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Have been working as a Sleep Technician/CPAP Therapist for the East Grinstead Sleep Disorder Centre, Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for 9 years, have extensive experience and used to working under pressure.

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Nationality: British
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Medical and Nursing
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Location I am interested in working: Australia


Have been working as a Sleep Technician/CPAP Therapist for the East Grinstead Sleep Disorder Centre, Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for 9 years, have extensive experience and used to working under pressure. We get 35-50 referrals per week – our current CPAP patient base is approximately 8,000.

Several positions held:

2005 – 2007 Bank Co-ordinator

2006-2007 Bank Sleep Technician

2007-2013 Sleep Technician

2013 to date Trainee Sleep Physiology Technician


2014 – A-STEP (Accredited Sleep Technologist Education Program) I have completed and passed the module exams and am awaiting final RPSGT exam date confirmation.

2011 – City & Guilds QCF (NVQ) Level 3 Diploma in Allied Health Profession Support with Training for You through the Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, UK (one year diploma course).


European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) 2008 (Glasgow) (held every two years in different European Cities).

Southern Sleep Forums every year since 2006 to date. These are held twice a year at different hosting sleep centres across Southern England.

Mask fittings and Beyond OSA day courses with Resmed.

Mask fittings day courses with Fisher & Paykel.

British Sleep Society Hands On seminar held on 8 and 9 May 2014 in Eastbourne.

My annual mandatory training includes CPR/AED (basic life support) in adults and paediatric.


British Sleep Society European Society of Sleep Technologists

P.O. BOX 247 Website:




PE28 3UZ


American Association of Sleep Technologists

2510 North Frontage Road

Darien, IL 60561


1 July 2013-Date


Sleep Disorder Centre, Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Queen Victoria Hospital is the specialist hospital where Sir Archibald McIndoe pioneered his plastic surgery techniques on allied aircrew during World War II. These young men, who became known as the ‘Guinea Pigs’, had been badly burned or crushed in their planes and nicknamed the Guinea Pig Club.

Dr Peter Venn is our lead clinician who started the sleep unit (now known as the Sleep Disorder Centre) in 1992. He was recently sworn in as vice president of the Royal College of Anaesthetists and regularly writes articles and/or appears on TV promoting sleep.


Sleep Physiology Technician


• Carry out physiological measurements and assessments, including overnight PSG, transcutaneous carbon dioxide monitoring, CPAP trials, home oximetry and actigraphy.

• Arterialised capillary blood samples from the earlobe, analyse blood gas tensions.

• Score and clinically interpret results to assist with diagnosis and treatment plans.

• Write to General Practitioners documenting results of treatment.

• Educate, instruct and provide advice/support to patients.

• Commence patients on CPAP therapy. (Resmed, Fisher & Paykel, Devilbiss and Respironics)

• Assess and review patients in outpatient clinics, by telephone and email.

• Supervise junior staff as well assist with training of new staff.

• Ensure stock levels are maintained.

• A-STEP modules completed – currently waiting for confirmation of RPSGT examination date.


• Completed the 23 modules of the A-STEP with the AASM

• Learned how to score

• Learned how to take blood gases

April 2007-July 2013


Sleep Disorder Centre, Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Sleep Technician


• Carry out physiology measurements and assessments, including overnight polysomnography, CO₂ monitoring, CPAP trials, home oximetry and Actigraphy.

• Apply electrodes and sensors for overnight and daytime recording of respiratory PSG studies including 9-lead and 10/20 Full PSG studies and perform bio-calibrations.

• Monitor and maintain accurate recordings, troubleshoot and rectify malfunctioning equipment.

• Establish patients on PAP therapy, making decisions on appropriate equipment settings, machines and mask selection.

• Assist consultants during outpatient clinics by providing PAP advice and support.

• Provide follow up, and aftercare service for patients with regard to maintenance of equipment, refitting of masks, issue of parts and technical and lifestyle support.

• Review patients either over the phone or in follow up clinics.

• Persuade and negotiate with patients who are reluctant to try or persevere with PAP therapy, explaining the health benefits of doing so and potential risks of not.

• Recording and maintaining accurate patient records.


• Appeared on the BBC (in 2008) on a short documentary together with Dr Peter Venn explaining the causes sleep apnoea and treatments.

• Am on the QVH (Queen Victoria Hospital) promotional video for the sleep centre

• Ran meditation workshops for Breast Cancer Care and their members.

• From 2007 until 2013, I was in charge of the siesta studies which I ran regularly on a Wednesday/Thursday.

• Was instrumental in initiating and formalising a study pathway and grading/training plan for the technicians at the Sleep Disorder Centre.

• Set up educational talks for everyone in the unit to attend if interested. I’d approach someone such as a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, chest physician, respiratory consultant, etc. who would agree to donate their time to giving a talk on a subject that was relevant to sleep.

May 2006-March 2007


Sleep Unit, Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Bank Sleep Technician


• Carry out sleep studies and CPAP trials using appropriate equipment, liaising with Consultant on results and treatment plans.

• Monitor stock and equipment levels.

• Assist Consultant during Out Patient Clinics to ensure patients are seen promptly and efficiently whilst making sure good records are kept.

• Maintain accurate patient notes at all times


Learning new skills – wiring up patients for a respiratory sleep study or mask fitting for CPAP overnight titration.

September 2005 – March 2007


Sleep Unit, Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Bank Co-ordinator


• Read through referral letters from GPs and consultants.

• Take down phone messages and return patient/GP’s calls.

• Contact patients with dates for outpatient clinics or inpatient overnight studies.

• Maintain files, Outpatient Waiting List.

• Prepare clinic and admission notes.

• Maintain accurate database of all patients seen by the Unit.

• Maintain night shift rota.

• Review and troubleshoot any problems patients might have with CPAP machines.

• Train new staff


Learning new skills in the world of Sleep Medicine.

2002 – 2005


Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Bank Medical Secretary


Floater for positions where staff were on holiday or in the process of recruiting. I worked in Plastics, Corneo, Rehabilitation and Medical Departments.


Learning and understanding medical language.


• Typing skills (90 wpm)

• Computer skills (intermediate) in Outlook, Word and Excel as well as the hospital patient centre program.

• I am organised, efficient, competent and reliable. Being in charge of the reviewing of patients I am continuously changing and streamlining the reviewing process.

• 20 years as a legal PA (in two countries) I’ve learnt to work under pressure to deadlines, which converted very well to the extremely pressurised role of technician.

• Have a ‘can do’ attitude – nothing fazes me too much and I can get on with things without problem, am calm and assertive and use my own initiative quite often as we are not supervised at night.

• Enjoy teaching new recruits as well as patients.

• Five years in London as a temporary legal secretary taught me to be flexible and adaptable.

• Two years of study at the College of Vibrational Medicine in London included the skill of counselling. I practised as a counsellor privately for many years up until 2011. This has given me the reputation of being one of the senior technicians into whose night on duty any difficult, anxious or very young patients are booked.