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Skills keywords: analysis, design, engineer, testing
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Experienced researcher in the field of fire performance of composite materials.
5 years as Research Assistant at Newcastle University working in collaboration with Airbus UK on A350XWB.
Responsible for project management, fire testing, structural testing, measurement of thermal transport properties at elevated temperature, composite manufacture.
Work had resulted in publication.
Consulted to offshore industry and transport sector with regard to fire performance of structural composites.

Current location: England, United Kingdom - View on map
Nationality: british
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , Transport and Logistics, Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere
List the countires you have a visa to work in: austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Career Summary

2009 – 2014
Research Assistant: Newcastle University, Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering

• Development of experimental and analytical techniques used to determine transient thermal properties of Polymer Composites. Refinement of model used to predict thermal and mechanical response of Composites in fire. Work carried out in collaboration with Airbus UK on the A350 XWB. Work resulted in publication. (2009-2013)

• Investigation of maximum strength of structural epoxy based composites joints through introduction of Carbon Nanotubes to resin. Focused on manu-facture and structural testing of composite/ metal and metal/ metal lap joints. Work carried out as part of the Safe Joint consortium funded by the European commission. (2013-2014)

• Consulted to MMI, BP, Wellstream, Ford Aerospace, Hardy’s and Design unit.

• Development of bespoke thermal/ structural small and medium scale testing and analysis techniques for composite off-shore gratings

• Characterisation of Fire performance of aged Intumescent PFP


• Investigation of water absorptivity and permeability of composite motor insulation

• Structural testing of advanced wind turbine blade composites.

• Medium scale fire testing to IMO standard of composite pipelines

• Supervision of Bachelor and Master level students during final year project

• Teaching Engineering Bachelor students

• Responsible for development of course material, teaching and assess-ment for Foundation level module on development of research skills as well as several other practical laboratory based modules at first and second year level

Key Skills

• Expert in fire testing to IMO/ ISO standard

• Development of bespoke fire testing

• Measurement of transient thermal properties of polymer composites

• Structural testing using mechanical loading frame (experienced with Instron and Shimatzu Machines)

• Thermal modelling using commercially available software and devel-opment of new modelling techniques

• 3D design using CAD software

• Composite manufacture: experienced in wet lay-up, vacuum bag, out of autoclave carbon-epoxy pre-pregs, pulltrusion and composite pipe repair techniques

• Development and teaching of undergraduate Engineering modules, primarily in practical engineering/ manufacture

Qualifications & Education

Newcastle University

MEng. (Hons) Mechanical and Materials engineering, Upper Second Class
Dissertation Projects: Development of Sustainable Power Plant in South western China, Design of filament winding in tension apparatus
Frank Robinson Book prize for best performance in Production Engineering subjects

Coleraine Academical Institute
A-levels Mathematics (B); Physics (C); Art (A)


Other Interests

I am a Climber and Mountaineer. I have travelled extensively to climb difficult routes in potentially life threating positions. It has taught me to manage complex problems in stressful situations with little room for error.

Recently I took time off to train for and then travel to the USA for an extended climbing trip with a team of British athletes.