CV, waiter looking for job asap in UK or Italy

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 31485

Skills keywords: excellent communication skills, excellent serving skills, multi lingual skills
Nationality: Romanian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Hotel and Catering
Spoken languages: excellent French, excellent Italian, Excellent: English, Romanian (native)
Location I am interested in working: Italy, United Kingdom
List the countires you have a visa to work in: Italy, United Kingdom




Personal information

Genre: Male

Nationality: Romanian




Work Experience


Date: August 2010-December 2014


Employer: Bar-Ristorante Taverna Rossini, Rome, Italy.



Job description: Server and dining room host at a general service restaurant open seven days a week; regular dealings with an eclectic clientele (Italians and tourists), including daily use of several languages, including Italian (fluent) and English (fluent).


Date: March-August 2010

Employer: Pescheria Rossini, Rome, Italy

Job description: Server and host at a restaurant specializing in seafood.



Date: January-March 2010

Employer: Aubaine Restaurant, London, England

Job description: Server


Dates: September 2000-January 2010

Job description: Server

Dates: January-September 2000

Employer: Hotel Cristallo Terminillo, Rieti, Italy


Job description: Server at the hotel bar and restaurant as well as serving at the front desk in various capacities.




High school degree

Studied English and French, history (Romanian and global), geographical tourism, hotel services industry.


Additional Skills and Training


Post-diploma work: July-September 2000, restaurant and hotel management studies


Native language: Romanian


Additional language skills:

Italian (fluent speech),

English (fluent speech);

French (intermediary skills).


Computer skills: Full knowledge of Windows operating system and Windows Office systems; full online skills.


Organizational skills: Experience in services industry management with well-developed analytical skills, as well as more hands-on experience managing dining room personnel.


Personal skills: I have strong interpersonal and team-building skills based on more than a decade of experience working in situations involving daily services industry organization.


Driver’s license: Italian driving B category license


Personal information: Love of history, books, movies, and a special love for soccer (football), which I play in my spare time.


Comments and goals: I’m a balanced and responsible adult, and behave that way both in my professional and private life. I’m serious, capable, and very much a “people person.” I balance work intensity with humor and a stress-free approach to the workplace, which I find useful to all involved. I’m eager for a new employment opportunity that allows me to use my management and linguistic skills acquired over the last decade.