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CV,Food Production Manager Targeting Selected Countries

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 47724
(10/18/1971, male)
List top 5 skills: chemical engineer
Short Bio:

Extensive experience in Dairy Industry as a Production Manager.
Self motivated, dedicated to results and focused on plant and staff performance improvement.
Excellent organizational and communication skills.
In depth knowledge of Aseptic and Ultra Clean systems.
Very good knowledge and use of statistical techniques as tools for quality improvement and cost reduction.
Experienced in troubleshooting production failures.

Current location: 

Ipiros Ditiki Makedonia, Greece - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

Manufacturing and Operations, Pharmaceutical and Science

Spoken languages: 

english, Greek

Locations I am interested in working:

switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom


December 2002 – Today

Type of products:

Pasteurized, extended shelf life (ESL) and ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk, chocolate milk, whipping cream and enriched milk products with iron, calcium, prebiotics, minerals and vitamins.

Job description:

· Supervising and leading up to 120 staff working in three (3) shifts in two (2) SIDEL PET machines and four  TETRAPAK TBA machines (total capacity 48.000 bottles/hr).

· Reviewing the sales forecasts and scheduling production in a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

· Planning, implementing and monitoring of the day to day activities, ensuring that products are produced on time, according to the production and quality targets and specifications.

· Co-operating with Marketing, Sales, Logistics, R&D and Quality Control departments for effectivelyproduction planning, new products launching and with Maintenance department for jobs related to maintenance and shut down.

· Participating in quality or technical teams for the new products development and supervising new products tests, new equipment commissioning and new processes validation.

· Monitoring production indicators (rejects, shift and line efficiencies), planning and creating technical reports to upper management, related to the production indicators, rates, failures and proposals for improvement.

· Statistical processing of production data in order to improve plant and staff performance, to improve quality and to reduce cost.

· Creating and monitoring the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) and the sanitation programs of pasteurizers, filling machines and facilities.

· Purchasing the necessary raw and packaging materials and seeking for alternative suppliers.

· Supervising tests for new raw and packaging materials in order to improve products quality or reduce rejects.

· Evaluating and training of production teams (shift supervisors, production engineers and operators).

· Supervising the interviews with job applicants and assessing the production staff CV’s.

· Overseeing the waste water treatment plant according to the environmental legislation.

Basic Achievements:

· Increasing the productivity rates by 20% and decreasing the human resources demand by 30% in production lines by unifying teams of operators, technicians and maintenance staff in one team and by improving the communication and information flow.

· Decreasing the cost of CIP up to 20% using a single face chemical cleaning compound for CIP programs in specific systems.

· Minimizing the waste of whipping cream products from 500kg per batch to a few kg per batch, by modifying the mix preparation process, decreasing the batch waste from 5% to less than 1%.

· Decreasing the cost of chemical processing by 40% in the waste water treatment plant by modifying combination of flocculants.

December 1999 – December 2002

Type of products:

Concrete, hot mix asphalt and limestone aggregates.

Job description:

· Supervising Production and Laboratory tests of concrete, asphalt concrete and limestone aggregates.

· Planning and monitoring of the day to day activities ensuring that products are produced on time, according to the production and quality targets of the projects and the related specifications.

· Co-operation with the engineers of the construction projects and the sales department for effectively production planning and customers satisfaction.

· Developing specific quarry products, concrete and asphalt concrete mixes according to the specifications of the projects and customers’ demands.

· Creating of the Quality Plans of the construction projects.

· Running the necessary laboratory tests for aggregates, concrete and asphalt concrete and creating the related reports according to ASTM, AASHTO, ELOT and EN standards.

· Optimizing the concrete mix design making trial mixes and keeping the strength value in the specified limits.

· Implementing of ISO 9001 quality system in the construction projects.

Basic Achievements:

· Setting up a brand new laboratory facility for all the necessary tests for construction materials.

· Improving quality of ready mix by optimizing the combination of raw materials and using type II/32,5 cement and specific chemical plasticizers, giving better pump-ability, lower w/c ratio and reduced compressive strength variance.

· Decreasing the cost of concrete up to 2€/m3 (annual save up to 120.000€) by optimizing the mix design and using different types of chemical admixtures in combination with type II/32,5 cement.



March 2014 – December 2014

Type of products:

Carbonized mineral water and soft drinks.

Job description

· Consulting in production, sanitation & hygiene, quality and process improvement issues.

· Development of system of monitoring the production efficiency.

· Training the production and quality control staff in Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) and Good Manufacturing practices (GMP) and establishing quality control procedures.

· Developing procedures for facilities and equipment sanitation (CIP & SIP programs), ensuring better disinfection result and extended life of equipment.

· Supervising improvements of the facility (utilities improvement, mixing tanks and pipes maintenance).

· Purchasing and commissioning of a brand new Alfa Laval pasteurizer for soft drinks.


· Improving the efficiency of the bottles washer up to 33% by using soft water with specific combination of chemicals and implementing the specified weekly maintenance program.

· Decreasing the cost of cleaning chemicals in the bottle washer and in pasteurizer up to 55% by modifying the washing program (Temperature / Concentration combination) and changing chemicals suppliers.

· Decreasing the rejects of the soft drinks mixtures by 12% by grouping batches and changing process of mixing.

· Increasing of the productivity up to 40% creating two (2) overlapping day shifts applying a nonstop function of the facility.

January 2003 – December 2015

Type of products:

Concrete, hot mix asphalt and limestone aggregates.

Job description:

· Establishing Factory Production Control (FPC) in the quarry of limestone aggregates.

· Implementing of CE Marking in crushed limestone aggregates according to European standards EN-12620, EN-13043 & EN-13242.

· Guiding in production, quality control and quality assurance issues and internal quality audits implementation.

· Operators and technicians training on Factory Production Control.

· Monitoring of concrete mix designs efficiency and developing new designs, depending on the customers’ or the regulations requirements.


· Certification of the Organization according to EN-12620, EN-13043 & EN-13242 standards and CE marking for the quarry products.

· Improving concrete quality by constant decrease of variance of concrete compressive strength, from 3MPa to 1,5Mpa and providing an extra 12% saving per mix through decreasing cement quantity per cubic meter, keeping constant the w/c ratio.

· Developing new concrete mix designs for specific uses (low w/c ratio, reduced water permeability, anti-frost protection


Oct 2014 – Today Postgraduate’s Degree (MSc) in Quality Assurance – Hellenic Open University – In Progress, estimated graduation date in Dec 2016

1989 – 1995 Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki