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CV, Software Developer in Saudi Arabia seeking work worldwide

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 7663

List top 5 skills: c# developer, javascript, jquery, sql developer
Short Bio:

I've spent the last six years and half working full-time in many technical positions, However I have been responsible for many leading roles, as I have been delegated to meet with business owners to specify requirements. Also I have the role of scheduling and running training for the users who use the programs/websites we create.

What I like most about my current job is that there were many challenges to go from one team to another and learn and use different technologies which helped me to develop my skills and makes me ready for any new technology .I feel that I could be a valuable asset to your team, and I bring to the table all of the skills that you require for this position.

Current location: 

Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia - View on map

Spoken languages: 

Arabic, english

Locations I am interested in working:

Bahrain, canada, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, new zealand, Oman, Poland, qatar, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom


• Ministry Of Higher Education KSA (February 2008 – Present)

o Current Title: Co-Team leader

o Titles: Senior Software Programmer/Analyst

o Department: Computer and Information Systems

o Job Description:

Working in several teams, meeting with business owners and find out most applicable optimal solutions that satisfy the user demands and can be delivered on requested time.

Performing database and application design based on the SRS document, providing estimation of the work size, creating tasks WBS and detailed project schedule, Acting as a technical lead in all the E-Government projects implemented within the ministry, meeting with the customers (other departments representatives) to provide technical consultancy.

Database design (Data tables-look up tables – Audit tables – login tables)

Create relations

Create tables

Create triggers

Create store procedures

Create functions

Creating reports (SSRS)

Creating Graphs (SSRS)

Creating statistics using matrix (SSRS)

Creating WCF and asmx web services

Create complicated Parent – child Grids (Devexpress)

Fixing code bugs ( and C#)

Developing any Change request or New requests

Creating Ultimus workflow processes, path, groups and setting conditions

Build Audit trail for system using triggers store procedures and functions

o Projects Participated In:

 WF & SP ( April 2010 – current )

WF & SP stands for Work Flow & Student Portal .WF – SP system is a Workflow management system, which manages the work process for all students’ requests where requests process cycle starts by submitting the request from the student side passing by the cultural attaché (Saudi attaché all over the world) ending at the ministry for the final decision. It defines the rolls of the students, managers and attaché and ministry employee, SP-WF system is an essential online system, more than 2.5 million requests have been already submitted, including educational and financial requests serving more than 100,000 Saudi students and their companions all over the world.

System technology based on Ultimus BPM & WF solution, with c# web based application and SQL server 2008.


KAS stands for King Abdullah Scholarships.KAS is a workflow management system that manages the work process between the ministry management staff and the applicant students. It defines the rolls of the students, managers and interacts with them to provide the service for the applicant students in the easiest and most efficient way, with the least possible effort.

The system handles the registration of the students filling online application, students following up their status and the required action in each phase of the application.

 SAAF ( July 2009 – April 2010 )

SAAF system considered as the data center and backbone of all ministry systems and contains all students’ records.

 NSS ( Feb 2008 – July 2009 )

NSS stands for New Scholarships. It is the application serve over 30,000 students all over the world using newer technologies and adding new features such as Reporting Service, AJAX enabled site.

 Integration

WCF web services, handle integration between all previous systems.

 Others

Supporting, maintaining and re-engineering all the internal and the internet systems, such as:

 Academic Statistics Year Book.

 Book exhibition Management.

 Cultural Attaché Offices Management.

 Academic Staff Management.

 Ministry Information Centre.

 Certificate Accreditation Management.

 Academic Portal.

 The Technologies used:

 Visual 2010, Visual Studio .net 2008

 Visual 2003, Visual Studio .net 2005

 SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005

 SQL Server 2008


 Microsoft Reporting Service

 Ultimus BPM (Business Process Management) & Workflow solution

• EDS (Electronic Data Systems – Currently owned by HP) (May 2007 – January 2008)

o Title: Information Programmer

o Project: IPACS (Information Processing Allocation and Costing System)

o Job Description:

The Information Processing Allocation and Costing System (IPACS) is both an internal chargeback process and a software application used by EDS to monitor, report and bill computer usage.

The main role in IPACS was production support, enhancing the application and perform Service and Change Requests (SRs / CRs) required by the client, perform both internal & external Work Product Reviews (WPRs), perform the quarterly baseline CM audit….etc.

The Technologies and methodologies used the current IPACS System was developed in 1991 and uses the following programming languages: PL1, DB2 and SQL.

Other technology and methodologies involve COBOL, JCL, CICS, VSAM, CA-7/CA-View, Control-M, Endeavour, File-Aid, File-Manager, SAM, SDSF, QMF, SPUFI, DB2 utilities, PSI.

• Military Forces (October 2005 – January 2007)

o Title: Soldier (Technical Support)

o Department: Operations and Support.

o Job Description:

The main roles were supporting, trouble shooting, installing, and maintaining Networks and Computers and printers’ software and hardware.


• High school: Talaa El Kamal Language School with (97.75%) (Graduated 2000)

• Faculty: Engineering, Ain Shams University (Graduated 2005)

o Department: Computers And Computers Systems

o Section: Computers

o Grades: Average: Good

Project: Excellent

o Graduation Project:

Secure Cryptography File transfer, with Client-Server model using Visual C# .Net and SQL server database.


• Personal/General

o Excellent communication skills

o Excellent teaching skills

o Excellent in Convincing and making agreements

o Microsoft office XP (in addition to office VBA development)

o Good presentation skills

o A team Player

o Good time estimating and scoping projects

• Programming Skills and technologies

o C, C++, C#, VB6, VBA, and

o ADO.NET connecting to MS SQL 2000/2005/2008 server.

o Network and sockets programming

o HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP Classic/ASP .Net

o MS Access, MS SQL server 2000, MS SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2012

o Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

o Microsoft Reporting Service

o Visual Studio .Net in building windows Applications, ASP.Net applications, mobile web applications, web services and Visual studio Add Ins.

o Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio .Net 2003 and Visual Studio .Net 2005

o Data structure, algorithms design, Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

o Security Models and algorithms

o Ultimus work flow systems