CV, Social Media Professional seeking work in London

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Serial No: 17278

Skills keywords: digital advertising, music production, online copywriter
Short Bio:

I am trained and have extensive experience in radio broadcasting as well as music production. I also have experience and currently work in digital media, specifically in online copywriting, content creation and social media management. I've worked in the retail, commercial radio and advertising industries. I am hard working, passionate and success driven.

Current location: Gauteng, South Africa - View on map
Nationality: South African
Preferred Sector of Employment:  media and design, Marketing, other
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: United Kingdom


Boston Media House (JHB, South Africa)
Completed Media Diploma (Graduated June 2013)

Majored in Radio
Brand Management
General Media Skills
Finance In Media
Radio Top Achiever Award (2012)
Advanced Radio Theory
Advanced Radio Practical Skills
Audio Editing (Pro Tools & Logic Pro 9)

Career Summary

Present Position
On-air Presenter (UJFM). Part-time

Point Blank Music School (London, UK)
2013 (April – June)

Music Composition

Song Writing

Art of Mixing/ Pre Mastering

Sound Design

Denon DJ Mix Club (Formerly Technics DJ Mix Club)

DJ Basics
Denon DJ Competition Winner (2011)

DJ Industry History

DJ technology and gear expertise (Hardware speciality)

Song Selection

Beat Matching

SoulCandi Institute of Music

Entry level Sound Engineering

Music Production

Music Business

Music Law

Digital Media Intern | Havas Worldwide
2013 – 2014

Social Media Community Management

Digital Copywriting

Digital Media

Social Media Reporting

Clients: Peermont Hotel Group National, Dulux National, Volvo National, Colour Ikamva (CSI), Citroen National

On-air Presenter | UJFM
2011 – 2012

Commercial radio skills

Specialized music radio experience

Campus Radio skills

Radio Production

Founder | LoveParty (Maverick CC)
2008 – 2012

Club Event Logistics and Management (Promoter)

Sport Event Logistics and Management

Outdoor Event Logistics and Management

Entrepreneurship skills and experience


Human Resources management

Freelance Stylist | Aca Joe (Platinum Group)
2008 – 2009
Retail Sales

Sports Presenter | UJFM
2010 – 2012

Social Media Promotion | Latinova
2012 – 2013

Nightclub Event Promotion

Night Club Logistics

Freelance Club Promoter| Self Employed
2007 – Present
Event Management and Logistics


Nightclub Event Promotion

Night Club Logistics


 Advanced Computer Skills (Logic Pro 9, Pro Tools, Mac OSX, Windows, Microsoft Office)

 Marketing (Digital)

 Advertising (ATL, Digital)

 Creative (Concept generation, Sound Design, Problem Solving)

 Social Media

 Digital Copywriting

 Entrepreneurship

 Artist & Repertoire

 Events (logistics, marketing, management, conceptualization)

 Retail

 Code 8 driver’s liscence (South Africa)

 Radio Station Experience

 Music Production

 Sound Engineering

 General media theory

 Leadership

 Organization

 Management

 Communication

 Entertainment