CV, South African CEO seeking senior manager position in South Africa

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Serial No: 18438

Skills keywords: management
Short Bio:

I have been in the IT environment for over 20 years now, working in different types of organizations WW, which includes being a user of software, then becoming a supplier of software. I have worked as technical resource then moving up as manager.

Current location: Johannesburg South Africa - View on map
Nationality: South African
Preferred Sector of Employment:  IT and Technology
Spoken languages: English and Afrikaans
Location I am interested in working: South Africa

Employment History

CEO and Owner Management Level at The RiRon Group

Duration : 09/2013 – Current

Occupation : CEO and Owner

Employer Sector: Chemical and Paper Product manufacturing

Sub-sector: Management

Type : Permanent

Remuneration : No set income being owner of organization

Duties : I started my own company in the Chemical and Paper Product industry and have been managing my company as CEO and Owner, which includes the overall management and running of the company.

Reason to leave : Want my company to continue and grow, which will be managed by a very capable person, while I look for something new in the management structures of other organizations while I add value to this organization full time. I feel I can add value with the experience I have built up as CEO and Owner in any organizations management structures. There will be no conflict of interest while I work for a organization as I give my all when working for someone.

Manager of Enterprise Solutions Engineers Management Level at ASG Software Solutions

Duration : 06/2011 – 08/2013

Occupation : IT sector: Management

Employer Sector: Information Technology

Sub-sector: Software

Type : Permanent

Remuneration : R 800 000.00 per annum

Duties : My role changed, still in the same organization (ASG), to be responsible for managing the technical team (Enterprise Solutions Engineers) for South Africa and Africa. Management of South Africa and Africa in the Pre Sales, Sales Support areas that includes all Pre Sales activities in South Africa and Africa areas.

Reason to leave : Continued in same position, still working for ASG, but now managing South Africa and Africa.

Manager of Enterprise Solutions Engineers Management Level at ASG Software Solutions

Duration : 11/2009 – 05/2011

Occupation : IT sector: Management

Employer Sector: Information Technology

Sub-sector: Software

Type : Permanent

Remuneration : R 800 000.00 per annum

Duties : For this role I am managing the technical team (Enterprise Solutions Engineers) (Over the whole of EMEA North from South Africa – Moved back to South Africa running the same role as from the UK). Management of EMEA North in the Pre Sales, Sales Support areas that includes all Pre Sales activities in the EMEA North (Europe Middle East and Africa North) areas.

Reason to leave : Move back to South Africa, in same position, to manage EMEA North from South Africa.

Manager of Enterprise Solutions Engineers Management Level at ASG Software Solutions

Duration : 05/2008 – 10/2009

Occupation : IT sector: Management

Employer Sector: Information Technology

Sub-sector: Software

Type : Permanent

Remuneration : £ 58000.00 per annum

Duties : For this role I am managing the technical team (Enterprise Solutions Engineers) (Over the whole of EMEA North from the UK). Management of EMEA North in the Pre Sales, Sales Support areas that includes all Pre Sales activities in EMEA North (Europe Middle East and Africa North) areas.

Reason for leaving : Was promoted to Director of Enterprise Solutions Engineers and had to move to the UK from South Africa.

Senior Solutions Engineer Senior Level at ASG Software Solutions

Duration : 07/2000 – 05/2008

Occupation : IT sector: Systems Engineering

Employer Sector: Information Technology

Sub-sector: Software

Type : Permanent

Remuneration : R 554000.00 per annum

Duties : I have been working at ASG Software Solutions for over 7 years responsible (Management and Technical) for the South African Branch Pres Sales, Sales Support, Customer Support, POC installations, Implementations, Implementation Projects, Professional Services, Sales Support and General office IT.

Reason for leaving : Did not leave ASG, was promoted to management and remained in ASG.

Senior Operator Senior Level at Nedbank

Duration : 07/1998 – 06/2000

Occupation : IT sector: Systems Administration

Employer Sector: Information Technology

Sub-sector: Software

Type : Permanent

Remuneration : R 12000.00 per month

Duties : Ran Nedbank Operations as part of a shift, running daily batch and online runs, monitoring all MVS and distributed systems for Nedbank and general operations management. (Mainframe environments).

Reason for leaving : Left Nedbank as a user of third party software to join ASG as the actual supplier of third party software

Shift Leader Senior Level at Datavia

Duration : 01/1991 – 06/1998

Occupation : IT sector: Systems Administration

Employer Sector: Information Technology

Sub-sector: Software

Type : Permanent

Remuneration : R 8000.00 per month

Duties : I was a shift leader for Datavia running the operations department of Datavia, which included daily batch and online runs, job scheduling and general management of Davavia Computer rooms. (Mainframe environments).

Reason for leaving : There were not many opportunities to move up in Datavia and decided I need to get into a new sector.

Instructor Skilled Level at South African Defence Force

Duration : 01/1987 – 12/1990

Occupation : Defence Force: Army operations

Employer Sector: Defence Force

Sub-sector: Defence Force

Type : Permanent

Remuneration : R 1000.00 per month

Duties : I completed my compulsory SADF service and after that joined the SADF as permanent member. I was part of the leader group, being an instructor in all defence categories related to the amour core.

Reason for leaving : Did not have future opportunities in SADF, more specifically in the IT environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

Relationship management and building

1) Proactively engaging different business managers in organization, by representing my department and being the point of contact of my responsible area’s services within my responsible area.

2) Continuously work on building a better partnership with other business units, delivering a service to them, by creating good relationships, good communications channels, creating a trust relationship and integrity between the different business units, which creates good business and work practices that benefits the organization as a whole in the end.

3) Always look out for changes (new additions) in other business units leadership to engage with them to create continuity, which assists with active engagements.

4) Represent my department resources (staff) outside of our business unit proficiently.

5) Continuously manage and lead service review meetings with different business managers where required. Setup, lead and manage ad-hoc service meetings where required.

6) Always formally report to senior management, management, peers and attendees of any meetings on actions and outcomes of all meetings held. Follow ups done afterwards.

7) Participate in local office (and regional office) leadership meetings where required.

8) Constantly provide expert advice and consultation, where required, to any level in the organization, business leaders, management and senior management.

9) Been my responsibility to build and maintain relationships with partners, third parties (where we act as reseller), suppliers, vendors and maintenance providers, where had an agreement due to not covering these areas of requirement ourselves as organization.

10) Always been my responsibility as manager to disseminate information, as we received it, to assist staff, peers and business managers, where required, if they needed assistance in understanding current and new technologies, and making sure this information is well communicated throughout my responsible team.

11) Handle escalations from senior management, taking ownership of it that the correct resources (support, specialist groups and staff, partners) are working on it, to ensure KPI’s with prospects and customers are adhered to and the correct urgency is given to it, to ensure quick resolution.

12) Assist across regions, where required, in any kind of matter to ensure continuity of service provided.

13) Ensure and check on regularly, that technology solutions, being focused on, conform to set standards and focus by the organization.

14) Based on business requirements, engage with partners to make sure they are aware of new solutions, any updates or changes to current solutions.

Operational Management

1) Take accountability of delivery of service to other business units (like sales organization) by our department, supporting them as set and determined up front.

2) Oversee the delivery of support service, as per my region, to prospects, customers and internal department as set my agreed to and signed SLA’s.

3) Ensure infrastructures are available to my region’s departments, to be able to do their day to day work, and escalate any non availability, to ensure constant availability.

4) Provide local and regional support, as pre geographical region, using internal support groups, and external vendor support groups to ensure business units are able to function as required.

5) When other support groups, delivering a service need knowledgeable assistance and management assistance, I offer my assistance as and when required, or get the required knowledgeable resources involved to assist.

6) As regional manager of a pre sales organization, I always check that maintenance and changes of local IT environments are managed and aware of, as this will affect my team, as well as other teams in the organization, which affects day to day work of the different business units.

7) Be part of most of the organizations different department strategic and tactical discussions and meetings, to view my thoughts, give my input and assist where required, which also helps in identifying and resolving any issues as well as managing any specific requests.

8) Are aware of all KPI’s being delivered, not to just prospects and customers, but to internal business units, which assist’s in relaying KPI’s to key players by means of good communications, which includes reporting.

9) Continuously make sure that staff follows operational guidelines, principles, processes, procedures and rules, as described by senior management.

10) Continuously collaborate with peers, staff and senior management to ensure services delivered are adhered to, investigating enhancement of service, which is suggested to senior management on a regular basis.

11) Do regular reviews to ensure we as a region and team are compliant with regulatory guidelines, company policies and best practices to ensure best possible service delivered, which does not cause for delays due to any non conformances.

12) Constantly investigate risk areas, and build findings in risk management processes to ensure services delivered are not interrupted or delayed. Feed this information onto senior management to make part of organization’s risk processes.

13) Constantly investigate how service delivered by my region, can be improved, which then are used for improvement plans for the future.

14) Any incidents are raised and logged with support teams, and doing regular follow up’s with customers and prospect, by means of ad-hoc meetings, scheduled meetings, or monthly site meetings, to ensure customers are satisfied with support given.

15) Always prepared and available to represent my department relating to issues that reside outside of my normal regional remit.

16) Represent my region, and department to other areas of the organization that may require my focus, not limiting my responsibility to matters only relating my region and department.

17) Always available and look after issues and matters raised by other regions and departments, to make sure all matters are addressed and rectified in a timely manner.

Financial Management (Budgets)

1) Assist senior management, as well as my department to decide on budgets available for specific areas of operations, like HW and SW assets available for upcoming years, for resources to be able to do their day to day work.

2) Discuss and give input in determining Travel and Expenses budgets for different regions, broken down in different business units, like Professional Services costs, Pre Sales costs, sales costs and local office distance done for day to day work onsite at prospects and customers.

3) Discuss and assist in determining training budgets available for face to face training across regions.

4) Manage financial spend and keep within corporate guidelines for financial spend for services delivered, as well as local office expenditure of office equipment, customer and prospect entertainment as well as investigation of regional allowed expenses allowed based on each countries laws and tax laws.

5) Always investigating ways and means to reduce spend, without affecting services delivered.

Project Work

1) Regularly part of project teams, assisting in managing projects, either being the project lead, or being part of the project team in giving my assistance due to knowledge, skills or experience in specific areas of operation.

2) Manage local, and international (from World Wide) resource to assist with running of projects.

3) Have managed and been the lead of office move projects, as well as customer software (replacement project) roll out, being the lead contact for the project from my organization. This project ran for about 1,5 years and was rolled our very successfully, with a happy customer now, continuing with regular management and technical meetings with this customers, as well all current customers in South Africa, as well as Europe.

4) Always follow organizations project processes, procedures and reporting.

5) Manage and follow organizations project governance, as requests comes along.

Staff Management and Mentoring (daily and monthly)

1) Have been leading and managing teams of up to 15 to 20 staff across multiple counties in Europe and Africa, which was across different regions.

2) Have been using my management skills to get the best possible performance from my teams and individuals, earning respect from my staff members.

3) Have been demonstrating leadership skills by effectively communicating teams across multiple regions and countries, with different cultures and languages, which goes outside my normal remit.

4) Have been representing my team, across staff in the whole organization WW, working with my peers, colleagues in management, building strong relationships and communications, which has build a view my everyone World Wide as a strong management skills, some seeing it as natural management skills, and have deputized for my peers, as well as for our management when required.

5) Have been providing successful coaching and mentoring of my staff and subordinates, by making use of my management skills and experience, as well as building knowledge expansion programs for my staff, by means of creating skill and knowledge matrix, to focus on areas which lacks knowledge and building and creating training opportunities for my staff to expand their knowledge and skills, in the soft skills areas, as well as HW and SW areas. Also have run workshops for my staff, to assist them building a better team, better relationships and using of known business methodologies to enhance them to the best they can possible be.

6) Continuously and effectively do staff performance and salary reviews, using this to focus on areas staff performance lacks, mentoring them to make this better, gaining the best possible performance and investigating salary requirements.

7) Constantly contribute to staffing strategies, based on what is required by the organization, for example making sure we bring the correct resources on board, based on which skills we require.

8) Constantly work towards, in managing my teams so that employee life cycle with the organization is longer, as this indicates retention of employees, showing commitment from them, showing they want to be with the organization and builds a good external view of the organization.

9) Regularly involved in assisting with management decisions pertaining to making use of external staff for specific projects where outsourced staff is required. Then also manage these resources accordingly.

Administrative Tasks

1) On a regular basis, or when required, make use of corporate incident management system to record and track all support work.

2) Maintain accurate HW and SW record of corporate assets as per responsible regions and countries.

3) Perform time sheets, as tracking of time, where and when required.

4) On a daily basis approve procurement of HW and SW assets when required, as well normal expenses for mobile phone usage, distance done, travel request expenditures, purchase orders and more.

5) If there are any specific tasks or duties required by management, I perform these as assigned.

6) Sometimes on a daily basis, or ad-hoc bases, or weekly basis or sometimes monthly basis, generated reports as required.

7) As a software organization, we get involved with financial statements, financial costs, quotes, orders, SOW’s, TCO and related documentation.

8) Use the corporate tool and forms as dictated by the organization.

9) As a manager I need to make sure documented policies and procedures exist, especially with multi cultural countries, with different laws and regulations and they need to be in line with these different countries to accommodate the different countries that are not all the same. If any are not in line with either the organizations policies and procedures or the countries policies, procedures and laws it has to be investigated, discussed and rectified.

Education and Experience

(Also refer “Education History” section further below in CV).

1) 20 Years IT (which multiple was infrastructure management).

2) 10 years management experience (similar size, similar leadership requiring coaching and people management).

3) Management of different cultures and traditions due to team located all over Europe.

4) Technology support, mostly management software, to customers and internal usage.

5) Global experience for over 11 years due to working for global organization.

6) Mostly worked and managed without supervision due to managing wide geographical area, which required managing and working while travelling and working remotely.

7) Due to management of wide spread team, over multiple countries, working unsupervised, I had to make decisive, ad hoc decisions, which included making strategic decisions.

8) Managed multi cultural environment over Europe and Africa.

9) Made many influences in decisions that were made, due to knowledge, experience and skills.

10) Working in Global Organization for over 11 years now

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

(Also refer to “skills” section further below in CV).

1) No official certification in WinXP or Win7, but due to software running on these environments I have build good knowledge of them, as well as usage of it.

2) Has been part of (and assist managing) deployment of latest versions of Win7 and Office, as well as installing own environments.

3) Have been part of HW and SW acquisitions for local offices (SA), working with suppliers, using organizations standards and available budgets.

4) Extensive skills in negotiating with customers, with superior influencing and customer service skills, having been working in a current customer and prospect environments, for many years now, which include internal environments.

5) Managed, led and worked in team environments constantly for over 20 years now.

6) Have been planning, organizing and prioritizing own activities and team objectives.

7) Able to express ideas clearly both in written and oral communications, with at least 12 years presentation skills and experience.

8) Able to coach and develop subordinates by making use of setting examples, guidance, delegation and continuous training.

9) Have been making quick, sound decisions no matter the situation, keeping the organizations interest always in mind.

Working Conditions and Physical Demands

1) Haven been working in a typical office environment for over 20 years now.

2) As part of my role, managing a team over Europe and Africa, I have travelled very frequently, which included local and distant travelling, being away from my office and home for long periods at a time, which requires weekend working and evening working on a regular basis. This also requires working by myself, with no supervision, planning my tasks and activities myself, which requires a loyal and dedicated type person and managers, which I am.

Additional Management Capabilities and General Information

1) Have experience building and then running operations (New office, team, following organizations processes and procedures).

2) Build credibility as senior IT manager, with remote staff management, mentoring them building respect, to have the best team.

3) Believe I am smart, presentable, and create a presence when with internal and external executives.

4) Have been involved in IT service and support across a wide area, geographically.

5) Have been managing relationships with customers, prospects, technical teams at all levels within organizations from CEO, right down to technical resources, which includes management of confrontations, negotiations and effective communications.

6) Come from large Global Organization and have managed support staff, ensuring company processes and policies are implemented and followed.

7) Have always been politically astute and have been managing a business (sub departments like sales, pre sales, professional services, customer support, office environments, HW and SW internally, software externally, project teams and implementations) within my current organization which includes same management with prospects and current customers, which require a string manager, sometimes assisting managing projects within customer environments being much more difficult with different personalities, views, rules, policies, processes and regulations, always keeping my organizations best interest at hart.


Extensive CEO 1 to 2 years

Expert/Specialist Director of Solutions Engineers (Management role) 2 to 5 years

Expert/Specialist IT Solutions Sales Support (MVS and Distributed) over 10 years

Expert/Specialist Solutions Pre Sales (MVS and Distributed) over 10 years

Expert/Specialist Self Starter over 10 years

Expert/Specialist Highly motivated and extremely hard working over 10 years

Expert/Specialist System Engineer over 10 years

Expert/Specialist Software Pre Sales over 10 years

Expert/Specialist POC installs and configurations (MVS-Distributed) over 10 years

Extensive Staff Management 2 to 5 years

Extensive Local Branch Technical Resource Management 5 to 10 years

Extensive Manage complex and difficult customers 5 to 10 years

Extensive Solutions Architect and Business Analysis 1 to 2 years

Extensive Solutions Architecture Planning (MVS-Distributed) 2 to 5 years

Extensive Tendering (Technical Input) (MVS and Distributed) 5 to 10 years

Extensive General office management 5 to 10 years

Extensive Customer Relations Management 5 to 10 years

Extensive Effective communications with all levels over 10 years

Extensive Administration skills over 10 years

Solid Business and Technology Development 1 to 2 years

Solid Training end users and Staff up to 1 year

Solid Implementations Project Management (MVS and Distributed) 2 to 5 years

Solid Presentation Skills 5 to 10 years

Solid IT Solutions Implementations (MVS and Distributed) 5 to 10 years

Solid IT Solutions Customer Support Management 5 to 10 years

Basic/Limited Web Page Designing (Completed course but never used) up to 1 year

Basic/Limited Programming (Cobol) up to 1 year

Education History


The Open University United Kingdom Degree at Milton Keys, United Kingdom

Completion 03/2015

Subjects : I am enrolling for MBA at the The Open University UK to do my MBA degree. This is an online course and can complete it while working.

Senior Certificate

Ladysmith High School High School/Grade 12 (Matric) at Ladysmith, South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal)

Completion 12/1985

Subjects : Afrikaans, English, Mathematics, Geography, Science, Accounting


Current: English Read, Write, Speak

Current: Afrikaans Read, Write, Speak