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CV, USA based Norwegian national Instrumentation and Controls Engineer

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Serial No: 8975

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Short Bio:

Resolved many diverse control problems for my clients. Provided technical solutions for customers in petro-chemical, power generation, utilities, pharmaceuticals/life sciences, water treatment along with pulp and paper. Come highly recommended by all clients for whom I have provided consulting services entailing tuning, retrofitting, troubleshooting and maintenance of control systems entailing pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic systems. Have an understanding of intrinsically safe systems used for gas, chemical and petro-chemical processes. Have working knowledge along with experience in DeltaV. Am proficient with following field buses - Foundation Fieldebus, A-si, Profibus and DeviceNet. Fluent in English, Dutch/Afrikaans and partially fluent in Norwegian. Produced papers/presentations for Calibration/Testing of Foundation Fieldbus field instruments utilizing Beamex MC5 documenting process calibrators in conjunction with CMX PRO or Emerswons AMS Device Manager. Skillfully and efficiently ran outage assignments for clients entailing the testing of between 200 and 500 devices during two to three week assignments on Combined Cycle Power Plants, Peaking Plants, capturing all test data and turning over documentation to client within two to five days of completing assignments - thereby delivering operational cost savings for my clients.

Current location: 

Massachusetts, United States - View on map

Spoken languages: 

Afrikaans, Dutch, Engilsh, Norwegian Basic

Locations I am interested in working:



with vast experience as a Consultant and Field Service Manager / Engineer on a wide range of

projects in the Petrochemical, Paper, Power, Oil & Gas Industries (USA & Africa).

• Systems installation, calibration and commissioning.

• Fault diagnosis and technical problem-solving.

• Design, modifications and maintenance.

• Team leadership and supervision capabilities.

• Planning, organising and coordinating assignments.

• Health & Safety responsibility.

• Administrative proficiency (including report writing).

• Extensive practical knowledge of I&C for various industries (as well as Water Pollution Control Plants).

• Computer literacy (co-creator of ‘FlowReporter’ software for Milltronics aka Siemens) including computerized instrumentation.


• 30+ years’ Petrochemical experience (I&C) involving both pneumatic and electronic control systems instrumentation.

• Adept at ensuring adherence to high levels of Safety / Health / Environmental, Quality Standards and Codes of Practice.

• Established own Consulting Company and successfully completed contracts in the role of Consultant on major projects.

• In excess of 10 years’ Gas Industry experience (Gas Turbines & Steam Turbines) on assignments in Combined Cycle Plants.


• Service Manager – Spectra Automation (USA) 2010 – Date

• Field Service Engineer – New England Controls (USA) 2002 – 2010

• Self-Employed Consultant – Ultimate Instrument Contractors (USA) 1997 – 2002

• Regional Field Service Engineer – Turbo Compressor Services (USA) 1996 – 1997

• Field Service Engineer / Controls – Beloit Lenox (USA) 1993 – 1996

• Field Service Engineer / I&C – Ultimate Instrument Contractors (USA) 1990 – 1993

• Field Service Engineer / I&C – I.C.E. (USA) 1986 – 1990

• Instrument & Controls Engineer – Namdeb (Consolidated Mines) (Namibia) 1985 – 1986

• Instrument & Controls Engineer – Debswana (Botswana) 1984 – 1985

• Instrument & Controls Engineer – Lever Bros. & UIC (South Africa) 1982 – 1984

• Instrument & Controls Technician / Construction – Fluor (South Africa) 1980 – 1982



• Leader of the Service Group, tasked with development / delivery of improved Technical Services.

• Clients predominantly in the Power Industry (Combined Cycle / Single Cycle, Gas / Steam Turbines),

Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Educational Institutes, Utility Plants in Medical Institutions, Manufacturing, etc.

• Provide technical support and recommendations to clients re I&C systems, components and sub-systems.

• Manage / coordinate ‘outage’ calibrations services and generate / handle sales to both existing and new clients.

• Implement commissioning or troubleshooting activities on various systems (Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus & DeviceNet).

• Utilize documenting process calibrators in conjuction with Beamex CMX PRO software or Emerson’s AMS application.

2002 – 2010 New England Controls Inc. Massachusetts – USA

Field Service Engineer

• Devised control solutions for various sectors of the Power, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing Industries.

• Provided technical support on Emerson Process products, systems, control components and sub-systems.

• Managed / coordianted ‘outage’ calibration services utilizing process calibrators in conjuction with I&C software.

• Implemented Asset Management Solutions and commissioning / troubleshooting of field devices or control strategies.

► Emerson’s AMS, Beamex CMX, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, DeltaV.

1997 – 2002 Ultimate Instrument Contractors Inc. Massachusetts – USA

Self-Employed Consultant

• Sub-contracted by Pilot Electric Inc. and various other clients / manufacturers on Industrial Control assignments.

• Marketed consultancy services and developed a range of software for specific use with Open Channel Flow meters.

► Created Flowreporter II & Flowreporter III software to function exclusively with Milltronics OCMII & OCMIII meters.

1996 – 1997 Turbo Compressor Services Inc. Kentucky – USA

Regional Field Service Engineer

• Undertook extensive travel in this role, throughout the Northeastern US Region and worldwide.

• Carried out troubleshooting and maintained heavy duty centrifugal compressors (mechanical and electrical).

► Industrial plants equipped with Joy Turbocompressors, Elliott & Clark Isopac Centrifugal Compressors.

1993 – 1996 Beloit Lenox Massachusetts – USA

Field Service Engineer : Controls

• This position involved 70% travel – mostly throughout the US and Canada, with occasional visits worldwide.

• Undertook troubleshooting on Beloit Winders in the Paper Manufacturing & Paper Converting Industries.

► Also conducted Consultancy on a part-time basis after hours (Ultimate Instrument Contractors Inc).

1990 – 1993 Ultimate Instrument Contractors Inc. Massachusetts – USA

Field Service Engineer : Instrumentation & Controls

• Sub-contracted, on a self-employed basis, to work on a variety of control systems for various client companies.

► Clients included Pyramid Industries Inc., Industrial Valve Repair, Industrial Steel & Boiler Services.

► Assisted with loop-checking, control loop tuning and start-up of a new paper machine for Kimberly Clark.

► Upgraded Joy Turbo Compressor Control Systems for a glass container manufacturer (Anchor Glass Container Corp.).

1986 – 1990 I.C.E. Massachusetts – USA

Field Service Engineer : Instrumentation & Controls

• Carried out troubleshooting and provided technical solutions to various sectors of Industry.

• Upgraded existing systems; installed / commissioned new control systems; calibrated instruments (pneumatic / electronic).

► Liquid Ranger Level Control Scanning System, Multiranger Plus Level Measurement (associated pumps / valves).

► Bailey Controls: NET 90 System, Electronic Transmitters, Oxygen Analyzers, Opacity Monitors / Meters.

► Bristol Instrumentation and Foxboro Instrumentation (pH control, magnetic flowmeters, etc.)

► Rochester Instruments: series 1200 electronic alarms and 1300 signal transmitters.

► Moore Industries: electronic alarm units, signal transmitters and conditioners.

► Milltronics Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeters (OCMII and OCMIII).

► Merrick Scales: Digital Scale DS-1 and Model L440 Weightometer.

► Fisher Controls: valves, I/P positioners, Provox Control Systems.

► Fischer & Porter / Bailey / ABB controls and instrumentation.

► Dezurik: control valves, pneumatic consistency transmitters.

► Taylor / Combustion Engineering: MOD 30 System.

► Milton Roy: metering pumps, Lightning mixers.

► BTG: consistency and viscosity transmitters.

► Reliance Electric: Speed Control Systems.

► PMC: pressure and level transmitters.

► Wallace & Tierman: Chlorinators.

► Rosemount: instrumentation.

► Lakewood: pH meters.

1985 – 1986 Namdeb (formerly Consolidated Diamond Mines) Namibia

Instrument & Controls Engineer

► SPEC 200 system; Ramsey control systems – microprocessor level monitor, microprocessor weight feeders and speed control systems, microprocessor weightometers utilizing load cells or nuclear sources; Texas nuclear weighers and density control systems; control valves from Valtek, Bertoldt LB301 microprocessor controller nuclear weighers; Foxboro valve positioners, Fischer & Porter electronic controllers, Hitachi electronic indicating controllers, Endress & Hauser ultrasonic and capacitance level control systems; Sortex diamond sorting machines (utilizing x-ray and photo-multiplier tubes for detection.

1984 – 1985 Debswana (Jwaneng Diamond Mine) Botswana

Instrument & Controls Engineer

► Foxboro SPEC 200 control system; Toshiba magnetic flow meters; Bayliss metal detectors (Mark 5A and other models); AC / DC motor drive control systems; RF71 resometric weightometers from CWS or Motherwell systems; Ramsey level control systems utilizing tilt switches); Milltronics ultrasonic bin level control systems; Bertholdt nuclear density control processes, Carmen Thyristor controlled motor circuits – variable speed control.

1982 – 1984 Lever Bros & U.I.C. (Amandelbult Platinum Mine) South Africa

Instrument & Controls Engineer

► Taylor electronic transmitters and controllers; I/P transducers and Omron conductivity level control systems; ASCO solenoid valves; Endress & Hauser capacitance level control systems.

1980 – 1982 Fluor (SASOL III Petrochemical Plant) South Africa

Instrument & Controls Technician : Construction

► Honeywell (TDC 2000); Masoneilan control valves; I/P transducers; Fisher control valves and Foxboro pneumatic transmitters.


• Together with an Associate, developed ‘FlowReporter’ to run on Windows platforms (3 / 2000 / NT / XP).

• FlowReporter II was developed to interrogate Milltronics OCM-II flow meters for daily flow totals,

along with 15-minute flow intervals, enabling compilation and production of accurate monthly reports.

• FlowReporter III was then developed for interrogating Milltronics OCM-III flow meters for daily flow totals, along with 15-minute flow intervals, enabling streamlined and efficient monthly report compilation for environmental purposes.

• Milltronics Inc (now known as Siemens) negotiated sole distribution rights for FlowReporter and feature articles were published in various Technical & Trade Journals.


• Streamlining & Automating the Calibration Process with Beamex® CMX Software (Calibration World) 2012

• Digital Fieldbus Device Calibration (Control Engineering) 2008

• New Software Program helps a Manufacturing Facility

to Streamline its Data Retrieval and Reporting Process ( 2000

• Open Channel Flow Reporting Improved and Streamlined (Water & Wastes Digest) 2000


• Digital Fieldbus Device Calibration – Foundation Fieldbus Users Forum, Texas (USA) April 2008


• Troubleshooting & Communication Bus Interface – Emerson DeltaV

(As-i, DeviceNet, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus) Delta V Implementation I & II

• CMX PRO & Documenting Process Calibrators – Beamex CMX Pro

(mostly self-taught) (Beamex MC4, MC5 & MC6)

• HART Modems, Foundation Fieldbus 770 Modem – Emerson AMS

along with Documenting Process Calibrators (FLUKE 744, Beamex MC5 & DRUCK)

• Field Care (mostly self-taught) – Endress & Hauser

• ROC & FLOBOSS Engineering / Troubleshooting – Emerson ROC & FLOBOSS

• Introduction to GC’s and the O&M of GC’s – Emerson Gas Chromatographs

• Power & Grounding for Electronic Systems – Emerson

• Basic & Intermediate Vibration Analyses – CSI (Emerson)

• SLC500 Advanced Programming – Allen Bradley


Pretoria & Witwatersrand (1982 – 84)

• Industrial Instruments & Digital Systems (T4) – National Higher Diploma (credits)

• Electrical Engineering & Industrial Instrumentation – National Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Lc)