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CV, Telecom Engineer Seeking Worldwide Opportunities

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 6193
(15/11/1981, male)
List top 5 skills: • ericsson som, expert., familiar, ipt nms, marconi), SOEM
Short Bio:

I have more than 6 years experience in telecom field with Ericsson equipmets ( TX, BTS, BSC) . I have worked for more than 3 years as TX/MW BO engineer in Huawei Co. for maintaining Ericsson network in one of the big MS project in Middle east (IRAN) . I'm expert in Minilink TN , HC and all BTS ( 2000,3000,6000) also I'm familiar with E// OSS command and can do troubleshooting with Citrix & WinFIOL.
I was FLM manager (MS /field managment ) for one year in one of the vast region in IRAN for ericsson network ( 2000 BTS , 14 BSC , 4 MGW ,SGSN , ....)
Also I'm familiar with Huawei TX equipment ( RTN ,SDH, OSN) and can work with M2000 software.

Current location: 

Iran - View on map

Spoken languages: 

english, PERSIAN

Locations I am interested in working:

africa, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, canada, china, India, Indonesia, Japan, kuwait, Mauritania, Netherlands, new zealand, nigeria, Norway, Oman, qatar, saudi arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

Experience Summary

  • Ericsson TX & MW equipments (TN, HC, Marconi)   , Expert.
  • Ericsson SOM, SOEM, IPT NMS, Expert.
  • Ericsson RBS (2106, 2206, 2207, 2308, 2216, 2116, 6000 family), Expert.
  • Ericsson BSC (APG40) ,OSS command in Citrix & WinFIOL , Expert
  • Huawei Wimax system. , Familiar
  • Huawei TX&MW equipments (RTN, OSN, SDH) , Familiar
  • PLC (S5, S7, Mini PLC) programming and design industrial electric circuits, Expert.
  • AVR and 8051 microcontroller programming & design electronic circuits, Expert.

  :Professional Job Experience

APR.2012 till March 2013. (Huawei Managed Service on Ericsson network)

FM Regional Manager


main responsibilities in SVMS project for one of the MTN-IRANCELL network region (R5) are

  • Leadership, Management & Employeemotivation of Field Operations organization
  • Responsible for all Field Teams (FLM, QA, PM&CM engineers).
  • Responsible for Field Operations escalations.
  • Responsible for Field Operations Reporting.
  • Responsible for physical acceptance of Network.
  • Responsible for the disposal of TTs from NOC (I-NOC system), and timely resolution of the problems and providing feedback within agreed SLA/OLA.
  • Ensures Field Operations Tools capability needs.
  • Liaises with Field Operations subcontractors and Vendors &3rd parties.
  • Ensures security of the Field Operations offices and premises.
  • Supports Outage Reporting and takes management of follow-up actions.
  • To accurately control warehouse activities and to trace the record of spare parts and consumables.
  •  Provides Field Operations monthly reports to Network Operations Manager.

FEB.2009-till APR.2012 (Huawei Managed Service on Ericsson network)

BSS-MW&TX Back office Engineer (EBSS/Ericsson Network)

Product Type: Ericsson Mini-Link TN, HC, Marconi / Huawei SDH, RTN, OSN, WIMAX

My main responsibilities in SVMS project for MTN-IRANCELL network (2.5G) were

  • Take Fault Management end-to-end responsibility for corrective maintenance of Network problems ensuring trouble tickets are actively managed until resolution to SLA & OLA requirements.
  • Alarm Monitoring, Fault Localization/Correction/Verification, Corrective Maintenance (centralized routines), Liaise with Customer Care organizations regarding Network outages,
  • Liaise with subcontractors FLM to resolve faults, Liaise with other service providers regarding network outages, coordination and control of assigned Trouble Tickets, Support Major service outage investigations and follow up, Ensures planned outages are carried out/rolled back in maintenance window, Ensures Operator Customer Care is fully updated for service affecting outages, Work Order Control (possible execution too) outside normal working hours.
  • FLM support during Level 1 & Level 2, for TX&MW equipment troubleshooting.
  • Attendance in customer weekly meetings to present the results of our team efforts to keep up the network KPI.

Sep.2007-Jan.2009 (Ericsson Managed Service)

 Managed Serviced – Senior O&M Engineer

Product Type: Mobile network for Ericsson 2.5 G networks 

My main responsibilities were

  • BTS (2106, 2206, 2207, 2308, 2216 and 2116) & Mini-Link (TN, HC) Operation, Maintenance, hardware troubleshooting, by using OMT software and Mini-link Craft.
  • RBS Alarms rectification such as VSWR, RX diversity, TRX block, RF loop test fault, power problems, PCM synch fault and so on.
  • Skill and knowledge of working with Site Master.
  • Skill and knowledge of working with TEMS phone for field measurements.
  • Supervision on subcontractor task during PM services.
  • Spare part inventory management.
  • Perform PAT acceptance; maximum site accepted with customer QA dep. without any snag.
  • Perform site audits to take delivery it from project team and announced on air.

  Mar.2007-Aug.2007 (Ericsson Access Network Impl’n)

ANI-Supervisor Engineer

Product Type: Mobile network for Ericsson 2.5 G networks

My main responsibilities

  • Commissioning, and Integration of Ericsson RBS (2106i, 2206, 2308)
  • Testing and configuration of Ericsson transmission equipment such as Mini Link TN (6P, 20P), Mini link HC.
  •  Subcontractor supervision during RBS, TX node, Feeder, antenna installation.
  • Perform Antennas and Feeders test by using Anritsu or Bird Site Master.
  • Overall preparation for site integration such as site cross connection, RBLT check, KLM Mapping, …
  • Power installing and cabling for RBS, TX node and air condition.
  • Antenna sweep testing.

 Oct 2006-Feb 2007 (Oil Refinery Center IRAN/Isfahan)


  • TheIRANOilRefineryCenterhad a comprehensive plan to make ready some expert electrical technician for natural gas station in Asalooye region. I was instructors in this project.
  • Education of PLC (S5, S7 & Several mini PLC in different brands) programming and system design. also HMI tools
  • Education of Circuit Control design & Implementation.
  • Education of Circuit Industrial electronic &Command circuit with related elements.
  •  Education of wire an electric motor to run properly.

  Jan 2006- Aug2006

Electronic Engineer (MAT Company)

 This company was one of the security equipment providers in Esfahan

I was working in Design and Programming party in this company with bellow responsibilities.

  • Design and programming of AVR & 8051 microcontrollers for electronic board of these equipments.
  • Test and QA of the assembled devices.
  • Upgrading and developing of both software and hardware of this equipment.

            Professional Course

  • Computer HW installation (EsfahanGovernmentAcademy).
  • Industrial Electrical Power (EsfahanOilrefineryCenter).
  • PLC Step5&7 (Programmable Logic Control/ Esfahan Steel Company)
  • GSM RBS 2106/2206/2216/2116/2207 Site maintenance (EricssonIRANtraining center)
  • Introduction to MiniLink &RBS (EricssonIRANtraining Center).
  • Mast & Safety Training (Ericsson)
  • Computer Networks Installation & Integration (Ease-iran)
  • Wimax on Job Training inIsfahan(Huawei Technology).
  • Marconi OMS 1260 (SDH transmission) On Job Training.
  • Ericsson BSC O&M (Sites remote maintenance and monitoring alarms- check BSC’s alarm) On Job Training with Back office engineers).
  • LAN&HUB switches (Cisco) monitoring and configuration on job training.

 Computer Skills:

  • Familiar with VB.Net . ( Skilfull ) 
  • Familiar with Word- Excel- Power Point – Photo shope – Internet  . (Skillful) 
  • Familiar with Matlab (Middel) 
  • Familiar with C++ (Skilful) 
  • Familiar with Bascom / Codevision/ 
  • Familiar with computer network simulation (Boson Net Sim) 
  • Familiar with CCNA


Electronic Eng .Najaf Abad Azad University (B.Sc) ……   2003-2006.