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Skills keywords: landfill management, waste management consulting
Short Bio:

18 years experience in waste management as landfill manager and waste management consultant in cooperation with EU,WB, UNDP, UNEP,NALAS etc. Preparation of feasibility studies, plans and programs, approximation of EU legislation on waste management, preparation of tender documentation, studies on landfill site selection, decentralization process from state to local authorities etc.

Current location: Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM) - View on map
Nationality: Macedonian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , education and training, General Management
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: canada, Hong Kong, (China), kuwait, Norway, Oman, qatar, saudi arabia, Sweden


Faculty of civil engineering, Skopje, University “St. Cirilys and Methodius” Skopje, Macedonia

1.09.1979 – 03.07.1987 Graduated civil engineer (B.Sc. civ. eng.) (diploma attached)

VDI, Germany


International seminar “Economy and sanitary landfills“ (diploma attached)

European Centre for Pollution Research, Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London

Department of Human Ecology, Free University of Brussels, Belgium and

Ministry of environment, Skopje , Macedonia

01.12 1999 – 31.12.1999 Certificate of competence (attached)

“Sustainable solid waste management”

REC Bulgaria and Japan Special Fund , Budapest

06/2002 Certificate of participation “Solid waste management technologies“

7. Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 – excellent; 5 – basic)

Language Reading Speaking Writing

English 1 1 1

Serbian 1 1 1

Croatian 1 1 1

Bosnian 1 1 1

Montenegro 1 1 1

Bulgarian 3 2 3

8. Membership of professional bodies:

BENA – Balkan Environmental Association

9. Other skills:

• Municipal landfill management

• Integrated waste management, with focus on procedure for landfill location, development of related transport routes, vehicles and containers needs

• Model development for primary selection of municipal waste

• Drafting of laws and sub laws on waste management

• Planning related to the sectorial reforms, and the pre-accession and approximation to legislation processes in the field of waste management

• Team leading, management and coordination skills

• Project cycle and sector support programmes

• Public and private sector stakeholder capacity building in the planning and implementation of waste management

• Wide experience and knowledge of information systems

• Familiar with development issues and development co-operation

• Monitoring and evaluation skills

• Computer literacy: MS Office, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio

10. Present position: Free-lance independent Consultant

11. Years within the firm: 10

12. Key qualifications:

Work experience of 18 years of which the first 8 years as a landfill manager responsible for the technical functioning of the sanitary landfill ’’Drisla’’ in Skopje, Macedonia. From 2002 as a consultant in many international projects as feasibility studies, projects on harmonization and approximation of EU Directives on waste management, preparation of the sub laws related with waste management, projects on climate changes caused by waste management etc. I was involved as a regional waste management expert in a project which covered 6 countries of Balkan region including Republic of Srpska.

13. Specific experience in the region:

Country Date from – Date to

Kosovo, Montenegro



Republic of Srpska

Macedonia 03.2011 – 01.2012

Albania 01.11.02

14. Professional experience

06. 2013 – 09.2013 Macedonia UNDP country office Macedonia

Pavlina Zdraveva

Project coordinator National waste management expert Project: Third national communication on climate change, waste sector. Preparation of the inventory for waste sector with implementation of Tier 2 methodology. Developing the scenarios for mitigation of the GHG. Calculation of the GHG quantities, investment and operational costs based on the proposed scenarios using software tool – GACMO – GHG emission reduction strategy evaluation model developed by the UNEP. Prioritization of the best scenario with recommendations for the next steps.

01.2013 – 01.2014 Macedonia Splendor mac Waste manager Responsible person for waste management in the waste management projects.


10/2012 Macedonia Consortium

SCHOLZ, Germany

Splendor, Croatia

CIOS, Croatia Local waste management expert Project: Preparation of tender offer for the privatization of Drisla landfill, Skopje, Macedonia. Analyzing of the current situation of the landfill and proposals for landfill upgrading in accordance with EU Directive on landfills. Management Preparation of proposals for introduction of mechanical and biological treatment of mixed municipal waste with aerobic decomposition of organic waste in order to achieve the EU requirements for disposal of bio stabilized organic waste.


04/2012 Macedonia CES training center

Technolab, Skopje lecturer Project: Organizing of the lecturing for waste manager. Based on the Law on waste management each person who wants to get a certification on waste manager, issued by the MOEPP, must participate on the special training course for waste management. The number of lessons is 50. All the aspects of waste management were covered with this training.

03/2011 – 01/2012 Wider region of ex- Yugoslavian countries GIZ – financial support

Open Regional Fund for South East Europe – Modernization of Municipal Services

NALAS – Association of local authorities of SEE

AKM – Association of Kosovo municipalities

Majlinda Jupoli

Project coordinator

Regional expert on landfill management Project “Development of a Manual for Efficient Sanitary Landfill Management”

Project description: Preparation of the manual for effective landfill management under the current conditions and future application of the EU standards on landfill management. Included countries: Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bulgaria, Republic of Srpska and Montenegro.

Service rendered: Analyzing of the current status in landfill management in all above mentioned countries through the prepared questionnaires and site visits. Preparation of the status report. Analyzing of the case studies in each countries. There are two case studies per country, bad and good example of landfill management. Application of lessons learned. (Report on the case studies). Preparation of conclusions and recommendations for the landfill management in SEE (Manual for landfill management) in accordance with EU Directive on landfill of waste and based on the above mentioned documents.

The work on the manual was done with analyzing of all the necessary documents related with waste management in the countries included in the project region. Even the project was related with landfill management the analyzing of the whole waste management systems was needed.

On the final meeting of the project, which was held in Bursa, Turkey, I was key note speaker for the results and conclusions of the project. The participants were consisted of the representatives of 6 countries (state and local governmental bodies, NGO’s and associations of the municipalities) plus representatives of Turkey.

12/2010 – 03/2011 Macedonia PE sanitary landfill “Drisla” Skopje

Goran Angelov

General manager

Key technical expert for landfill Project: “Preparation of the application for IPPC license for the sanitary landfill Drisla”

Project description: Complete application for IPPC license with all the necessary data needed for estimation and balance of the proposed measures and financial and other possibilities of Drisla landfill to achieve the desired level of EU standards for landfill.

Service rendered: Analyzing of the current situation of the landfill Drisla with all the potential and existing sources of pollution, preparation of the proposals for the new operating plan with the new waste management technology based on the EU standards, optimizing the costs and minimum standards for fulfillment of the EU standards on landfills.

07/2010 – 01/2011 Macedonia Regional body for development of the North east region of Macedonia,

Mladen Protic key technical expert on waste management Project “Plan and programs for solid waste management of the North east region and strengthening the capacity of the LSG’s on waste management”

Project description: Preparation of the plans and programs for waste management for three municipalities and preparation of the annual programs for the municipalities which already have plans for waste management. The project includes the training course on implementation of the information system for waste management and preparation of the guidance book on the same subject.

Services rendered: Development of the plans and programs based on the National waste management Plan and the regional concept of the waste management. Practical lecturing of the way how to fill the necessary documents for the information system on waste management (daily form, transportation form, annual reports on waste management for the municipalities and companies etc)

This project had a role to support the North East region of Macedonia in the process of IPA funding. The results of the project served as a base for EU funded project “Strengthening the central and local level administrative capacities for implementation and enforcement of waste management legislation” in which I have a small contribution. Within the above mentioned project I organized meetings, in each of 6 municipalities in the region, with the local administration. The training course was organized in Kumanovo (center of the region) with participation of local administration and representatives of the municipal enterprises which deal with waste. It was one day seminar.

02/2010 -06/2010 Macedonia Municipality of Centar, City of Skopje

Natasa Veljanovska waste management expert Project “Introduction of the primary selection and recycling of the municipal waste in the Municipality of Centar through the modernization of the storage, transportation and recycling systems”

Project description Proposals for the new system of the primary selection of waste with the replacement of the current containers with the new (Molok system), current refuse vehicle with the new appropriate of the new system and upgrading of the current private recycling plant with the modern convey belt for the secondary waste selection.

Sevices rendered: Preparation of the application for the grant program ORIO (Dutch government) with the basic analyses of the current and the new systems in technical, financial and legal aspects.

12/2008 –

12.2009 Macedonia Enviro Resources

Ljupco Avramovski,

Team Leader, Key Technical Expert

MoEPP / Feasibility Study for Integral Waste Management for the Region of Strumica and for the City of Skopje

Project Description: Proposal of model for integral solid waste management with the best perfomace in regard of financial and technical aspects, i.e. introduction of PPP in primary selection of municipal waste

Services Rendered: Analysis of the regional and Skopje’s waste management status, design of options and evaluation, selection of best alternative, team coordination, evaluation of results, and proposal of final conclusions and recommendations

During the project there were organized lot of meetings with the city administration of Skopje and the representatives of the municipal company “Communal hygiene” responsible for waste collection and transportation. The aim of the meetings was how to create a feasibility study which will be applicable and real. All the input data was gathered from the municipal company and local administration. All the requirements given in the Local environmental action plan for Skopje were taking in consideration during the project design.

12/2007 -11/2008 Macedonia Environ-L Consultants

Ljupco Avramovski,

Team Leader, Key Technical Expert

MoEPP / Waste Mamangement Plans and Programs for the Municipalities of Gazi Baba, Novo Selo, Krusevo, Sveti Nikole, Debarca, Tetovo and Kocani

Project Description: Introduction of the planning system in the municipal waste management in Macedonia. Preparation of activities for the project’s 6-year period according to the national waste management documents (strategy, plan, law and sublaws, etc.) and to the real financial and technical possibilities of the project municipalities

Services Rendered: Evaluation of existing waste management systems, design and coordination of activities, evaluation of results, financial and organisational analyses of the proposed actions, and proposal of final conclusions and recommendations

The final seminars were organized in each municipality for presentation of the project results and to get feedback of the involved stakeholders. All the comments, critics and remarks were taken in consideration and improve the text of the documents.

10/2007- 06/2008 Macedonia E.C.A. Waste Management Technical Expert WB / Strategy and Action Plan for Reform of the Municipal Public Services Enterprise Sector (MPE’s)

Project Description: Complete strategy for reform of the MPE’s with focus in water supply, wastewater and waste management for improvement of the municipal services provision

Services Rendered: Responsible for the waste management sector: analysis of current waste management systems in Macedonia based on a small scale survey and other avaliable information; technical and institutional reform proposals

During the project there were organized meetings with 4 chosen municipal companies responsible for waste management in order to have a real view on situation of the waste management in the country.

10/2006- 02/2007 Macedonia PM Consulting Waste Management Expert EAR / Strengthening of Environmental Management Program CARDS 2004

Project Description: Approximation to legislation regarding landfill management

Services rendered: Harmonization of the sublaws with EU Directives regarding technical landfill management activities

I was involved in preparation of many sublaws regarding the landfilling and other aspects on waste management. All the sublaws have a base on the Law on waste management which was in accordance with the EU Directives on waste.

05/2006 -06/2007 Macedonia Carl Bro

Benny Rud Hansen Local Senior Waste Management Expert EAR / Strengthening of Environmental Management in Macedonia, National Strategy for Environmental Approximation Program CARDS 2005

Project Description: Introducing of the strategy for approximation of the waste management sector

Services Rendered: Assisting the international waste management expert in preparation of the documents. Activities: analyses of the current situation with the approximation of the waste management legislation, and proposals (actions) for full implementation of the EU Aquis for waste management for a period of 20 years, resulting in a proposal of all the actions needed for full implementation of the waste management legislation with financial, institutional and organizational analyses

The full knowledge of EU Directives on waste was essential for preparation of this strategy. Also the reality of financial , administrative, human and technical possibilities of Macedonia were taken in consideration during the development of this document.

06/2006 -10/2007 Macedonia LDK, Greece

Toni Popovski,

+389.70.842.313 Environmental Expert EAR / Co-ordination of the Decentralization Process (Phase II)

Project Description: Technical assistance to the decentralisation process regarding the implementation of the environmental legislation at a local level, including the relevant waste management legislation (municipal solid waste, industrial waste, etc.)

Services Rendered: Preparation of the report for the status of the environmental legislation implementation on the local level: interviews with the responsible staff of MoEPP, preparation of the status report, and proposals for better implementation of the environmental laws.

I have organized a lot of meetings with the representatives of state environmental administration and local administration in order to analyze the communication and cooperation between the central and local authorities in Macedonia. There were lot of obstacles which make a problems (inappropriate exchange of information regarding the possibilities of the municipalities to get grants, insufficient presence of the central administration on the municipal terrain, no initiative for resolving the waste management problems by the side of the local administration, weak environmental awareness of the politicians regarding the waste management etc)

05/2004 -02/2006 Macedonia EAR

project leader “DHV” Holland local senior waste management expert .“National Waste Management plan and feasibility studies” (component 2), financed by EAR, CARDS Program 2001 (preparation of two feasibility studies for waste management of NorthEast and CentralEast of Macedonia)

Two components of the project were overlapping and lots of results from one component were used in other component. My role was to prepare the feasibility study for regional waste management for two regions of Macedonia (which lately, based on these prepared feasibility studies, became a regions under the IPA funding).

10/2004 Roma, Italy organized by ISWA, Danmark participant International conference

“Solid waste management in Macedonia – new challenges and possibilities”

11/2003 Szentendre

Hungary organized by

REC Head Office,

Joint Research Center, Italy

Directorate General Environment of the European Commission participant/lecturer

Workshop “Contaminated Lands in Accession Countries: Benchmarking Historical Heritage and National Actions”

09/2002 08/2003 Macedonia GTZ, Germany

Ministry for Environment and Physical Planning of Macedonia municipal solid waste management expert Local ecological action plan for Skopje (sector waste management)

Preparation of the local ecological plan for Skopje- section of waste management. Position: expert for municipal waste management. The project was done by active participation of the municipal administration of all municipalities of Skopje, municipal companies related with environmental protection and general public. Several round tables were organized and I had speaker role in the sector of municipal waste management.

10/2002 06/003 Macedonia financed by REC Country office in Macedonia local expert for hazardous waste “Review of hazardous waste management in Republic of Macedonia”, part of REREP Program

Analyzing of the quantities and types of the hazardous waste in Macedonia, status of the hazardous waste management and possible solutions for upgrading of the current situation taking in consideration the requirements of EU Directives on hazardous waste management.

04/2002 10/2003 Macedonia EAR

leader GOPA, Germany senior waste expert “Strengthening the capacity of the Ministry for Environment and Physical Planning” approximation of Macedonian environmental legislation to European environmental legislation, position (new Law on waste management),financed by European Agency for Reconstruction

Preparation of the new Law on waste management in full accordance with the relevant EU Directives on waste management.

11/2002 Tirana, Albania organized by UNEP Balkan Unit, Geneve Switzerland international waste management expert/lecturer Case study “Sanitary landfill Drisla, practice and problems”, international seminar

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