CV, Ukraine Based Experienced Food Technologist Targeting East Europe

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Serial No: 20013

Skills keywords: analitical, details, development
Short Bio:

Since 1999 I have had experience with food products development, lab and industrial trials, technology improvements, technical consulting, receipe adaptation, as well as selling of food ingredients to factories, working with distributors, logistic and legislation.

Current location: Kyiv city, Ukraine - View on map
Nationality: ukrainian
Spoken languages: english, russian, Ukrainian
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Relevant Qualifications & Education

March 2000 – June 2001   Postgraduate study at the Academy for Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine, specialization «The technology of meat, dairy and fish foods», course – whole dairy foods.

 September 1994 – June 1999
Ukrainian State University for Food Technologies, specialty “engineer- technologist” (the technology of storing, preserving and processing of dairy produce (dairy foods).

Career Summary

Mane F&F May 2014 –December 2014
Account Manager (selling of ingredients for food products)


• work with direct/indirect customers (sales, new product development, shipments);

• work with R&D support to follow customer’s projects;

• market analyzing, business direction determination;

• legalization

Job Description:

MANE company – number 7 in the world in flavors business.

This job included: market analyzing for determination of competition, potential and possibilities;

new project/business development, work with R&D and technician specialists, planning of supplying, commercialization, direct contacts with customers.


Created market analyzing, fixed range of priorities and potential customers, created adapted portfolio, to selected customers were presented new developments, started projects with selected customers.

Cargill LLC October 2010 –May 2014
Business Development Manager (Account Manager Ukraine and Belorussia, sales of ingredients for food products)


• implementation of the budget;

• Maintaining existing business;

• work with technical department, participation in technological processes and industrial trials;

• work with direct/indirect customers (budgeting, sales, new product development, shipments);

• collaboration with R&D support to follow customer’s projects;

• market analyzing;

• Proactive participation in new products development.

Job description:

Cargill – one of biggest in the world producer of food and food ingredients – native and modified starches, derivatives, hydrocolloids (pectins, caragennans, guar gum, LBG, alginate, lecithin, functional systems etc.).

The Account Manager Position in Cargill consist from: 1. implementation of the budget – budgeted sales with actual prices. 2. Permanent improving contacts with potential and existing customers. Avoiding switching a customer to competitors. 3. Continuous monitoring and analyzing markets for determining of competition, market directions, potentials and possibilities. 4. Together with technical department new products, adapted to local conditions. 5. Creating products portfolio for marketing. 6. Products presentations to customers. 7. Commercialization. 8. Distribution network organization. 9. Contacts with ingredient’s productions to achieve troubleproof supplying. 10. Participation in industrial trials and pilot launching at customer’s facilities and at R&D center of Cargill.


Every year sales increased 10 to 15%. New customers developed. Started and implemented new projects with existing customers. Created new directions (functional systems, lecithin, gelling starches, emulsifiers)

TH Palmira.
October 2005- October 2010

Manager, technologist (selling of ingredients for food products of Danisco, Firmenich, Kerry, etc.)


• New trends development;

• Accounting;

• Industrial trials with customers;

• Searching for new customers;

• support and development of existing customers;

• Price calculation, analyzing;

• Logistics (tracing of the goods on stocks, booking and placing orders to supplier, transport arrangement )

• New business branches development.

The job gave me experience to work as manager an technologist in one person. Also it was good possibility to learn, how to work in multi-supplier distribution company.

Job description:

Trade house “Palmira” – one of biggest distribution company for food ingredients in Ukraine. Main supplier is Danisco, also company collaborated with Kerry, Firmenish, Gelita, Roko, Hercules etc.

The manager job in TH Palmira is mainly active technological support of customers with industrial trials, processes adaptation, implementing new technologies.

Also important to collaborate with suppliers for new technologies learning and intime shipments.


Created and developed new for company segments – juices, ice-cream, condensed milk, fruit fillings.

Achieved significant sales grow.

Esarom Ukraine Llc.
September 2003- July 2005

Sales Manager (selling of ingredients for food products of esarom Essenzenfabrik Gmbh, Austria.)


• Organization of work of commercial department

• Logistics (tracing of the goods on stocks, booking and placing orders to supplier, transport arrangement )

• Reporting to the owners (goods turnover, sales profitability etc.)

• Searching for new customers

• Technical and technological support and development of existing customers , development of new foodstuffs

• Promotion of conceptions

• Price calculation, analysis of trade profitability in general and separate transactions

• New trends development

• Obtaining of Hygienic Certificates and Conformance Certificates

• Working up and application of technical documents (Technical instructions, Technical conditions)

At Esarom Ukraine I receive my first big commercial experience. The job included work with distribution and key accounts

Job description:

Company Esarom is producer of flavours, functional systems and fruit fillings for food industries. Especial segments are ice-cream and beverages.

After many years cooperation with distributors in Ukraine, company management decided to open representative office. For that in 2003 they invested in new unit. The Manager job in the office was mainly organizing work technologists (6 persons), who work directly with customers. Also Manager made first staff choosing.

Main customers of the company was ice-cream, beverage producers.


Launched representative office, created warehouses and logistic, hired commercial department.

Started sales. Proposed and implemented innovative products (new ice-cream types, whey+juice beverages).

Doehler Ukraine Ltd.
March 2001 – August 2003

Technologist (selling of ingredients for ice-cream, diary products, confectionery).


• Searching for new customers

• Technical and technological support of existing customers

• Price calculation

• Working up and application of technical documents

The first international company I worked, here was my new-comer learning how to collaborate with foreign people.

Job description:

The main responsibility of technologist in the company is developing and implementing of technical documents, lab trials, industrial trials.


Created and approved “Technical Conditions” for ice-cream production, dairy beverages. Implemented new products.


Academy for Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine, Technological Institute for Diary and Meat, Laboratory for technology of diary products

Junior Research Assistant
August 1999 – March 2001


• New products and technologies development and implantation

• Working up of technical and technological documents

After University graduation it was good possibility to improve knowledge about food technologies and to work as a scientist to create new products/technologies.

Job description:

Theoretical and industrial researching in the field of dairy industry – the main job of scientist in the Institute.

Also new product development.


Participating in creating and approving of “Technical Conditions” for dairy products.

Scientific works at industrial dairy technology.