Cv, Technical Project Manager with an in-depth IT experience

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Serial No: 13581

Skills keywords: .net, agile, prince2, visual basic / vba
Short Bio:

I am currently working with HSBC Software Development India Pvt. Ltd., Pune in the capacity of a Technical Manager (IT) in Global Banking and Capital Financing. Over my experience spanning 9+ years in HSBC, I have had the opportunity to work overseas as a Project Manager and I am confident my skills and experience will translate well for the positions I seek.

I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my experience and qualifications with you.

Current location: Maharashtra, India - View on map
Nationality: Indian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  IT and Technology
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Electronics March 1997
Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Pune


• Cleared domain certifications from NCFM (NSE’s certification in Financial Markets) in Derivatives Module and Financial Markets module. Currently pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Symbiosis, Pune.
• Certified Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance.


Languages: C, C++, COM
Other software: JavaScript, VB Script
.NET Family: ASP.NET, C#, WSDL
Development Tools: Visual Basic 6.0, VBA (Excel, Word, PPT), VC++ with MFC, and SDK, Install Shield 6.0
AGILE Tools: Rational Team Concert (RTC)
Databases: Sybase 12.5 ASE, MS Access, SQL Server 2000
Concepts: OOPS, RDBMS, .NET Framework
Domain: Capital Financing, Equity Derivatives, Product Control

Experience Summary

• Over 14 years of experience in software system analysis, design and development, mainly in Microsoft technologies. Presently working with HSBC Software Development India Pvt. Ltd., Pune in the capacity of Technical Manager in Global Banking and Capital Financing.
• Over 7 years of project management experience.
• Certified Scrum Master (Oct 2013) from Scrum Alliance (scrum management using Rational Team Concert).
• PRINCE2® Practitioner (May 2014). Practicing Project Manager and Team Manager roles within Global Capital Finance IT.
• Good exposure to each of the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Develop projects from stage of concept to full implementation.
• Strong background in both application and web-based development.
• Experienced in project planning, estimation, functional and technical specification creation and design. Knowledge of planning and management tools such as Rational Team Concert (RTC) and Microsoft Project and design tools such as Rational Rose
• Coach, mentor and lead personnel within a technical team environment.
• Good analytical skills and an urge to explore and learn new technologies.

Project Details 

Project: Global Banking (GCF) Projects
Company: HSBC Software India (Pvt.) Ltd.
Technology: Sybase, .NET, File-Net
Description: Projects covering Client Exit Management (Darwin), Deal Management life-cycle in Global Banking, and central Authorization and Authentication systems.

Roles and Contribution:
• Technical lead and development
• Project and Release Management (planning, estimations and project tracking using RTC).

Current Responsibilities
I currently work in the capacity of a Senior Consultant Specialist for Global Banking and Markets in Global Capital Financing (GCF) with HSBC Software Development India Pvt. Ltd., Pune.

In charge of managing multiple projects, responsibilities undertaken by me are:

• Customer expectations: Delivering quality output within the defined schedule and service levels. Managing client’s expectations, interact with the client, provide value added inputs, understand and translate client requirements.
• Technical capability: Continuously upgrading and learning various technologies required for successful project delivery through continuous learning and training.
• Project planning and monitoring: Ensuring smooth execution of project as per the defined estimate, size, schedule and defect norms through proper reporting
• Process: Ensuring project follows all process standards as provided by the Capability Maturity Model – Integrated (CMM-I) standard.
• Team management: Lead a team of capable engineers through the project lifecycle. Participate in HR interventions such as interviews, performance management and ensure interpersonal issues are resolved

Project: PIMS (Project Information Management System)
Company: HSBC Software India (Pvt.) Ltd.
Technology: .NET Framework, C#, ASP.NET, .NET Web Services

PIMS is a product information management system (a component of the HSBC Front Office trading tool) to facilitate quotation management and order management on structured products which are pre-packaged investment strategy based on derivatives like Swap, Deposit, Options etc. The application provides an interface for Sellers and Structures to create and manage quotations which eventually are booked as a deal in SOPHIS (which is a portfolio valuation and risk management tool).

Roles and Contribution:
• Developer and technical lead.
• Project management (planning, estimations and project tracking using RTC).
• Release management and Disaster Recovery management.

JUNE 2007 – DECEMBER 2008
Project: Global PLS Systems using Yolus
Company: HSBC Software India (Pvt.) Ltd.
Technology: Yolus, VBA, Sybase

Global PLS systems were developed using Yolus, a fast data consolidation and aggregation solution designed to carry out financial activities like reporting and analyzing P&L and risk across all asset classes. Global PLS systems mainly restructured the architecture in all regions to replace the disparate and tactical solutions by a single strategic solution.

Roles and Contribution:
• Team leading and management
• Creation of tools for reconciliation
• Release management and Disaster Recovery management.

JANUARY 2005 – MAY 2007
Project: Tracker
Company: HSBC Software India (Pvt.) Ltd.
Technology: Visual Basic 6.0, ASP 3.0, MTS, and XML

Tracker is a web-based global transaction tracking and business support system that records information about a project from the initial conversations with the client through to the final execution of the project. It allows management to track the progress of projects and transactions as well as forecasting fees. It also provides a resource management function through the allocation of time spent on projects.

Roles and Contribution:
• Implementing the core framework for Tracker involving creating of widgets for ASP script generation.
• Creating ASP pages for various modules within Tracker.
• Creation of VB components for running reports in Excel
• Release management for UAT and LIVE systems.

Project: High Impact eMail
Company: Extentia Information Technology
Technology: Visual Basic 6.0, VB.NET, VBA, C, ASP 3.0, and XML

High Impact Mail 3.0 is an application, which integrates with email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and ACT. It is an easy to use tool for enhancing personal or business mail correspondence and providing ready automation features.

Roles and Contribution:
• Analysis and design of feature request from clients
• Functional specification creation
• Coordinating with client to gather ideas and propose newer implementations to the product
• UI design
• Code development and research
• Preparing test plans and code review

Project: AlphaSmart Applets
Company: Extentia Information Technology
Technology: C, SDK

AlphaSmart3000 is used as instructional tools in the schools in the U.S. Teachers use this tool to help the student perform basic tasks like writing, editing, performing calculation. The AlphaSmart3000 has a build in simple word processor. The device offers the option of adding new software functionality called applets, which can be designed for specific needs.
The project involved creation of an Outliner applet which enables the user to create an outline view complete with editing features like Find, Spell check, copy-paste, file-open and save.

Roles and contributions:
• Functional specification creation based on client request
• Analysis and design of the entire module
• Technical specification creation
• Code development
• Creation of test-cases for product testing
• Creation of batch files for module compilation and setting up the product

JUNE 2001 – JANUARY 2002
Project: OfficeReady Business Plans
Company: Extentia Information Technology
Technology: Visual Basic 6, VBA

OfficeReady Business Plans is a business-planning tool designed for entrepreneurs and small business executives. OfficeReady Business Plans uses Word, Excel and PowerPoint as the engines to create customized business plans. This product provides Microsoft office compatibility that allows for easy modifications and transitions among the different office documents. There is a provision for Creation of “Summary” plan from an existing business plan (3-5 pgs max) that can be used for Venture Capital funding, banking or other potential investors. There is a Presentation creator that will convert a business plan into a PowerPoint presentation.

Roles and contribution:
• Code development for core application components
• Code development in VBA modules in the following areas:
o Creation of Word add-ins to facilitate various operations like removing the prompting text from the document, creation of an external Table of Contents to keep the user in sync with the document
o Updating embedded excel links with the document
o Creation of the PowerPoint presentation module using the existing document
• Product setup creation using Install Shield 6.0.

JUNE 2000 – JUNE 2001
Project: IndiaConstruction
Company: Extentia Information Technology
Technology: HTML, ASP, and JavaScript

The site is a special purpose e-commerce site dedicated for Construction Materials. The site allows the customers/vendors to register their demands/quotes online. The site is designed to support thousands of products organized in product categories and brands.

Roles and contributions:
• Database schema design
• Site design
• Code development
Technology: Visual Basic 6, VBA

Embellix eMarketing Suite is a tool, which assists in creating marketing plans and metrics for developing and running a web-based business. The product offers powerful tools to monitor and assess all your information to create a sound marketing strategy. Embellix eMarketing Suite offers both Excel and Word templates with all relevant information necessary for the creation of the marketing plans. Some of the features include creation of eMarketing Plans, association of the excel templates with the document plan, Advisor sections on each topic/subtopic of the plan document at the touch of a button, update notification feature which is capable of checking the latest version of the product from the Embellix web-site and prompting the user for a download if a newer version exists.

Roles and contributions:
• UI design for all forms required in the project
• Code development
• Code development in VBA modules for creation of the Embellix template to facilitate various operations like associating the plan excel documents, providing Help and advisor file launch for each topic of the document etc, providing excel plan features for sheet manipulation.
• Product setup creation using Install Shield 6.0

OCTOBER 1999 – JUNE 2000
Project: Future Freight
Company: Extentia Information Technology
Technology: HTML, JavaScript

FutureFreight is envisioned as a system that will work with shippers, carriers, and third parties to manage their transportation operations in an efficient manner. The system simplifies the hassle of filling up of forms while a consignment is shipped from one place to another.
FutureFreight provides secure connections for document creation, management and electronic transmission, including tracking controls, communications and sharing of stored data between. The system provides geocoded tracking, arrival projections, and the current location and status of individual containers, trailers, and rail cars anywhere in the world. This allows shippers and their customers to monitor and manage shipments in real time via corporate networks or the Internet.

Roles and contribution:
• HTML pages creation for the product
• Creation of server-less module to facilitate transfer of data between the documents