product training: Port Elizabeth, Jan 2010

• Basic Wheelchair Seating Course: Provincial Hospital, 28 June – 2 July 2010

• CPD Presentations: Livingstone Hospital, Jan – Dec 2010

• Tanya Bell Ultimate Upper and Lower Quadrant Courses: Cape Town 2011

• K-taping Workshop presented by Leukotape(Cape Town 2011)

• Evening Workshops & Lectures presented by the OMTG:

Cape Town 2011: Dancers Hip Lecture, Janine Gray Shoulder


Cape Town 2012: Neck Workshop by Kerry Grierson, Hamstring

Course by Grant Lewis, Hip Workshop by Kerry


Cape Town 2013: Ankle Workshop by Helene Simpson, Latest

developments of ankle and foot surgery Lecture by Dr Jason Crane

• PMPG Pain Symposium (Port Elizabeth 2013)

• Chronic Pain Lecture: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Physiotherapy (Port Elizabeth 2013)

• CPRG Course: The physiotherapist role in chest, abdominal and cardiac conditions – getting started early for better outcome (Port Elizabeth 2013)

• BLS Course: St Georges Hospital. (Port Elizabeth 2013)

[OMTG – Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapy Group; PMPG – Pain Management Physiotherapy Group; CPRG – Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Group; BLS – Basic Life Support]

Employment History

1) Hospital: PE Hospital Complex

Livingstone Hospital, Dora Nginza Hospital & Provincial Hospital

Port Elizabeth

Period of Employment: 1 January 2010 – 31 December 2010

Rank: Community Service Physiotherapist (Level 6)

Duties and Responsibilities:

• To provide optimal clinical care to all patients by performing thorough assessments and supplying personalised and specific treatment regimes – in the wards or in the physio gym.

• Participation in weekly ward-rounds as part of the multi-disciplinary team.

• Patient treatment and education as a member of the rehab team.

• Acute and chronic treatments of various patients.

• Responsible for non-clinical management of patients: record keeping, referrals, requisitions, statistics and appointments.

• Adhere to quality assurance standards for quality service delivery

• Participation in education and training for continuous professional development – weekly presentations and discussions – and quality service delivery lectures.

Experience was obtained in the following wards:

• Orthopaedics

• Neurology

• Respiratory

• Burns Unit

• Medical

• Surgical

• ICU(Intensive Care Unit),NICU(Neonatal), PICU(Paediatric)

• Premature Infant Unit

• Nursery

• Oncology

• Out Patient Department(OPD).

Due to the nature of the work performed, effective time-management and the ability to manage a great patient load was expected in order for all tasks to be completed successfully. This aided in the development of clinical skills, determining the priority of tasks and using time accordingly when under pressure.

2) Practice: Sports Science Physiotherapy Centre

Sports Science Institute of South Africa

Newlands, Cape Town

Period of Employment: 1 February 2011 – 31 July 2012

Rank: Junior Physiotherapist

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Responsible for post surgical care of patients having elective orthopaedic surgery; namely knee, ankle, hip and shoulder operations(In the ward and rehabilitation process)

• To provide the best evidence based clinical care to all patients by performing thorough assessments, hands-on treatment and supplying personalised and specific rehab programs.

• Forming part of a multi-disciplinary team (Othopaedic surgeons, sports physicians, physiotherapists, biokinetists, podiatrists, medical sisters and nurses.)

• Acute and chronic treatment of various patients (Out patient department).

• Responsible for non-clinical management of patients

3) Practice: Cape Physio

Helen Zille Wing Sub-acute Centre

Robin Trust Sub-acute Centre

Cape Physio out-patient rooms

Period of employment: Permanent position from August 2012-April


Locum position from Dec 2011 – July 2012

Rank: Physiotherapist.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Evidence based treatment and management of patients at Palm Gardens Helen Zille Wing Sub-acute Centre & Robin Trust Sub-acute Centre

Types of patients: post-op orthopaedics, neurological, burns, surgical, prolonged stay in hospital, respiratory, cardiopulmonary

• Home visits of patients with the above diagnoses. Ie. Follow-ups of patients discharged from the sub-acute centres, as well as other community members(mainly elderly persons.)

• Participation in weekly team meetings for the management and discharge planning of patients admitted to the sub-acute centres.

• Attending family meetings of patients at the sub-acute centres.

• Being a part of a multi-disciplinary team including: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, doctors, sisters, nurses, carers, psychologists, dieticians and case managers.

• Treatment of general out-patient problems. (high-load of neck and backs.)

4) Practice: Leonora Ferreira Physiotherapists

St Georges Hospital

Port Elizabeth

Period of Employment: June 2013 – Current

Rank: Physiotherapist

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Evidence based practice of physiotherapy in all wards of the hospital, as well as out-paitient rooms. Wards in the hospital include: ICU, CTICU, NICU, Paediatrics, Surgical, Medical, Neonatal, Neurology-Orthopaedics, Oncology, Cardic Care. Out-patients: wide scope of patients including: musculoskeletal injuries, post-operative rehab, sports injures, IODs(Injury On Duty,) respiratory.

• Responsible for the exercise class at an Old Age Home in the community.

• Home visits of patients: Manily post-operative patients and patients requiring chest physiotherapy.

• Participation in a large multi-disciplinary team: specialists, general practitioners, occupational therapists, speech therapists, orthotists, sisters, nursing staff, carers and physio assistants.