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Serial No: 27452
(06/04/1979, male)
Skills keywords: inspection engineer, materials engineer, metallurgical engineer, sales engineer, welding inspector
Short Bio:

Plans, supervises and implements routine and non-routine corrosion mitigation and control activities in assigned operational area. Conducts corrosion inspection on pipelines, well casing/tubing, and carries out failure investigations related to corrosion attacks on wells, processing, and transmitting and storage facilities. Analyzes related corrosion results and recommends remedial measures. Initiates and implements the company’s policy on corrosion control. Ensures that all surface preparation is carried out correctly.

Current location: United Arab Emirates - View on map
Nationality: Pakistani
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, Marketing
Spoken languages: Arabic, english, Urdu
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere
List the countires you have a visa to work in: Asia, Australia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates


Career objectives focus on application of experience and skills to new areas of challenge, increasing exposure to technology and business practices. Association with a growth-oriented organization where my knowledge & skills will be developed to attain professional satisfaction while taking part in its growth.

Professional Attributes

Leadership, motivation, discipline, expertise & approach.

Quick learning & adaptive to changes.

Good communication skills.

Efficiency with effectiveness.


Professional Memberships & Regisrations

Engineers Australia
Approved Certified Professional & Experienced Materials Engineer (Skill Level 1) from Engineers Australia (2015). Ref. ID: 4663119

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
Approved & Registered Professional Materials Engineer from PEC (2014).
Reg. no.: METAL 1848

Professional Qualifications

International Institute of Welding (IIW) GSI SLV, Duisburg Germany
Post Graduate Diploma in International Welding Inspection, Comprehensive Level (2007).
Scored 94% marks.

Dawood College of Engineering & Technology, Karachi
Graduate/ Bachelor of Engineering B.E. (4 Years) in Metallurgy & Materials Engineering (2004). Scored 74% marks/ CGPA 3.36

American Society for Non Destructive Testing (ASNT), Saudi Arabia
ASNT Level II qualified for RT, UT, MT & PT (2011).

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
Scored overall “7.0” Bands from Australian Education Office (AEO) (2014)

PAF College, Samungli
F. Sc. / HSC (2 Years) (Pre- Engineering) (Federal Board).

F.G. Public School, Quetta
Matric / SSC (10 Years) (Science) (Federal Board).

Professional Experience

Senior Engineer – Materials, Corrosion & Inspection
(May 2014 onwards)

Job Responsibilities:

• Ensure the materials selection in the FEED and EPC phases of the projects to meet the long term asset integrity standards and the approved Quality criteria and specifications.

• Manage the update of design specifications of new materials which are available to the contractors on-line, in order to ensure the updated specifications are available timely and avoid any changes by the contractor

• Evaluate the welding technology or process proposed by the contractor to assess the benefits of using such superior alternatives

• Coordinate with other stakeholders to conduct Corrosion Risk assessment and Risk based inspection workshops to identify the potential risks and the appropriate risk mitigation measures

• Provide technical advice on materials management to a) vet and endorse plans for pre-FEED and FEED and the changes in specifications of EPC for projects b) ensure consistent application of technical standards across the projects.

• Provide recommendations and updates of International specifications to project management related to materials, corrosion, and welding technology based on project, plant lessons learned and industry practices.

• Review and identify suitability of new welding technology, processes and specifications to take account of new processing technologies used by vendors.

• Review and ensure hand-over documents have appropriate details on material specifications and processes in line with contractual requirements.

• Compile the lessons learned from the materials discipline and welding technology in each project and prepare an action plan for enhancement of the project processes.

• Evaluate, revise and provide expertise of corrosion prevention practices and procedures

• Manage the corrosion prevention and mitigation programs in place and provide expertise in establishing those programs in other areas where needed

• Provide expertise as a corrosion specialist. Act as a resource on issues related to system evaluation such as failure analysis and corrosion control program effectiveness

• Review and verification of bid and requisition packages, vendor data submittals, piping specifications, mechanical data sheets or welding procedures.

• Assist in execution of materials & corrosion engineering discipline activities and related specifications as required for a project.

• Reviews project’s scope of work, material selection and corrosion basis and related specifications focusing on Vendor packages/Subcontractor’s related part of project during enquiry phase and raises all relevant issues for clarification/resolution.

• Executes material selection and corrosion control design activities, providing technical support to engineering disciplines focusing on Vendor’s Packages.

Materials & Inspection Engineer
(May 2011 – April 2014)

Job Responsibilities:

• Responsible for material selection, welding, fabrication techniques, and corrosion control.

• Prepares recommendation/ specification and reports on the subject of metallurgy & welding.

• Conducts failures investigation and recommends corrective action.

• Participate in training inspection personnel.

• Review and approve contractor documents, drawings and specifications.

• Work in all areas of Materials, Corrosion and related disciplines

• Provide consultancy advice on use of codes and standards.

• Perform all tests including non-destructive & destructive testing.

• Failure analysis in materials testing laboratory, plus Welding Inspection.

• On Site and Shop floor Inspection of welding / fabrication jobs with DPT, MPT and UT.

• Periodic inspection of lifting equipment and Scaffolding joints.

• Inspection, maintenance and load testing of overhead cranes.

• Preparation of WPS and welder’s qualification test as per ASME SEC IX.

• Monitoring of welding and recording important welding parameters.

• Carrying out visual and dimensional checks.

• Prepare NDT request and monitor NDT activities.

• Compiling and preparing of final test packages.

• Coordinating quality audit, taking appropriate corrective and preventive actions

for the closing of CARs.

• Inspecting incoming material in liaison with the material controller.

• Maintaining latest revision of relevant specifications, contract documents & drawings related to materials and welding activities.

• Implementing the relevant QA/QC procedures, QCPs and work instructions.

• Carrying out inspection & material test activities as per QC plan requirements for specifications, international codes & standards as applicable.

• Verifying the calibration status of inspection, measuring & test equipments (IMTE).

• Carry out NDT inspection of pressure vessels, storage tanks, heat exchangers, columns, boilers, furnace, process piping and water pipelines during shutdown/turn around.

• In-service inspection of plant equipment and process piping with NDT techniques PT, MPT, UT, RT, infrared thermography, hardness testing.

• PMI (positive material identification) for chemical composition and verification of different grades of SS and alloys material with alloy analyser.

• Boroscopic inspection of heat exchanger’s tubes, boiler tubes and gas turbine.

• Visual inspection and ultrasonic thickness measurement of static equipment and piping.

• Assess the use of modern NDT technologies and processes for use in the projects so that best Quality Control practices and procedures are applied in all phases.

Metallurgical, Inspection & Corrosion Engineer
(April 2010 – April 2011)

Job Responsibilities:

 Failure Analysis of static equipment and piping components in cooperation with SABIC R&T.

 Inspection of stationary equipment and piping component materials.

 Looking after all the four plants of SAFCO i.e. SAFCO II, III IV & Ibn Al Baytar for Metallurgy, Corrosion, Welding & Materials related issues.

 Implements the Company’s corrosion control policies to mitigate corrosion attacks on static structures, equipment and associated facilities.

 Materials & Welding inspection of stationary equipment & piping components.

 Conducts corrosion inspection on pipelines, well casing/tubing, and carries out failure investigations related to corrosion attacks on wells, processing, and transmitting and storage facilities.

 Analyzes related corrosion results and recommends remedial measures.

 Plan and evaluate the results of all routine and non-routine cathodic protection surveys intended to confirm the effectiveness of deployed systems. Makes appropriate technical recommendations for possible improvements.

 Reviews and evaluates survey results from electrochemical probes, weight-loss coupons, and other corrosion monitoring devices used to establish the effectiveness of internal corrosion control methods.

 Supervises laboratory and field testing activities including planning routine and non-routine sampling and analysis programs.

 Reviews corrosion mitigation measures for new facilities projects and/or modifications. Ensures approved corrosion protection measures are incorporated in the design proposals and in selected materials.

 Participates in plant corrosion inspections during shutdowns and investigates failures to identify causes. Highlights areas of concern and advises on improvements required.

 Updates computer-based corrosion/material information systems to record and monitor a wide variety of related data and information. Ensures that all corrosion tests/analysis data of each equipment/facility and major problem areas are logged and identified.

 Keeps abreast of technological development in the field of corrosion mitigation & control engineering in the oil/ production industry and recommends their adoption by Company.

 Evaluate applicable technical papers and extracting the lessons and best practices related to Metallurgical & Materials issues.

 Training and development of assigned Saudi national employees for materials & corrosion engineering.

 Carry out positive material identification, hardness checking etc., of critical equipment and piping during fabrication and at site.

 Operates Inspection software Meridium for Risk Based Inspection RBI and related activities.

 Technical assistance to the Inspection engineers for materials related issues.

 Technical communication with vendors/ contractors.

 Develop required welding procedures. Checking the welding procedures to be used are approved and duly qualified as required.

 Review MTC (material test certificates) only for HP equipment / critical spare parts.

 Evaluate and implement new technologies and methodologies for inspection related to Metallurgy & Materials.

 Review and check of repair methods in conjunction with non-metallic problem resolution and trouble shooting of fabricated equipment, piping and structural steel.

Oman Refinery & Petrochemicals Company, QC Materials & Inspection Engineer
(March 2009 – April 2010)

Job Responsibilities:

 Responsible for quality control and materials engineering activities as Lead Engineer

 Review and understand scope of work of vendor’s packages/sub-contractor’s works and specifications thereof and check materials & corrosion related requirements based on MSDs and other relevant documents during Enquiry phase and raise all relevant issues for clarifications/resolution, as needed.

 Reviews metallurgical/corrosion related contents to Vendor packages requisitions, participate in technical bid evaluation, and provide post award technical support to Package engineers as needed.

 Ensures that material selection for all package items is properly specified in Vendor Datasheets/Drawings and recorded on Material Selection Diagrams.

 Focal point and coordinator for Technical Feedback on materials related issues.

 Register compiling all important material & quality control related issues derived from tender clarifications, technical deviations, problems experienced & lessons learnt.

 Inspection welding consumables, base materials, welds at field and shop, verify and ensure qualification of sub-contractors’ welders.

 Inspection of piping fabrication, fit up, dimensional and orientation as per construction drawings.

 Identifying and confirming of all the NDT requirements e.g. Hardness Testing, RT, DPT, and MPI against piping material line class and service. Witness of hydro testing, pneumatic and leak testing of piping, Internal cleaning by water flashing, air blowing, and drying.

 Inspection of welding of shop fabricated tanks at vendor site, witnessing the vacuum test and hydro testing of tanks.

 Review subcontractor’s quality plans, ITP, method statements and procedures

 Checks the welding procedures to be used are approved and duly qualified as required.

 Review material test certificates for compliance with the standards.

 Ensuring that weld inspection, examination & test are carried out and documented according to the defined welding procedure specification.

Assistant Manager – Materials & Inspection
(May 2005 – February 2009)

Job Responsibilities:

 Responsible for material selection, welding, fabrication techniques.

 Conducts failure investigation and recommends corrective action.

 Prepares recommendation/ specification and reports on the subject of metallurgy & welding.

 Select a new material which meets the industry requirement with improved functionality from a range of new materials which can function as substitutes.

 Conducts macro & microstructure analysis, grain structure, failure analysis, reverse engineering, particle size dimension, chemical analysis.

 Set company philosophies, produce specifications, and provide materials selection reports with materials selection diagrams.

 Review and approve contractor documents, drawings and specifications related to materials.

 Conducts destructive & non-destructive testing of materials & welds.

 Works in all areas of materials, welding and related disciplines.

 Provide consultancy advice on use of codes and standards.

 Inspection & testing of different materials and welded parts according to the pre-defined international codes and standards.

 Conducts corrosion investigation and mitigation.

 Quality control of materials according to pre-defined international codes and standards by using different types of equipment and techniques.

 Evaluate the welding technology or process proposed by the contractor to assess the benefits of using such superior alternatives.

 Ensure effective communication with end user on materials selection to ensure the consideration of enhanced company material specifications for industry requirements based on lessons learned and metallurgical investigations of failure during projects execution, commissioning, warranty periods and during design life.

 Conducts specimen preparation and metallographic examination.

 Plan, supervise and coordinate all materials related activities in the assigned area to meet functional objectives.

 Train and develop the materials technicians on relevant skills to enable them to become proficient on the job and deliver the respective section objectives.


Training, Certifications & Achievements

 Completed training course “Learning to Lead” at ENI Corporate University Sharjah U.A.E (22/10/2014 – 23/ 10/2014).

 Attended seminar “Nickel-clad plates and welding wire for oil & gas and petrochemical applications – From Design to Fabrication” at Noble Clad & VDM Elements Abu Dhabi U.A.E (15/06/2014).

 Completed training course “Presenting & Influencing” at ENI Corporate University Sharjah U.A.E (09/06/2014 – 10/06/2014)

 Training & Certification “American Society for Non-Destructive Testing Level II in RT, UT, MT & PT” at APEX Testing Technology Jubail KSA (07/01/2011 – 07/03/2011).

 Training & Certification “Meridium Software – Risk Based Inspection” at SAFCO – SABIC Jubail KSA” (07/08/2010 – 10/08/2010).

 Organized training course “Welding, Welding Inspection & Metallurgy” at SAFCO – SABIC Jubail KSA (10/05/2010 – 14/05/2010).

 Compiled a reference book “Inspection & Testing of Materials”, which all Inspection and Testing Techniques being used all over the World for different parts and different type of Materials. This book is in use as a reference book for Departmental Promotional Examinations in all AERO/ NESCOM organizations in Pakistan.

 Training & Certification “International Welding Inspection” at GSI SLV Duisburg Germany (01/11/2007 to 30/11/2007).

Computer Skills

Meridium Software, Scanning Electron Microscope Software, Energy Dispersive Spectrometer Software

Optical Emission Spectrometer Software, Microsoft Office & Internet Applications.


English, Urdu, Pashto, Punjabi