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Serial No: 5423
(07/07/1981, female)
Skills keywords: business analysis, project management, software development, software testing
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November, 2011 To Date - Movirtu South Africa - Senior Software Tester

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Defined Overall Test Strategy
  • Created Master Test plan
  • Reviewed Functional Requirements Specification Documents
  • Extracted Requirements
  • Test Environment Setup
  • Created Individual Test Plans for Change Requests as well as Acceptance Test Plans
  • Assisted with creation of Acceptance Test Plans
  • Designed and Executed Test cases (Worked closely with Tester on Site in Airtel Madagascar, Tigo Tanzania, Airtel Kenya, Airtel Malawi
  • Conducted Defect Management using JIRA
  • Conducted weekly reporting
Test Environment Setup:
  • Installed Newnet’s SS7 Stack (Newnet Technologies)
  • Installed the Signaling Gateway Client
  • Configured the Distributed 7 Platform
  • Configured the Signaling Gateway Client
  • Configured the Signaling Gateway
  • Configured the Message Transfer Part (MTP), Application Server Process(ASP), Signaling Connection Control Part (SCCP), Integrated Services Digital Network User Part (ISUP)
  • Installed and Configured MAP Gateway
  • Installed and Configured ISUP Gateway
  • Installed and Configured CAP Gateway
Projects Worked on

Movirtu South Africa is the leading pioneer of Mobile Identity Management (MIM) solutions for wireless telecommunication service providers. Projects worked include:

  1. MxShare – Features tested include Missed Call Notifications,  NotifyMe feature, Call Diverts, Movirtu’s Web CRM System, Voucher Recharge Validations, System Lock and PIN Reset, Churn Management, Recovery of Forgotten PIN, Simple Phonebook
  2. ManyMe – Solution that allows an individual to have several virtual MSISDNs linked to one SIM Card
  3. Installed and Tested Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Alarming System
  4. System Redundancy of the ISUP Gateway
Tools used:
  • JIRA On Demand – for Defect Management
  • K1297-G20 Network Monitoring tool – Used the K1297 to create and execute test scenarios and also to simulate an SS7 Network. Scenarios created involved
    • Multiple Calls – The K1297 was used to receive and make single and multiple calls
    • Multiple SMSes - The K1297 was used to receive and send single and multiple SMSes
    • MAP Messages such as Provide Roaming Number (PR), Send Routing Info (SRI), Provide Subscriber Information (PSI), Mobile Terminated Forward Sequence Message (MT-FSM), Mobile Originating Forward Sequence Message (MO-FSM), Update Location (UL), Insert Subscriber Data (ISD)
    • ISUP Scenarios such as Mobile Terminated Call, Mobile Originated Call
Types of Testing conducted:

  • Functional testing involved use case scenarios i.e. testing the user interface and  menu flow via Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)
  • Network Testing involved testing of basic Signaling System Seven (SS7) messages
  • Static testing:  Reviewed Requirements specification and worked hand in hand with product Manager to correct and clearly define the requirements. Conducted Informal Reviews with Developers  and walkthroughs with the Product Manager.  Also participated in Daily stand-up sessions with developers.
  • Load testing – Performance Testing using K1297-G20 Network Monitoring tool to do Load Testing on MAP Gateway (Send & Receive Multiple SMSes), ISUP Gateway (Send & Receive Multiple Calls).
  • Soak Testing – To tests the Stability of the SS7 Stack as a whole, performance testing using K1297-G20 Network Monitoring tool was done by extending the load Testing to run overnight and check for any system crashes or application failures
  • Key Performance Indicators checked included CPU and Memory usage, Number of calls made and accepted per second, Call Response time, Number of SMSes made and acknowledged per second.
21st Feb, 2011 to 31st Oct, 20122 - EOH Mthombo - Test Analyst

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Automation testing of Web based applications using Selenium and Testtube.
  • Requirements Analysis and Requirements Extraction
  • Test Case design using Test Case design Techniques
  • Test Case specification and Test Case execution
  • Defect logging and defect tracking using Quality Canter 9.2
  • Back End testing using SQL Queries
  • Functional Testing of CRMs
  • Use of Quality Center 9.2 to create and manage Test Cases, Test Data, and Attach results in Test Lab and log and manage defects in Defects lab
  • Created Sign offs for User Acceptance Testing to begin
  • Involved extensively in testing applications on Mobile Banking and Telecom domain.
  • Proficient in performing System Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Functional Testing , Manual Testing and Black Box Testing
  • Expertise in Testing of client server and web based applications
  • Knowledge, Understanding and usage of V-Model and Software test design techniques
  • Open, flexible and willing to learn new technologies and extremely dedicated
  • Use of HP Open View Service Desk to get Work orders or Change requests and to get Business Requirements Specification documents
13th May, 2008 to 18th  Feb, 2011- Atos Origin- Software Tester - Stationed at Gemalto Pty Ltd

Duties & Responsibilities

Successfully developed, tested and validated the following Mobile Java Card Projects:
  • Project 1: MTN Uganda Mobile Money Project
  • Project 2: Globacom Ghana Mobile Money Project
  • Project 3: ZAIN Kenya M-Commerce Project
  • Project 4: ZAIN Uganda M-Commerce Project
  • Project 5: NETONE Zimbabwe Phonebook Backup
Duties & Responsibilities

Project Requirements Analysis:
  • Participated in Kick off meetings that included clarifications of Business Requirements specifications
  • Reviewed projects, change requests & Business Requirement Specification (BRS) documents.
  • Reviewed application & system flow charts and modified them to document how/what will be tested
  • Identified and extracted test requirements from business requirements and Functional Design documents
  • Managed and coordinated test data creation, collection, and modification and enforce data integrity and quality
Test planning:
  • Created and compiled comprehensive and detailed test plans in collaboration with business requirements and design process.
  • Ensured proper test prioritization according to risk based techniques.
  • Performed systems integration, security, usability, configuration and reliability testing in a complex system environment & defect tracking and reporting.
Javacard Development:
  • Design of SIM Toolkit menus Service Design Studio, Service Developer Kit, Card Admin
  • Development of Mobile applications and SIM Toolkit menus using Java, XML, STKML, S@TML
  • Validation of Java Applets using Gemshell, Gate, Script Generator, Eva and VB.NET,
Test Case Compilation:
  • Compiled detailed test cases (positive & negative test scenarios) against business requirements specification on Gemalto tools.
  • Updated the test cases with the input from the project stakeholders and compiled a final document before test execution.
Test Execution:
  • Executed the test cases
  • Compiled validation and test results
  • Conducted user acceptance and regression testing on applications, change requests and bug fixes
Defect Management:
  • Defined entry and exit criteria for defect as per system or change request.
  • Logged defects for projects developed by other delivery centers
  • Ensured that the fixed defects were re-tested and the defect status was updated accordingly on Quality Centre.
  • Participated in Bug review meetings with developers, business analysts and project managers, test strategy sessions, and peer reviews of test cases.
7th Jan, 2008 to 12th May, 2008 - Amdocs South Africa Joint Enterprise Stationed at Telkom South Africa - Java Developer

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Performed review of test scenarios, cases & scripts
  • Responsible for software analysis, planning, designing, testing of Cramer OSS before handing it to Telkom SA.
  • Programming in Java involved software source code maintenance for upgrading of Cramer OSS from 6.2 to Cramer 6.3.
  • Identified and extracted test requirements from business requirements and Functional Design documents
  • Designed comprehensive Test cases and Test plans
  • Test enhancements and bug fixes for software releases and patches and document findings
  • Conducted User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and System Integration Testing (SIT)
  • Participated in the Bug review meetings, test strategy sessions, and peer reviews of test cases
  • Logged defects and reported all issues in Test Director 8.0 through defect lab and followed through defect fix process up to retest
  • Created Networks using Clouds, Devices, Links, Circuit, Numbers, Ports, Services and Cards.
  • Created VPN, VPLS, Adding access legs, Metro LAN Services, Ceasing access legs, Suspending/Resuming and Designing TMU’S Templates and Coding using Java Net beans.
7th Feb, 2006 to 31st Dec, 2007 - Rosebank College - IT Lecturer         

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Conducted lectures & facilitated lab (practical) sessions
  • Lectured programming using Visual Basic 6.0, Java, Web Development End- User Computing, Office Computing, Programming Logic & Design and Business information Systems to Diploma level students.
  • Organized and planned training sessions.
Project Management Knowledge and Abilities

I have substantial capability, understanding and knowledge of the activities involved and Project Management principles applied in the following key project management processes:

  • Creation and revision of Project Charters and detailed Project Definition Reports as per business requirements
  • Developing a financial business case
  • Identifying stakeholders, developing stakeholder management strategy and creation of measurable objectives
  • Planning and facilitating the definition of the project scope, goals and deliverables
  • Developing and executing Project Management plan, change management and other management plans in consultation with stakeholders
  • Division of large projects into phases, creation of Work Breakdown Structures & WBS Dictionary
  • Definition of project tasks/activities, determination of critical path using network diagram and determination of active resource requirements
  • Working with functional managers in acquiring, developing, coordinating and managing project staff
  • Managing of  the project budget, managing project resource allocation
  • Planning and scheduling project timelines
  • Tracking project deliverables, providing direction and support to project team and coordinating multiple tasks to achieve a fixed delivery or opening date
  • Providing quality assurance by performing Quality audits
  • Monitoring and reporting on progress of the project to all stakeholders constantly
  • Presenting reports defining project progress, problems and solutions e.g. using Milestone Lists. Calculation of Earned Value, Cost variance, Schedule variance, Cost Performance Index, Schedule Performance index, Estimate to Complete and Estimate at Completion in order to forecast Estimate at Completion and determine variances, project performance, reconciling expenditure and budget control
  • Implementing and managing project changes and interventions to achieve project outputs
  • Project evaluations and assessment of results.
Technical Experience

Project Management (PMBOK, MS Project 2007), VMware, HP Mercury Quality Center 9.2, HP Mercury Quality Center Application Lifecycle Management 11.0, Quick Test Pro 9.2, Test Director 8.0, Eva validation tool using VB. Net , VB6.0 for Undergraduate Systems Development Project, Javacard Development, STKML, S@TML, XML, C++, SQL, HTML, FrontPage, Informix Database, MS Access 2003/2007, JSPs, Windows 7, XP, 98/95, BEA Web Logic Server 8.0, Oracle 10g, Testing of Web based applications and CRMs, Automation testing using Java Selenium and Testtube test automation tool.

Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Australia, canada, new zealand, Singapore, switzerland, United Kingdom, United States