CV, South Africa Based Supervisor, Boilermaker, Welder

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Skills keywords: health and safety, leadership, people, root causes, supervision
Short Bio:

I have been in the metal industry for nearly 30 years,worked in all areas,construction,mining,workshops.My key strengths are pipe,plate development,fabrication,design,welding and leadership.I have worked in different countries so i am very versatile to peoples cultures and climates.

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Nationality: South African
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Manufacturing and Operations, Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english, portugese, Shona
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Qualifications & Education

Sinoia High School 1978- 1982.
O Levels. Maths, English, Geography, History, Metal Work, Art, Technical Drawing, English Literature.

Trade In Boilermaking 1984-1988 Mangula Copper Mines. Contract Number 840379-E.

Diploma City and Guilds Certificate in Fabrication and Statutory Trade Test. 1984-1985.

Areas Of Expertise

Boilermaking Welding Design and Fabrication Planning, Training, Continuous Improvement in Boilermaking Welding Procedures, Rigging And Ropes man Construction, Erection, Belt Splicing

Career Summary

Joy Global Mining, Venetia Mine, Limpopo
2012- 2014.


All boilermaking and welding on P&H 250 XP DRILLS. Contentious upgrades and improvements on drills. Responsible For all root causes and analyses. Design and fabricate upgrades. All welding done to AWS and Joy Global International Standards and procedures using fiux core .All NDT and visual inspections on welding. All safety standards to be meet and complied with.

Jacdan Engineering, Zambia.
Boilermaker/Welder. Supervisor


Directly responsible for managing a staff of +- 10. Training and retaining skills. Sourcing work and giving quotations.

Ordering steel and consumables. Carrying out all design, fabrication and installation of all jobs. Fabrication of vibrating screens ,chutes, complete fabrication of conveyors and installation. Left due to visa constraints’.

Conveyor Services Mackay (Outsourced To Sandvik) Queensland Australia


Maintenance of all conveyors’ surface and underground including wash plant. Fabrication of chutes and wash screens.

Transferred to Gove Northern Territory Australia Alcan Bauxite And Aluminum Refinery. Supervisor.


Managing staff of +-35 boilermakers, belt splicers, operative’s .On an F.I.F.O rotation of 6 weeks on 11 days off.

Maintenance of 25 km of overland conveyors and stations .Scheduling belt changes and ordering all consumables .Doing all K.P.I .Design and fabrication of 60 ton belt winder that saved Sandvik $230,000 Australian dollars. Design and

Imperilment new guarding on overland conveyor. All staff report to me end of day to do K.P.I and audits on belts.

Transferred back to Mackay Queensland.


Help write J.S.A and S.O.P for project at Hay Point Coal terminal .Install new belt for ship loader total length 4.5 km

Managing staff +- 20, keeping to all safety standard and oversee splicing and installation of belt. Work with customer and keep to deadline. Change out main swivel bearing for Sandvik stacker- reclaimer at Hay Point coal terminal.

Remove upper section, weld in baffles for wind shear jack up top section, remove bearing and replace with new one.

Replace all steel structure and commission. All splicing done in air-conditioned tent to keep the humidity to the correct AMBENT TEMPRTURE USING DRY AND WET BULB a humidity tester. Steel core splice rule of thumb step length of oppositing cables . min 100x cable diameter. Rubber width between cables min. 2mm or 0.3 x cable length. Steel cord end gap approx 50 mm. Curing time of 3minutes per 1mm belt thickness. The cover is cut transversally down to cables at 45 degree angle rubber removed between cords. Steel cords positioned as determined by belt manufacturer or by standard .Pressure 10 bar, heat 145 c.

Transfield Mackay, Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia


Fabricate and install all pipe work for new coal prep wash plant. All welding done using TIG and then NDT on all welds.

Install new steel girders and columns, floors, walkways and steps .Commission new wash screens and chutes. Wash plant commissioned in 11 months with no LTI.

P&H Minepro Mackay, Queensland, Australia


Fabrication of new P&H 1920 Dragline for haul creek. Work from drawings in workshop manufacturing housing frame

Boom, feet and bucket .All prefabricated sections sent to site and fitted and welded. All welding done with fiux core

And x-rayed. Bucket empty weight 72 tons .Fabricate truck trays in workshop using submersible arc and fiux core.

Sent to mines to do maintenance on P&H SHOVELS repairs to dippers and racks on boom. Also repairs to draglines

Change jewelry and pins, teeth on buckets repairer cracks using gouging and flux core.

T.F.M East London
Boilermaker/Welder, Workshop Supervisor


Started on the floor fabricating tippers and trailers, cargo vans and cement mixers working in the workshop. Then had an opportunity to be supervisor directly managing staff of +- 30. Time keeping, work procedures and job performance and Interacting with customers and keeping all work done for our major customer.

Mercedes benze to international standards. Work carried out extensions and shorting of truck chasse, fabrication of

Tippers, trailers and cargo vans, new and custom spray paint on horse, fabricating and installing bigger fuel tanks.

Sending all trucks, trailers and cargo vans through road worthy. Uphold and train safety awareness.

D.S.E. Richards Bay / Group Five B.H.P Billiton Hillside
Boilermaker/Welder, Welding Supervisor


Directly supervise +- 20 boilermakers and coded welders.

Ensure all safety procedures were followed and all records maintained and updated. Carry out all welding and correct all prefabricated steel columns, pipes, bracing,

Purloins, girders and tanks and cyclones.

Ensure all welding was done to AWS procedures, keep all records of work And corrections for customers.

Send welders for weld test in all 5 weld positions G2, G3, G4.G5 .G6.

Carry out upgrades to Oil Refinery Ship GLAS DOWER. Remove and replace all pipe work on gas platform.

Remove and replace steel structure on gas burn off platform.

All renovations done on wharf and installed as one unit.

Fabricate and install new cable trays .

C&P Group of Companies, Harare, Chinhoyi, Bulawayo


Work from drawings and fabricate trailers, cargo vans, and vacuum tanks. I personally designed and fabricated a Towing system for big trucks which was called a MAXLIFT. This system was patent and sold to other truck Companies in Zimbabwe.

Minel Engineering, Chinhoyi, Gwanda, Mashonaland


Carry out all boilermaking work underground and surface. Fabrication of king post, Granby cars, innovation and design

New type scrapper for ore pass, fabricate grizzlies, tip ramp, haulage boxes. Commissioned new A RYN shaft at Golden

Kopji Mine from collar down to 850 ml. Equipped shaft with palm bolts and bunttons, bridal for cages and skips. Construction and erection of new headgear. Contract work on furuka oil and fuel pipe line and bulk storage tanks, welded pipes and preinstalled tanks and welded into position, then flushed all pipe work using pig. All welding x rayed .

Equipped out 250 ml haulage with new haulage boxes, water pipes, air pipes and ventilation system .Designed and experimented a new counter weight system for waste shaft which was installed. Fabricated new conveyor from A RYN shaft to mill. Fabricated vibrating screens and commissioned .Fabricated new settling tanks with racks for Vuba Chekwe Gold Mine .Fabricated new 4 ton skips for incline with bridal at Vuba Chekwe. Fabricate and commission new flask system for rock skips at Golden Kopji Mine.

Shakelton Mine, Chinoyi Mashonaland


Boilermaking underground and surface. Fabrication of chutes, fans, bridals, cages 30 man, and rock skips 10 ton, slimes dam pipes, flutes, cyclones and maintenance day to day bases.

Mangula Copper Mine, Mangula, Mashonaland
Boilermaker/Welder Apprentice

Training and Equipment Use

During my apprenticeship I learned how to fabricate, read plans, weld, gas cut, gouge, pipe and plate development,

From square to round learned weight formulas and Pie and formula for marking out holes and pipe development.

In my 4 years I fabricated pipes, chutes, and fans and balanced cages, skips, LHD buckets, cyclones, and flotation cells with paddles, haulage boxes, Granby cars, flasks, crushers, vibrating screens, conveyors, camel backs, tipping ramps, loading chutes, haulage boxes, cyclones and fans. Also learned how to use cropper, guillotine and bending brake, rolls,

Straight line cutter, lazy eye, lathe, milling machine, line borer, gas brazing, submersible arc, silver soldering,

Different types of welding, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, hard face.