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Skills keywords: QAQC
Short Bio:

Experience Highlights:
Over 16 years’ experience with Quality Assurance & Quality Control of Manufacturing Construction and Maintenance of various upstream and downstream - OIL & GAS areas as per below.
Quality Assurance:
• QMS Manual Preparation.
• Development of QMS Procedures.
• Carried out internal, sub-contractor & vendors audits.
• Involvement for ASME-U, U2, A, PP, S, R, & NB, API 5CT & Q1 & ISO certification.
• Qualification & Approval of different
Vendors & Sub Contractors.

Current location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates - View on map
Nationality: Indian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Qualifications & Certifications

• Bachelor of Engineering: Production Engineering from Regional Engineering Collage, Gujarat, India

• Diploma engineering Fabrication Technology Technical Education Board Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

• Gold Medal received from Education Board.• Certification in CSWIP 3.1 from TWI, the Welding Institute, Cambridge, U.K.

• IRCA Internal auditor as per ISO 9001:2000 by Lloyds.

• IRCA Lead Auditor as per ISO 9001:2008 by Moody International.

• IRCA approved Lead Auditor, IRCA registration number: 01199088

• IIW International Welding Engineer course.

• ASNT Level – II in Radiography Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Visual Testing.

• American Petroleum Institute – API, USA

• American Society of Non Distractive Testing- ASNT, USA.

• The Welding Institute – TWI, Cambridge/London

• Indian Institute of Welding- IIW, India

Career Summary

Over 16 year’s cross-cultural experience with Quality Management of design, procurement, manufacturing, construction as well as maintenance & operations in OIL & GAS upstream and downstream areas.

Quality Management System : Establishment of Quality Management System for project and manufacturing units. It’s include Project Management, Project Control, Engineering, Procurement and Production & Construction.

Project Contract & Specification: Development of PQP, CQP, Procedures, ITP, and Formats by studying contract & specification thoroughly to meet customer’s expectation/requirements comprehensively. Approval of PQP, CQP, Procedures, ITP.

Resource Management: Planning of Manpower, Inspection Instruments/Equipment and TPI. Assuring deployment of human resources and Inspection & Testing equipment’s as per project budget and utilize them to get time tested results. Timely selection and recruitment of QA/QC project staff.

Quality Planning and Implementation: Overall execution of the Quality inspection at projects/ Contracts through a well-managed project QA/QC team. Responsible for ensuring that, construction / manufacturing methods are in line with Quality Inspection Plans and are well understood by concerned supervisors, places emphasis and concentration on quality cost reduction opportunities through close coordination with project QA/QC team by site visits. Effective implementation of PQP/CQP at Projects/Contracts.

Design: Providing assistance to the design department for FEED/HAZOP/IPF/ALARP/QRA/ HAZID/FRA and detail design for EPC projects. Preparation and review of criticality rating of materials, specifications & TDC etc.

Procurement: Planning of Vendor & Sub contractor audit and their evaluation yearly basis, Purchase requisition review for verifying technical requirements. Technical bead evaluation as per Criticality rating of Materials. Effective review & approval of vendor documents.(like ITPs, Procedures, Method Statements, WPS, PQR , NDT Procedures etc.). TPI arrangement for Inspection activities as per ITP & PO requirements for Vendor Inspection coordination.

Receiving Inspection: Providing assistance to the Corporate Commercial for incoming material inspections as and when required. Coordination with client, TPI and procurement team for inspections.

Documents and Data Control: Responsible for ensuring that controlled copies of all relevant codes and/or specifications are available at project to avoid any misinformation. MRB and Construction Dossier review , approval & storage Availability of relevant codes and standards for project.

Reporting the Cost of Quality and customer Feedback: Assuring proper implementation of cost of quality and customer feedback procedures/method statement at sites for on time improvements where required. Timely collection of feedback. Timely dissemination of feedback.

Control of Non-conforming Products: Responsible to review and monitor all internal & external CAR’s/NCR’s logs received from sites for timely closure of all open CAR’s/NCR’s. Responsible for closely monitoring of rate of rejection and rework cost to analyze the negativity. Control effectiveness.

Training and Awareness Sessions: Strictly identify training needs of QA&QC staff in consultation with Quality Lead & conduct trainings as per need of the staff. Trainings delivered as per requirement.

Quality Audits: Facilitate corporate QA for conducting quality audit programs. Prepare Annual Audit Plan for project, subcontractor & Vendor Specific and conducting audits.

KPIs: Project specific & departmental KPIs established for yearly basis and monitoring every month.

Lesson Learnt: Established previous project Lesson Learned data base and implemented and monitor in new project.

Conversant with ASME Section – II Part – A, B, and C, ASME – V, ASME – VIII Div. I & II, ASME –IX, ASME B31.1,B 31.3, B 31.4, B 31.8, API 510, API 570, API 650, API 653, API 560, API 5CT, API 6A,API 1104, ASTM, BS, ISO, NACE and TEMA etc..

Career Summary

(JULY’ 2014 – TILL DATE)
Project : Gas Gathering, Treatment and Export facilities Package EPCCS – Reggane Project


• Establish Project Quality Management System for Project Management, Project Control, Engineering, Procurement and Production & Construction.

• Establish different deliverables: Project Specifications ,Project Quality Plans, Project specific Procedures and Project Quality Control Plans.

• QMS implementation training for Engineering, Procurements, Project and Quality team.

• Giving support for different Engineering review activities at FEED and EPC stages.

• Review of engineering documents, Inquiry requisitions, Technical offers of vendors, TBE, etc.

• Established Procurement system with review of PR, PO and approving of Vendor documents such as Project Quality Plans, Inspection & Test Plans, and Procedures for Manufacturing, inspection / test including NDT, WPS/PQR, and painting etc.

• Conduct project specific Vendor assessment audits for capability assessment.

• Conduct Compliance / Surveillance audits on Vendors against Purchase Orders.

• Conduct Internal audits on Contract management, engineering activities of all disciplines, procurement and construction.

• Conduct External audits on Construction activities at site on construction Sub-Contractors of civil, mechanical, electrical & instrumentation works.

• Vendor Technical Query review, analysis and approval.

• Conduct Pre-Inspection Meetings with vendors to discuss and finalise the inspection and test activities at manufacturer’s works.

• Appoint Third Party Inspection Agencies for inspection at vendor works and monitor the TPI activities. Review of Third Party Inspection Reports and Release notes.

• Review and approval of Vendor Non-Conformances and their Corrective / Preventive actions.

• Past project Lesson Learned implementation at various stage of project.

• KPIs monitoring

(APRIL’11 – JUNE’14)


• Responsible for managing and lead the different projects team and ensuring timely completion of project with meeting quality, HSE aspects and technical specification requirements.

• Implementation, operation and maintenance of QMS for all group companies in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

• Identifying, planning & overseeing training of all employees as to understand and effectively deliver their QA/QC responsibilities.

• Ensuring company’s Quality Policies & Objectives are effectively communicated and implemented as per Project Quality Plans, Contract requirements and Project Specifications in all the jobs undertaken through respective QA/QC Managers, within different projects.

• Liaising and assisting the head of each company to select & recruit suitable QA/QC personnel in order to achieve the commitments towards Quality Policy & Objectives.

• Arranging & conducting MR and KPI Meetings, periodically, for the group companies.

• Reviewing & approving Quality documents (CQP, ITP, Procedures, Method statements, WPS, PQR, MTC etc) submitted by the contractors / vendors.

• Reviewing the technical specifications in contract / Tender documents, Purchase specification / Purchase requisitions for minor projects and carrying out technical Bid evaluations.

• Attending Kick-off meetings and Pre-Inspection meetings prior to commencement of manufacturing / execution.

• Compiling & reviewing Monthly Quality Reports from different projects from site QA/QC personnel and submitting to Management.

• Performing Quality Audits on Vendors, Manufacturers & Contractors during FEED, Design, Procurement & Construction.

• Lead and supervised QA/QC team of Welding, Coating & Civil Inspectors for day-to-day construction activities.

• Coordination with client and application of QA/QC activities on projects and compiled & developed corporate quality system procedures and project specific procedures.

• Monitoring daily welding and painting inspection activities, including NDT activities, and allocation of manpower.

Executed different following projects of ODC contract

 Qaharir Thuleilat Gas Pipeline Replacement [Installation of 4″ GRE pipeline 11 KM & DSS piping]

 Dhiab Production Header Project [Installation of 12″ GRE pipeline of 20KM length, 4 new MSVs, on plot CS/PE piping and 8″ CS/PE flow lines – 4 numbers, CM + RE with DNOC]

 Gharif South Rim Infield Development Phase-2 [Installation of 3 MSVs, 3 MFMs, 10″ GRE Bulk Header 3.29 KM, 8″ GRE bulk sub header 1.6KM + 0.91 KM]

 Thamoud Al Dhabi development Project Phase1 [Installation of 1 MSV/ Carioles Meter/ Red Eye Meter with DNOC each in Thamoud & Al Dhabi fields including Tie-ins and on-plot piping]

 Marmul Polymer Injection Project [Off Plot Scope: 19 KM pipeline from new triplex diaphragm pump to injection well isolation valve]

 MML Well Test Improvement[Separate 5 Commingled Wells, Installation of additional 2 MFMs, 3 Coriolis Mater, 4 Red Eye Meter, Looping of 12″ Bulk Header from MSVs]

 12″ RIMA GRE HEADER PROJECT.[Involves complete replacement of 12″ GRE Header from one side of the flange pit to another side of the flange pit. Approx. length 1.2km with 4 nos. 6″ tapp off- Design pressure: 47.5 Barg, 300# ]

 Ghariff West Rim Infield and Well Testing Rationalization[Off-plot expansion to existing MSV stations, 5 MSVs (3”X6”), 300# and auxiliaries to cater for 35 wells, 5 km of 6” 300# between MSV units to Bulk Header. 8 km of 6” 300# Test Header].

 Red Eye + Carioles Meter Field Trial Project ( Well testing of 5 Nos – PCP wells & 2 Nos-BP wells at the well head using low GVF Micro motion skid equipped with Red Eye+ Carioles Meter along with HAIMO mobile well test unit hooked up in eeriest with the skid to verify the Oil & water measurement).

 Al Burj Al Khalata Development Project [Installation of 2 X 12″ 3 KM GRE pipeline, 2 X 12″ 6.3 KM GRE field headers, 14″ 11 KM GRE header, 8″ test headers, 9 MSVs with Carioles Meter].

 WELL PAD Location Constructions for different locations (approx. 300 nos. /years).

 Flow line & on plot piping constructions for 300 wells per year of ODC project.

 SNLP projects at different location in South Oman (518 wells flow line & on pad piping replacement).

 GRE threaded connection 4 & 6 inch flow line for different location at G. Birba and Harweel location with CRA piping ( pressure rating 95 to 190 bars).

(OCT’08 – MARCH’11)

Ramsis Engineering is a leading heavy fabrication / construction industry in Bahrain & UAE, serving oil & Gas industries, Power plant and Petrochemical industries. The major products of the company are all the process plant equipment like, Pressure Vessels, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Stacks and Structural fabrication as well as piping & pipeline fabrication& Installation. Also, In- Service Field & Shop Repair & Maintenance of above products & plant shutdown maintenance.

ISO 9001:2008 certified Organization, accredited for ASME Code U, U2, PP, S, A, R & NB stamped pressure vessel fabrication, also accredited for API monogram, API 5CT, 6A and 16A.


 Over all managing the QA&QC and Welding Engineering functions related to Manufacturing, Construction & Maintenance activities of the organization at Bahrain & UAE.

 Implementation of ASME QC Program for ASME Code Stamped Pressure Vessels fabrication at our Bahrain Facilities and maintenance of ASME accreditation.

 Implementation of QMS for all our Manufacturing, Construction & Maintenance activities at our Bahrain & UAE operations and maintenance of ISO 9001:2008 certification.

 Preparation of incoming tenders proposal’s quality requirements.

 Bidding analysis of customer quality requirements & preparation of proposal.

 Responsible for Procurement Quality Control. Vendor & sub-contractor system verification & approval and evaluation, TPI & AI coordination.

 Planning & coordination for third parties agency for inspection & audits.

 Planning of meeting with clients, vendors & contractors.

 Review of vendor & subcontractor documents (QP,ITP,WPS, PQR, NDT & painting procedures)

 Forecasting PQR requirement & developing new PQRs.

 Preparing WPS & developing PQR as per requirement of CS, SS, DSS, LAS, Ni alloys etc.

 Responsible for developing API Monogram Q1 & ISO/TR 29001 certification for Manufacture,

 Service, Installation, Repair of oilfield equipment and parts which are covered by API Spec

 5CT, API Spec 7, API 6A and 16A.

 Leading a strong and dedicated team of 18 QA/QC & Welding professionals.

 Reporting to Managing Director of the organization.

Management Representative(MR):

 Ensure that the organizations Quality Management System is implemented and maintained.

 Responsibility for preparation of yearly audit plan and carried out audit for vendors, sub-contractor & internal departmental periodic audit.

 Update existing QMS manual and procedures to changes in the standard and organization.

 Generate procedures, work instructions for new activities in the organization.

 Report to the management on the performance of the QMS. Analysis of Audits, NCR, customer complains, customer feedbacks, repairs & reworks, supplier evolution, maintenance status, polices and objective utilization of machinery discussing with the higher management frequently.

 Identify training needs of various employees in the organization and prepare yearly training plan, on job personnel training to QA/QC Engineers, auditors & quality inspectors.

 Record customer complaints; propose corrective actions and preventive actions.

 Administering documentation in line with the needs of ISO 9000 series & API, ASME standards.

 Conduct management review meetings, discuss and report to the management as per the management review meeting agenda

 Prepare and update the company prequalification documents.


Developed standard WPS/PQRs for major requirements.

 Developed standard ITPs, procedures & formats for Civil, Fabrication, electrical, erection & maintenance major requirements.

 Successfully organized ASME certification renewal audit & new certification for U, U2, A, PP, S, R & NB stamps during 2009 at our Bahrain Facility and obtained the Renewal.

 Development of In-House PT, MT & UT, TOFD facilities, thus eliminating the Sub-Contracting.

 Development of In-House PWHT facility, both permanent furnace & expandable type with electrical heating for stress relieving of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, etc.

 Development of In-House PWHT facility for Local stress Relieving of Piping weld joints, thus eliminating the Sub-Contracting.

 Controlling & fulfilling quality requirement of contractor, vendors & end users.

Projects :

Overall responsibility for all quality activities of fabrication shop & Construction projects as well as casing and tubing for drilling.

Project Scope:

• Civil Foundation for equipment, trenching work for underground pipeline.

• 52 static equipment’s erection & Installation including column internals

• 500,000 inch-dia piping welding.

• 55 MT structural steel fabrication and erection.

Responsibilities/Activities involved in total complex Turnaround 2007-2008 projects:

• Preparing WPS, PQR, welding plan & testing plan.

• Welder Performance Qualification & certification.

• Welding Consumable selection, planning and estimation.

• Review and approve subcontractors’ Welding submissions.

• Welding electrodes and filler wire testing and its approval.

• Welder qualification, approval and allocation.

• Planning & monitoring of consumables and its storage, backing and holding requirement.

• Administer systems for the qualification of weld procedures and welders.

• Review subcontractors’ tender documents and technical qualifications.

• Assist Quality Department on subcontractor assessments/audits.

• Maintain departmental and project welding files.

• Liaise with the department, project and vendor personnel and assist in optimizing work methods and troubleshooting where and when required.

• Responsible for all mechanical testing for welding procedure qualification.

• Identify and implement opportunities for continual improvement to include increasing safety, quality, productivity, product flow and reliability through innovative solutions.

• Provide welding support for any production issues that may occur during the course of the project.

• Preparing Procedures and inspection related formats as per specification & code requirement.

• Reviewing vendor documents and material test certificate & Conducting vendors and contractors audit.

• Regular monitoring and reviewing daily site activities & requirement.

• Installation inspection of Column, Vessels and heat exchangers, structure, Piping & Tray Inspection.

• Managing site activities with inspection team.

• Inspection of above ground & underground piping as per requirement of Code and specification

• Stage wise fabrication and inspection. i.e.: Material Identification (Pressure parts), fit up, welding, visual inspection, NDE, PWHT, hydro-test, surface preparation and painting, wrapping & coating, cathodic protection, civil, electrical, insulation inspection & Certifying inspection reports.

• Witness of DPT, MPT, Interpretation and Evaluation of Ultrasonic Testing & Radiographic films.

• Monitoring of class wise, welder wise NDE % coverage & analysis of repairs.

• Involved with Heat treatment process activities.

• Hydro test & service test witness & Preparation of Test Pack & summation Dossier.


1) Jamnagar export oriented Refinery Project Phase-II-Aromatics, FCCU, Crude, Hydrogen, PP,HNU & Sulphur

2) VMP-Value maximization project for CRUDE, FCCU, CPP and Aromatics

3) Quality Yield Improvement Project –II – MTF crude storage tanks.

Responsible for Procurements, fabrication, construction & maintenance activities for process equipment’s, piping & pipeline.

Quality Assurance & Control:

Design : Providing assistance to the design department for FEED and detail design for all refinery units (Aromatics, FCCU, Crude, Hydrogen, PP, HNU, Sulfur and Coker etc) . Preparation and review of criticality rating of materials & TDC etc.

Static Equipments: Involved for Design, Procurement, Manufacturing and Erection & installation inspection for below equipment

• Pressure vessels

• Columns

• Heat Exchangers

• Heater Coils

Equipment Internals: Involved for Design, Procurement, Manufacturing and Erection & installation inspection.

• Tray support rings

• Different types of tray and random packing

Rotary Equipment: Involved for Procurement, Erection & installation inspection for below equipment.

• Compressors

• Pumps

Storage Tanks: Involved for Design, Procurement, Manufacturing & Construction inspection for below

• Low temperature Storage tanks

• Atmospheric storage tanks


• Involved with team for preparation of technical delivery condition, quality requirement and reviewing purchase specification requirements before issuing purchase request.

• Review of purchase order and technical proposal.

• Review of various document from different sub-contractors, manufacturers, vendors & supplier like– Process equipment ( Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Column, Air fan cooler), Rotary Equipment, Civil-Structures, Storage Tanks, Piping, Pipelines and Fired Heaters etc.

• Vendor/contractors documents review & approval like-QAP, ITP, WPS, PQR, and MT, PT, RT, VT, UT, painting procedures and MTCS.

• Attending KOM/PIM/Progress review meeting with Vendor, subcontractor, supplier and TPI.

• New vendor development with conducting various audits & testing of products.

• Evolution of available approved supplier/subcontractors/vendors based on their service, quality of products and commitments towards delivery.

• Site Quality issue resolving with coordination of supplier, vendor & subcontractors.

• Arranging TPI agencies, deputing inspection team for vendor inspection and surveillance.

• Developed receiving inspection system for all incoming procured materials & equipments.

• Contract documents review for verification of specification requirements.

Construction Quality Assurance

• New fabricators, suppliers & contractors assessment.

• Preparing & Issuing of Quality Assurance Plan, Inspection & Test Plan, NDT plan, NDT procedure, PMI, Hardness, Ferrite, PWHT, Hydro test, surface preparation and painting procedures as per requirement.

• Periodically conducting audit for suppliers, contractors and vendor for their evolution & assessment.

• Carry out MR Meeting, Internal & External Audit, analysis of NCRs, reworks & failure analysis.

• Preparation & review of various documents for different projects. (Civil, Structural, Tankage, Piping, Pipelines and Equipment).

• Vendor/contractors documents review (QAP,ITP,WPS, PQR, and MT, PT, RT, VT, UT , PMI, Hardness, PWHT, Repair , Surface preparation, hydro test and painting procedures)

• Coordination with Bechtel, Vendors & TPI agencies.

Construction Quality Control

• Involved inspection activities of equipment fabrication, erection, installation & shutdown for following equipment’s at shop & site as per ASME, TEMA, IBR and API & Owner specification for special requirement.

• Involved to carry out stage wise fabrication inspection activities at vendor- fabrication shop. (Document covered QAP/ITP/WPS/PQR/NDE procedures/Welder qualification/blasting & painting & dossier)

• Involved to carry out inspection for erection & installation at site location.(Civil foundation checking/ Orientation/Alignment/Internals/accessories/Insulation/Fire proofing /Painting etc)

• Inspection of vessels internal tray supports ring by laser alignment and internal trays.

• Thickness survey or laminations check on Static equipment’s Crude/Aromatics/FCC unit under operation.

• Welding on live equipment’s before hot tapping.

• Welder training and qualifications, mock-up practice as per joint configurations.

• Hydro and leak test preparations and witness of leak and hydro tests.

• Witness of PWHT and Hardness testing.

• NDE mock up blocks Design review, Blocks Fabrication and NDE of fabrication.

• Witnesses of dry MT application on intermediates weld runs in preheat condition.RT film review.

• Involved inspection activities of erection, installation of following equipment’s as per specification for PUMP & Compressor.

• Inspection activities related reports & dossier review.

• Above ground & underground piping as per requirement of ASME B31.1, B31.3 , API 1104 and specification

• Stage wise fabrication and inspection (shop & field). Material Identification (Pressure parts), fit up, welding, visual inspection, NDE, PWHT, hydro-test, surface preparation and painting, wrapping & coating, cathodic protection, back filling, earthling, insulation inspection & Certifying inspection reports.

• Comprehensive Knowledge On Blasting, Painting, which includes verify / certify the Painting / Blasting Operators, Surface Preparation, Temperature and Relative Humidity, Blast Surface Profile, Paint Application, Familiar with use of Wet / Dry Film Thickness Gauges.

• Witness of DPT, MPT, Interpretation and Evaluation of Ultrasonic Testing & Radiographic films.

• Involved with Heat treatment process activities.

• Qualifying pipe bonders for GRP piping & carried out visual inspection for joints.

• Certifying reports and preparation of test pack & summation dossier for system.

Welding :

Involved for Welder Qualification, WPS- PQR preparation, Consumable planning, vendor approval, Development & mechanization of welding process of following material.

 Carbon Steels

 Low Temp. Carbon Steels

 Low alloy Steels

 Stainless Steels

 Duplex Stainless Steels

 Nickel & Nickel alloys

 Dissimilar Materials

 Overlays

• Planning of project welding requirements & development of welding automation for time bound projects.

• Forecasting requirement for developing Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Record (PQR).

• Preparing WPS & developing PQR as per requirement of CS, SS, LAS-P11, P22, P5, P9 & P91, DSS, Ni alloys, dissimilar material (SS to Alloy steel) etc.

• Preparing weld plan for shop & field equipments, piping & structures.

• Project based welding Consumable planning, estimation and monitoring. (Planning v/s arrival v/s actual consumption v/s forecast requirement for monthly, quarterly and % of completion project).

• Establish procedure for consumable testing.

• Vendor‘s audit for system checking & consumable testing and its approval as per code requirement.

• Inspection of incoming consumables i.e. test certificate review, preparing sample for batch testing and review of testing results, colour coding of filler wires, PMI carried out for LAS & SS consumable etc.

• Monitoring & controlling of consumable storage, handling, backing & holding requirement.

• Having Experience to established vacuum pouch packing electrodes for avoiding backing problems and achieved faster productivities for projects.

• Consumable problems monitoring & resolving by time to time co-ordination with batch testing.

• Welder training and Welder Performance Qualification & certification.

• Development of process automation for faster Production i.e FCAW for field piping in 6G position, twin head & tendon SAW, Strip cladding, ID overlay welding etc.

• Welding of various materials i. e. Carbon Steel, LTCS, Low alloy Steel and Stainless Steel, Nickel, alloys, NACE etc. and Hands on experience with SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SAW AND PAW.

Experience at various areas during refinery construction:

Piping ( CS, LAS, SS, NI, Alloy steels & GRP) :

• Above & underground piping as per requirement of ASME B31.1, B31.3 and specification

• Stage wise fabrication and inspection (shop & field). Material Identification (Pressure parts), fit up, welding, visual inspection, NDE, PWHT, hydro-test, surface preparation and painting, wrapping & coating, cathodic protection inspection & Certifying inspection reports.

• Comprehensive Knowledge On Blasting, Painting, which includes verify / certify the Painting / Blasting Operators, Surface Preparation, Temperature and Relative Humidity, Blast Surface Profile, Paint Application, Familiar with use of Wet / Dry Film Thickness Gauges.

• Witness of DPT, MPT, Interpretation and Evaluation of Ultrasonic Testing & Radiographic films.

• Involved with Heat treatment process activities.

• Qualifying pipe bonders for GRP piping & carried out visual inspection for joints.

• Certifying reports and preparation of test pack & summation dossier for piping system.

• Pipe bends: Preparation of BPS (Bending procedure Specification). Involved inspection activities of various size of pipe bends for visual inspection, marking & punching, ID/OD dimension checking, hardness testing, Ovality as per ASTM, IS standard & specification.

• Steel structures: Involved inspection activities of erection, installation of steel structure as per ASME D1.1, IS & specification.It involved foundation, alignments, welding, assembly, verticality, bolt tightening, visual Inspection, report preparation & fire proofing.

• Civil: Involved inspection activities of trial mix, earthwork (excavation and backfilling), blinding concrete, Bar bending , formwork, Pre concrete and post concrete check list for fire proofing work (light weight material).

• Electrical: Involved inspection activities of earthling strip, cable laying joints welding & tray fixing, cathodic protection etc activities & establish the system.

• Engineering: Familiar with the Design and Engineering of most Mechanical Equipment including Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Piping, Pipeline and Structural steel.

• Purchase: Well aware of the market trends in most of the raw materials. Familiar with local and overseas suppliers in the field. Vendor Quality evaluation, review of quality documents, receiving material inspection and QA system establishment for procurement.

• Production: Comfortable with all the shop floor activities including material preparation (CNC/Manual),Machining, Fit-up, Welding(SAW/MIG/FCAW/TIG),Surface preparation, Coating and NDT.



• Preparing Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Record (PQR).

• Preparing of welding plan & testing plan.

• Welder Performance Qualification & certification.

• Welding Consumable selection, planning, estimation.

• Repair- root cause analysis.

• Welding electrodes and Filler wire testing and its approval.

• Hands on experience with SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SAW AND PAW.

• Planning & monitoring of consumables and its storage, backing and holding requirement.

• Preparing ITP / QAP / Procedures

• Carried out stage wise inspection activities of dia.16”’ to 94’’ dia. Pipes.

• It involved material identification, bevelling, pre punching, bending/rolling, tack welding,

inside/outside welding, expansion, hydro test, NDE & final inspection & summation dossier

• Carried out internal audits for different department.

• Operation of real time radioscopy (fluoroscopy), magnetic particle testing machines.

• Interpretation of radiography films.

• Handling inspection team with team work.

• Coordination with various third party inspection like EIL, BV , LOYYIED, ABS, SGS

• Preparing ITP / QAP / Procedures.

• Involving internal quality audit of various department.



• Preparing Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Record (PQR).

• Preparing of welding plan & testing plan.

• Welder Performance Qualification & certification.


• STAR PERFORMER award received from the Vice President of WGSRL

• BEST QUALITY PERFORMER award received from Project Director of Reliance

• Gold Medal received from Technical Education Board.


• Excellent coordination skill with subordinate, contractor and management.

• Strong leadership skills

• Strategic planning & implementation

• Effective communication and strong organization skills

• Maximize resources through enhancing efficiency.

• Scheduling & deadline the commitment & production target.

• Creative, innovative, flexible & adaptable.

• Interpersonal relation building skill.

• Team building, Contractor problem solving.

• Positive work ethic and attitude

• Strong focus on providing excellent customer service.