CV, UK FMCG, hands-on food production manager, seeks overseas work

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Skills keywords: FMCG, food manufacturing, process improvement, project management, team management
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Lean Concepts & Tools
Increased performance of bagging machines I did this by organising SOP’S and fault find activity during the process of the SOP issues where fixed as and when we found them, long term plans put in place for major damages and spares ordered. SOP’S are not just a good way to train but also to gather lost or new information regarding the equipment we use.
Changed process flow of the areas stream lined conveyor belts removed excess equipment found correct storage for equipment a

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Nationality: British
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Manufacturing and Operations
Spoken languages: english
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OCT 2014 – DEC 2014

Short spell at Cranswick, left the business due to a difference of opinion regarding factory culture. Within 2 months I improved service levels from 66% to 89% by driving the production lines, chasing down material issues communicating with other departments. Improved GMP, 5’s an out of controlled area gave the area ownership and standardised the GMP standard.



OCT 2013 – OCT 2014

Working for the UK’S 2nd leading co-packer, packing products for some of the world’s leading food suppliers, Cadburys, Nestle, Tesco, Asda.

I have been given the task to improve an area of the business that needs more capacity due to landing a massive contract. Within a short time working for the company I have successfully found process faults that we can improve. I have sustained the area 5,s and got a 3shift rota team working as one. I found that the company was doing procedures that were not necessary and were not a customer requirement. I am responsible for 13 production lines all with various products and with a high number of agency workers, 13 Team leaders and 100 staff when in peak season. I work closely with technical to reorganise some out dated procedures and produced more practical policies

I created new ways of working together and ways of thinking, using an original SIC board as a central communication hub I am able to control the environment and continuously improve my areas. I work with historical data, new data, machinery capabilities, communication systems, I improve all areas of the production environment and other areas of the business.


• I created a new clean down procedure that has given the company an extra 120,000 units worth of product annually and worth £30000 of VOP & £ 14400 of Labour recovery

• Creating all the areas Standard operation procedures this included machinery , and Good manufacturing practises 5’s

• Implemented a new line process that increased the annual output by 225,000 units = £22612 worth of VOP & £ 13,000 Labour recovery.

• Produced a new company run rate standard for 8 products, the company are now working with the correct data

• Introduced a team & business succession plan , a way for each member of the team to progress through the business

• Improved communication between shift manager’s hand over and team engagement using sic boards and team briefs

• New ways of working , that created a massive 1.865.853 extra bags of product per year per shift , based on a 3 shift rotation totalling 5.597.559 extra bags of product s Annually , the amount of value of product gained by the company with no labour cost is £80,000of revenue annually.



OCT 2012- Oct-2013

Working for the UK leading food manufacturer, and a UK leading brand name HOVIS I lead a team of 20 operatives in what is mainly an automated production process. The site I work at has a very limited support network, there is no planning team, and limited HR&Technical responsibility, I have to develop a plan that consists not only of the site I work at but for the other 12 sites production and adjust accordingly, plan is adjusted to suite logistical reasons and break down issues in other sites across the uk. I audit controlled documentation and all critical control points. I handle all disciplinary, s and I have created my own Personal Development document-PDR- due to the company having no formal disciplinary documents. I bring energy to the team with a hands on positive management style (nothing is impossible). I work of information gathered from SIC review points that I have created using white wipe boards and created a simple original system for the staff to use .As standard I work towards Key Performance Indicators, challenging waste levels , material & labour cost. Daily meeting consist of previous 24 hrs. shift reports and data collated together from SAP, all senior team members engineering, technical departments are present and action are delivered by myself on what is required to improve, reduce , or resolve the issues.

Personal achievements

1. Improved quality of product and increased OEE, fault finding plant performance issue, reduced plant stoppages in a certain part of the process to 0 from 60 a day , this also had a positive effect on waste

2. Disobedient team, improved and now fully engage in their positions, I did this by starting team briefs giving ownership back to the staff and holding them accountable, this was measured by unit’ counts and data pulled from sap.

3. Route caused plant performance issues, resulting in 3 hr. production gain weekly,20,0000 units extra week ,VOP £ 24,000 / £13,000 a year labour saving

4. Reduced waste to 1.6% from 6% I did this using 6 sigma techniques ,collation of data, route cause analysis , organisation of engineering work , engineering maintenance



MARCH 2011-OCT 2012

Working for a leading food manufacturing company, and reporting directly to the production manager, site manager. I effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of plan preparation and the manufacturing process on a post bake part of production producing cakes for some of the UK & world leading retail suppliers I do this through the optimum use of people, plant, materials. I have full responsibility of motivating, managing and developing my team members that extend to 140 individuals and covering 130sku’s.

My key responsibilities include (SHQQC) safety hygiene, quality, quantity/cost and time scales.

I work on a 2-10 shift and daily hold handover meetings with the 6-2 team, I provide excellent communication to all the production departments technical, engineering and planning and work with NPD

I oversee factory KPI’s and look to continuously improve the department KPI’s, I take a lead role in cost reduction by continuously challenging existing practices in order to improve labour cost, product quality and yield.

Skills include- , Microsoft word & Excel, 5‘s, 6 sigma, lean techniques, technical and operational work instructions

Personal achievements/ continues improvements

• Improvement on a ccp .implemented a 5,s across area`s of the production floor

• Reduced waste on materials jam, sugar paste 5,s and a change of process involved

• Having full autonomy of 140 individuals, and managing the training effectively

• Implemented a control station for all factory equipment reducing down time issue on the lines.

• GMP standards up to 95% ownership and responsibility to members of staff, line audits.

• Daily achieving 95% plan attainment, through continuous improvement on process and staff skills, sic reviews

• Full production line redevelopment improving the flexibility of the line regarding product production

• Creating a more efficient production output. Increasing line SKU`s from 6 to 25

• £ 19,440 annual saving on sugar paste due to the way we handle the waste on line

• Involvement with NPD resolving product issues before pre- production

• Full zone work instruction start up sheets created

• Reduced a £4,000 weekly booking variance to 0 investigations and implemented a new process of booking out the product.









AUGUST 2008-14 JANUARY 2009



2002-AUGUST 2008.







• Mathematics C

• English D

• Chemistry D

• Geography D

Food manufacturing operational skills NVQ level 3 – 2010

Key skills:

• work effectively with others

• maintain product quality maintain work place food safety standards

• report and record production records

• carry out task hand-over’s

• carry out product change-over’s

Performing manufacturing operations NVQ level 2 – 2004

Key skills:

• application of number

• communication

• information technology

• personal skills-working with others

• personal skills-improving own learning

• performance

• Advanced excel

• Advanced power point