CV, UK Based Senior Software Engineer Targeting The Middle East

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Serial No: 23515

Skills keywords: communication skills, embedded software, software
Short Bio:

Self starter and Proactive. I am used to working unsupervised, still I reliably meet deadlines as I have structured approach to problem solving.

Very flexible as I have worked on weekends when requested; also shifted teams when needed to.

Fluent in both English and Arabic Languages.

Current location: England, United Kingdom - View on map
Nationality: British
Preferred Sector of Employment:  IT and Technology, Oil, Gas and Energy, education and training
Spoken languages: Arabic, english
Location I am interested in working: Arabia, Saudi, Bahrain, jordan, kuwait, Middle East, Oman, qatar, saudi arabia, United Arab Emirates


If you seeking an experienced Software Engineer, and go the extra mile to develop\ maintain your products, my experience in software life cycle will prove invaluable.

Self starter and Proactive as I am used to work unsupervised, still I reliably met deadlines as I have structured approach to problem solving.

Very flexible as I had worked on weekends when requested; also shifted teams when needed to.

Fluent in both English and Arabic Languages.

Career Summary

 Landis & Gyr, Peterborough UK
2010- currently

Positions Held Throughout:-

Software Engineer, Scum Master, ZigBee Lead, Senior Engineer, Software Architect

Skills & Responsibilities:-

o Software Architect for Smart Electricity Meter, Overall responsibility for software

o Coordinates & Coach the team

o Leading porting of existing Code to different Micro\ PCB for our next generation product.

o Leading C/C++ Development for the In Home display unit (Embedded Linux Timesys), and Electricity meter (Segger Embos), C/C++ Arm and Renesas based uC.

o System Test: using Texas Instrument Test Stand, working with test engineers on the test plan and moving test system forward.

o Scrum master: making sure Agile is followed. Assisting product owner Writing stories, with full tasks breakdown and estimation.

o ZigBee lead: Demonstrating product to customers and related government regulatory departments. Working with test houses certification. Implementing and guiding new ZigBee functionality using Silicon Labs ZigBee modules

o Representing our product at ZigBee Interop test events.

o Developing designs to meet the project requirements: Writing design documents and test plan for the In Home Display Unit.

o Interviewing new candidates.

Nokia \ Symbian, Cambridge UK

Position:- Software Engineer R&D

Skills & Responsibilities:-

o Assisting the Project Manager and Technology Architect breaking down tasks from projects based on high-level requirements (once every 3 months)

o Work breakdown estimates (responsibility as a member of an agile team)

o Designing/Implementation the core low energy stack, writing production and test code using the C++, TTCN, Perl.

o Supporting and maintaining software releases: setting up overnight build system for the Bluetooth team, inspecting regressions, triaging\ analyzing incoming defects.

o Providing prompt responses to project customers enquiries and ensure timely fixes, this had involved negotiating fixes to minimize API compatibility breakage.

o Investigation work: SMP (Symmetric multiprocessing), code analysis tools.

Red Embedded, Bradford UK

Position:- Embedded Software Engineer R&D o Embedded Linux (Montavista) for video phones development, using ARM, Texas Instruments DSPs. PC and onboard Debugging.

Skills & Responsibilities:-

o Software Life Cycle Planning and Modeling

o Writing C, C++ programs. e.g. File Transfer both server and client side, profiling utilities, mime parser, credential exchange and user login, media player and audio infrastructure.

o Porting 3rd party applications such as: opera/gecko Webbrowser, xml parser, animated gif and other apps.

Hewlett Packard, Bristol UK

Position:- R&D Intern Engineer

Skills & Responsibilities:-

o Backup Administration: Using backup software/ media/ drives, local\ over the network.

o Writing Test Plans documents.

o Testing/developing next generation LTO/DDS tape drives.

o Enterprise level Communication with big firms like Microsoft, IBM.

o WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs), ISV, OSV Testing

o Installing\Configuring Linux\Unix\Windows servers

Achievements & Awards

1- Scholarship awarded from The university for my outstanding performance.

2- Recognition award from Hewlett Packard for getting up to speed quickly, and willingness to go the extra mile to provide high quality deliverables.

3- Leading a group project at University, which involved building microprocessor system based on Motorola 6800. The project was building fully working microcontroller from Chip level, This gave me in-depth understanding on how embedded systems work on the lowest level, as well as demonstrating good leadership skills since we met the deadline with excellent results

4- Building Robot Vision system using embedded system as a final year project. Involved building the hardware and software, this gave me more knowledge about developing embedded systems.

Professional Courses

HP & Nokia Business Conduct Courses Agile Scrum Master Course Agile Product Owner Course

SMP: Symmetric Multiprocessing SCSI protocol Course Symbian Accredited Developer

Binary\Source compatibility Nokia ROM building course

Qualifications & Education

Sh effield Hallam University (Septembe r2002- May 2005)

First Class Honors Degree Awarded in Computer Engineering with Industrial Studies.

Computer Architecture = 95%

Mathematics = 92%

Mobile & Wireless Com. =88%

Circuits and Systems =93%

Programming design =93%

Computer Networks 3 =87%

Computer Networks 2 =87% Embedded Systems =80%

7 more subjects over 75% (A) Rating

Skills & Other Experiences

Programming: Object Oriented Design, UML, C/C++, Visual Basic, Pascal. Multithreaded programming, development kit and Compilers, IDE\ Eclipse Perl Scripting.

Tools: SCM (CVS/ SVN/Perforce), Makefile, TeamTrack, Bugzilla, Jira, ScrumWorks, Coverity (static\dynamic code analysis).

Embedded Systems: Built microcontroller from chip level, wrote software (high level and assembly). Using Logic analyzers, Embedded development software and hardware. Ranging from EEPROM to sophisticated Microprocessors Design. In-depth understanding of micro processor architectures, Texas Instruments development boards, CSR Bluetooth controllers, Silicon Labs\ Ember Zigbee Network Processors.

IAR workbench

Excellent understanding of Embedded OSes: Symbian, Embedded Linux, Segger.

Network Administration:, excellent knowledge in networking protocols, NAS \ SAN, Backups, Building servers, Administration Level Windows, Linux (Red Hat, SUSE)\ Unix).

Protocol & Analyzers: UART, SPI, Ethernet, Bluetooth and ZigBee Analyzers, Oscilloscope, hardware probing