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CV,Oil And Gas Mechanical Engineer Targets Africa, Middle East Or Asia

I am currently available for work
" International project experience, involved to several multi billion projects, multi disciplinary working experience, worked on site and office "
Serial No: 31486
(10/13/1962, male)
List top 5 skills: as built, autocad., CAD designing, commissioning, document managing, logistic, maintenance, managing, mathcad, mechanical, mechanical completion, microsoft office, office activities, piping, process, site activities, smardraw, solidworks, team leading, vbc
Qualifications and Skills:

mechanical engineering, crude oil storage, project engineering, project management, commissioning, system completion, piping, pipeline, team leading, as built

Previous Employment Details:

Worked in Oman, Libya and Serbia as manager and senior mechanical engineer

Current location: 

Serbia - View on map

Preferred Sector of Employment: 

Oil, Gas and Energy, Engineering, Manufacturing and Operations

Spoken languages: 

Bosnian, Croatian, english, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovenian

Locations I am interested in working:


List of countries I have a visa to work in:

libya, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, serbia


B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering (five years of study)


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Graduated in 1995

Specialization: Mechanical and piping engineering, Commissioning, Mechanical completion, Managing, Designing of piping and mechanical devices, Logistic, As Built projects, Designing of valves


Working experience: 19 years

Date of Birth: 13. 10. 1962.

Nationality: Serbian

Language proficiency: English

Marital status: married

Summary Of Key Skills

• Mechanical completing, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and CCMS (Shell commissioning software),

• Site and office experienced project engineer. Document controlling

• Mechanical designing and computation of piping and mechanical devices in oil and gas industry and petrochemical industry

• Mechanical designing of valves and fitting for industrial manufacturing according to ANSI, DIN and YUS Standards.

• Very skillful in AutoCAD, MS Office, Mathsoft, 3D Studio MAX, SmartDraw, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Internet tools, …)

• Know how to use SolidWorks, PDMS and BentleyAutopipe.

• Good IT background

Professional Experience (Main References)

October 2011 – June 2015


August 2013 – June 2015

Senior Commissioning engineer

Participating in Project “C311163 EMC Contract – South Oman” as a member of WGCCC Commissioning team in Bahja site, from April 2014 until now. Activities:

• Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and CCMS implementation on the site for all WGCCC projects. Preparing check sheets and Certificates for verification according Shell recommendations. Checking mechanical (piping and rotating equipment), instruments and electrical document according of projects mechanical completion. Reporting activities.

• Checking dynamic of mechanical completion of all WGCCC projects in Bahja. Visiting sites as necessary. Attending tests of rotating equipment during installation.

• Coordinating daily activities with PDO staff (PDO CSR, Commissioning Department, Construction Department, QC mechanical, QC electrical & QC instrument).

• Using CCMS software, creating reports to PDO and WGCCC.

Member of Wood Group-CCC Commissioning & CCMS team in Muscat office
From August 2013 to April 2014.


• Commissioning activities according quality philosophy of the company.

• CCMS: Checking all WGCCC projects – target: piping, rotation equipment, instruments and electrical. Systemization of WGCCC projects in Oman and preparation to involve to CCMS according PDO commissioning philosophy. Defining subsystems, Tag lists and Test packs.

• Member of the team for Mechanical completion of the all projects.

• Coordination activities with the other WGCCC departments.

October 2011 – August 2013

Project & Site engineer

Participating in CCED Project “BLOCK 3 & 4 DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (PHASE II) – OMAN” in oilfields Saiwan and Farha in Oman as member of commissioning and site Project team. Activities:

• Commissioning activities during start up of Fuel filling station

• Establishing and leading documentation office on the site. Coordination all document activities between Muscat office and site, directly daily reporting to Project manager. Creating Document data base on the site. Daily communicating to main project partner CCC.

• Coordinating activities with the other members of project team, attending to all project meetings.

• As built activities. Leading As built project team and CAD designer group. Completing all as built activities and communicating with vendors.

• Logistic activities: Responsible for liquids (diesel & water) and nitrogen procurements in Saiwan and Farha Plants during commissioning activities. Monthly Procurement plan. Calculating necessary quantities. Responsible for diesel procurement in Fuel filling station during commissioning activities. Calculating necessary quantities. Creating pre-commissioning monthly consumption reports. Arranging transportation and accommodation for vendors during commissioning activities. Coordinating IT activities with IT Department in Muscat. Responsibility for project cars and drivers. Arranging detail and monthly car services and tires procurement. Procurement of the stationary. Coordinating activities with Logistic team in Muscat – daily contact.

September 2010 – April 2011

CAD Design Engineer – Piping designing and drafting

Participating in Pre-FEED & FEED Projects “North Gialo (6J)” and “NC 98” in Tripoli main office, Libya. These projects include designing facilities for the separation of natural gas, storage and pipeline transportation of 150 km to the nearest port. All activities realized together SNC LAVALIN, SAIPEM, SALICO and WAHA. Has been in charge of the following tasks:

• Team leader of international CAD design group.

• Creating and updating official project documents “Project drafting standard” for both projects.

• Coordination activities with Project Technical manager.

• Preparing necessary templates. Solving untypical drafting request.

• Active participation in establishing of CAD designers team. Cooperation with SNC LAVALIN deputy project manager, giving opinions for candidate CVs, telephone interviewing and candidate testing.

• Training new team members.

• Updating and creating PFD, BFD and MFD drawings.

• Creating P&I Diagrams.

All activities suspended due to complication of the situation in Libya!!!

March 2010 – August 2010

Piping Engineer

Honorarium job. Participating in different companies service projects. Has been in charge of the following tasks:

• Defining the pipeline route.

• Designing 3D models for pipes and pipe supports.

• Updating isometric drawing, erection drawings, P&I Diagrams etc.

• Defining piping materials and piping classes

• Updating piping layout

• Creating a cost estimate of piping material.

March 2007- January 2010

Piping Engineer

Participating in “AS–BUILT STATUS PROJECT” for “Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company” (RASCO). Has been in charge of the following tasks:

• Team leader of international engineers group. Coordinating all necessary activities with Mechanical Department, Technology Department and Instrumental Department.

• Creating daily report about efficiency of team.

• Calculating man-hour.

• Locating modifications of piping erection drawings, isometric drawings, piping arrangement drawings, flow and P&I Diagrams in Refinery Plant (Topping, Oil Movement & ETP), Utility Plant, Polyethylene Plant and Harbor and interconnecting area.

• Fluids: ethylene, propylene, butadiene, LPG, naphtha, natural gas, technical air, nitrogen, water etc.

• Defining piping materials and piping classes

• Using additional company’s technical documentations (“List of detail pipe supports”, “H.L.L.S.-assemblies”, Pipe specifications, Tables of Lines Designations, Valve specifications, plant’s lay-outs, standards etc.).

• Daily visual checking of pipelines, instruments, equipments, potable and firefighting systems, on site, in Refinery Plant (Topping, Oil Movement & ETP), Utility Plant, Polyethylene Plant, Harbor (all jetties, fingers and littoral) and Interconnecting area. Spent on the Harbor one year.

• Creating updated versions some 3D models by PDMS and updated versions by AutoCAD of piping erection drawings, piping arrangement drawings, isometric drawings, flow and P&I Diagrams by approval of Mechanical Department and Technology Department.

• Locating modifications of drawings (“Piping and support layout”), created by ”Tre Pi Progetti” for Ethylene, Butadiene and Propylene Skids in metering station.

• Visual checking skids, on the site in metering station, and updating documentation in the office, by approval of Mechanical Department.

• Editing Tables of Lines Designations.

• Updating piping layout

• Educating young engineers.

Oct. 2007 – Jan. 2008

Mechanical Design Engineer

Honorarium (Half time) job. Participating in “REPLACE MAIN DISTRIBUTION BOARD RAS LANUF TERMINAL PROJECT”. Has been in charge of the following tasks:

• Modifying of existing floor construction – adding new steel beams.

• Visiting location on Harouge site and checking.

• Defining demolition activities.

• Creating 3D model and calculating of modification using SolidWorks and MathCAD.

• Creating drawings

• Coordination activities with Procurement department

July, 2006 – Jan. 2007

CAD Design Engineer

Participating in “AS–BUILT STATUS PROJECT” for “Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company” (RASCO). Has been in charge of the following tasks:

• Locating modifications of piping erection drawings, isometric drawings, piping arrangement drawings, flow and P&I Diagrams in Ethylene Plant.

• Visual checking pipelines, equipment, tanks, potable and firefighting systems in Ethylene Plant.

• Using necessary documentations.

• Creating updated versions piping erection drawings, isometric drawings and P&I drawings by approval of Mechanical Department and Technology Department.

• Coordinating all necessary activities with Instrumental Department.

Jan. 2004 – July 2006

AutoCAD and 3DS MAX Trainer

• Basic and advanced techniques in Auto CAD and 3DS Max design.

• Carried the training for advanced users (process, civil, instrument, electrical and piping/pipeline) positioned in oil & gas, petrochemical and manufacturing industry.

Jan. 2001 – July 2006
MINEL FAD, Valves & Fittings Factory & Engineering, Belgrade, SERBIA

Head Manager of Department for preparation and manufacturing planning

• Managing a department which covers technical design, process technology, planning of production and storages of raw materials and technical parts.

• Daily communicating with users of company products.

• Maintaining factory’s business information system.

• Daily coordinating activities with departments of technical supervision, sale and purchase

• Involved in team which creates monthly and quartal procurement and sale plans.

• Attending final tests of valves and the other final parts.

• Defining work orders.

• Experience with document storage.

• Reporting to General Manager.

• During 2001st to 2002nd, as member of Republic committee for Yugoslav standards – Association for fittings. Assisted in adjustment of Yu and international standards.

Jan. 1996 – Jan. 2001
MINEL FAD, Valves & Fittings Factory & Engineering, Belgrade, SERBIA

Mechanical Design Engineer

Has been in charge of the following tasks:

• Preparing the mechanical specifications and drawings (loading arms specifications, atmospheric and pressure vessels mechanical specifications, piping arrangement drawings, piping support drawings, welding procedure specifications for piping installation, Bill Of Materials, as-built drawings in the scope of the Projects realized by the Company, such as: Extension of Railway Loading Terminal for products in Oil Refinery Pancevo, Reconstruction of Power Plant in Oil Refinery Pancevo, new interconnecting piping (oil, products, steam) within Off-Site Facilities of Oil Refinery Pancevo, new Waste Water Pumping House in Petrochemical Complex in Pancevo, etc.)

• Following-up the Vendors documentation, comments and approval of Vendor documents.

• Coordination with other Specialists in Design Department.

• In charge of designing the industrial valves and fittings up to 64 bar nominal pressure and up to 300 mm nominal diameter (globe valves, lift check valves, safety valves with spring and weight, gate valves, plate valves, float traps, strainers and flanges) and forming of necessary technical documentation.

• Pump head and pipe flow calculations.

• Commissioning activities

• Valves and fitting designed for service fluids: naphtha, propane, butane, natural gas, water, steam, non aggressive gases, aggressive fluids (weak sulfur acid).

• Applied standards: ANSI, DIN and YUS.

• Designing modifications of valves and fittings following to the specific requests of buyers (for instance, flanges according to the different standard).

• Attending the final testing of valves.

• Making the technical documentation for spare parts in case of valve reparation.

• Monitoring the production of repaired parts, assembling of valve and supervision of installation into the pipe line in subject (Clients: Oil Refinery in Pancevo, Oil Refinery in Novi Sad, Lube Oil Refinery in Belgrade, process industry plants within Serbia, etc.).

• Experience with document storage.

• Team leader of site installation group. Visiting costumers sites.

• Calculating man-hour


No smoking. Serbian and International driving license. No problem with climate change. Hobbies: cycling, diving and history. I have “Certificate of employment” from ABALTO, SNC LAVALIN and “Certified Letter” signed by Division Head of Mechanical Department from RAS LANUF OIL AND GAS PROCESSING COMPANY. Visiting EU without visa.