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CV, Sporting trainee teacher seeking work in Australia, loves kids

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 7783

List top 5 skills: communication with children, self motivated worker
Short Bio:

Working with children is a passion I have had for many years. I have been working in a private preparatory school as a PE teacher for a year and have been coaching children from age 5 to 11 in sport and helping them to develop their sporting skills. My voluntary work in various educational environments has confirmed to me my ambition of working with children in education. Not only did I complete 5 weeks work experience as a classroom assistant at Anthony Roper Primary School, I have also regularly assisted at Sevenoaks Preparatory School where my mum works. I assist in various tasks within the kindergarten class working with the children and helping where I can. I help the children with arts and crafts, sports, music lessons, dance and reading during story time. I have previously helped out at a summer fit kids club based at Anthony Roper Primary School, taking on the role as a coach. I was required to follow instructions from the lead coach, and then take control of a group of children teaching them a sport or a new sporting skill.
Having experienced working in a classroom environment I am very enthusiastic in assisting the class teacher in developing the children in to well rounded students. I am passionate about helping them to become confident individuals who strive to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. By following instructions from the class teacher and assisting to the best of my ability I believe I can help the children to succeed in achieving this.
Working as a personal trainer I have developed excellent communication skills and have become more aware about the needs of others and how they vary depending on the person’s situation. This is important when working with children as I believe it is vital to remember that each child is unique and will need help in different areas depending on where their strengths and weaknesses lie.
I frequently babysit for family and family friends. This has meant a lot of responsibility and also building relationships and trust with children. I am used to being in an environment with children from the ages of two up to thirteen so have a strong understanding of the way they tend to behave at different ages and how they react to different situations.
I have always been a keen athlete and have represented Great Britain at club level for athletics. I also regularly represented Kent County for athletics, cricket and netball. By participating in these sports I have developed excellent team work skills which are vital when working with a group of people. Due to my sporting history and enthusiasm for sport not only would I be dedicated to the school , I would be keen to help with sports matches, training and tournaments where I can.
After having plenty of experience playing sports myself I have been keen to pass on my knowledge to others when they are enthusiastic to take part in sport. I have coached netball at Aqua netball club for primary school children and helped them to understand the game, improve their netball skills whilst maintaining a high level of enjoyment.
I also assisted in coaching cricket to the Kent under 11’s girls cricket team when representing Kent myself. Again I helped the children to learn and improve their skills for the sport, encourage participation and enjoyment. The children looked up to me as role model and they could relate to me as I played the sport myself so was understanding with any difficulties they encountered.
I am always willing to help and am flexible with my work. I am also very dedicated and strive to reach my goals, no matter how big or small they are. This is shown through both my sporting and educational achievements.

Current location: 

England, United Kingdom - View on map

Spoken languages: 

english, Spanish (intermediate)

Locations I am interested in working:

Australia, new zealand, United States


• Level 2 cricket coaching badge (March 2013)

• International Diploma in Advanced Personal Training – Premier Global

9th December 2011

• Certificate in Gym Instruction Level 2 – Premier Global

19th November 2011

• Kettle Bell Training- Premier Global

1st December December 2011

• ViPR training – Premier Global

8th December 2011

• Studio Cycling – Premier Global

13th December 2011


I attended Dartford Grammar School for Girls from year 7-11 where I achieved 9 GCSE’s and 1 GNVQ qualification. I then moved to Weald Of Kent Grammar School for 6th form where I completed 3 A levels in Physical Education, Biology and Spanish.

My results for my A levels are:

• Physical Education: B

• Biology: B

• Spanish: C




During my school years at Dartford Grammar School for Girls I was sports captain for a number of years, which required good organisational skills, commitment and decision making. It also enabled me to take on a leader’s role, which also gives a lot of responsibility.


• Sports and games teacher at Russell House Preparatory School (2/10/2012- Present). I teach the children various sports and help them develop their skills and the understanding of different sports.

• Afterschool club supervisor at Russell House Preparatory School (2/10/2012- Present). I run the afterschool club at Russell House, which includes arts and crafts, homework, sports games, board games and ICT use.

• School classroom assistant at Anthony Roper Primary School (May 2012)

I worked in a year 1 class helping the children with their work and tasks during lessons and assisting at break and lunch time in the playground.

• Pre school assistant at Sevenoaks Preparatory School (December 2011 and April 2012). I have spent a couple of months assisting in the pre school at Sevenoaks Prep, helping with class room activities and assisting the children in various tasks. I would often have a little amount of time in control of the children, by reading them a book or telling a story.

• David Lloyds health club Dartford (January 2012- present)- working as a personal trainer delivering training sessions and writing out suitable programmes for clients, as well as taking classes.

• The Plough Eynsford (Jan 2011- December 2011) – waitress. I am required to serve customers and provide excellent customer service. This enables me use and develop my communication skills and work with the general public.

• The Malt Shovel Restaurant (2004-2010)- Part time waitress

I was responsible for taking orders and general table service, which required good communication skills and people skills.

• Aqua netball team coaching (2008-2009)- netball coach

I was required to coach children ageing between 5-11 how to play netball, develop their skills and understand the game. This required a lot of patience and being able to explain and demonstrate ball skills and rules of the game.

• Fit Kids Summer Club- (2009 Summer)- Coach/ Leader

I was required to take charge of a group of 10 children ranging from 6-11 years old. I was in charge of various sports matches, explaining rules, encouraging participation and enjoyment whilst keeping the children under control and motivated.

• School classroom assistant at Anthony Roper Primary School (2008)

• School classroom assistant at Wilmington Primary School (June 2007- 2 weeks work experience)

• The Five Bells (2008 Summer)- Part time waitress

This involved preparing lunches and serving the food, once again developing communication skills and also working under pressure when the pub was busy.


• Kent County Athletics

• Blackheath and Bromley Athletics Club- I have been a member of Blackheath and Bromley for 5 years now and regularly compete for the club as well as representing Kent County. I am middle to long distance runner specialising in the 3000m on track, 5km and 10km on road and during the winter race in Cross Country Races. I have also represented Great Britain in the European Athletics Championships in 2008.

• Kent County Cricket- I have played Kent County Cricket since I was 11 years old. I have captained the team at age groups of U13, U15 and U17, which requires a lot of concentration, commitment and I needed to be able to remain focused when put under pressure. We were national champions at age groups U13, U15.

• Kent County Netball- I played Kent County Netball during the year or 2006, however now just play for a local village team due to the large amount of training requirements for my athletics.

• Swimming- I am a member of Leybourne Lake Open Water swimming, where I regularly swim. I also use the pool at David Lloyds and integrate swimming in to my training.

• Triathlon- I have recently begun competing in triathlons and have entered for the London Triathlon next year.

• Gym- I regularly do a lot of my training in the gym environment and train there most days of the week.

• Yoga- Yoga adds variety to my fitness regime and helps to increase my flexibility and provide a form of relaxation.