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Serial No: 7100
(14/08/1977, male)
Skills keywords: good leadership, iv&v, teamwork, telecommunication engineer, work ethic
Short Bio:

I have amassed over 9 years of progressive experience in telecommunications and information systems definition, design and test. My first professional experience took place at Protos Comunicaciones, a small company focused on the development of fleet management systems. I was attached to the R&D department with responsibility for design and system development. After that, I joined GMV Aerospace and Defence as software developer and tester. I was attached to the Security department with responsibilities for development and verification and validation of command and control systems. Almost three years later, I began to work at Xacom Comunicaciones as Presales Engineer. My main role consisted on providing support to the sales team and preparing prototypes according to my customers’ requirements. In 2008 I joined Amper Programas as technical manager with responsibilities for telecommunications systems specification, design and project management. It allowed me to gain experience with a wide range of technologies (system virtualization, networking, mobile networks VHF, HF networks, WiMAX, etc.).
I am currently IV&V Manager at Amper Programas Abu Dhabi in charge of system integration and validation of telecommunication and information systems (test planning and conduction, system integration strategy, preparation of procedures for deployment and maintenance, and diagnose of malfunctioning). A key point of my role is to match team members to the assigned task to assure that we achieve the best possible outcome for the tasks in hand. I am responsible for checking the quality, progress and outcome of the activities and reporting back to the departmental head.

Current location: United Arab Emirates - View on map
Spoken languages: English and Spanish
Location I am interested in working: Australia, canada, Germany, new zealand, Norway, Singapore, switzerland, United Kingdom


Jul. 2011 – Present IV&V Manager/System Engineer

AMPER PROGRAMAS de Electrónica y Comunicaciones Abu Dhabi LLC (United Arab Emirates)

▪ Integration of C4ISR and telecommunications systems

▪ Design and conduction of tests (unitary, integration, system levels)

▪ Management of acceptance events (FAT, SAT, OSAT)

▪ Preparation of procedures for systems deployment and maintenance

▪ Diagnose malfunctioning systems and location of the cause of a breakdown

Business or sector: Defence & Space

Oct. 2008 – Jun. 2011 Technical Manager/System Engineer

AMPER PROGRAMAS de Electrónica y Comunicaciones S.A. (Communications Department)

▪ Management and coordination of programs activities

▪ Development of product specification for information systems

▪ Preparation and management of technical bids

Business or sector: Defence & Space

Dec. 2007 – Oct. 2008 Presales Engineer

XACOM COMUNICACIONES, S.L. (Engineering Department)

▪ Identification of customer requirements making prototypes of systems

▪ Preparation and management of technical bids

▪ Liaison and monitoring of third party contractors

▪ Product homologation

Business or sector: Telecommunications

Apr. 2005 – Nov. 2007 Systems Engineer

GMV AEROSPACE AND DEFENCE, S.A. (Defence and Security Department)

▪ Integration and test of command and control systems

▪ Management of acceptation events (FAT, SAT, OSAT)

▪ Software development

▪ Technical documentation management

Business or sector: Information Technology and Services

Feb. 2003 – Jun. 2004 Telecommunications Engineer


▪ Fleet management systems design

▪ Software development for GSM, GPRS and Bluetooth devices

Business or sector: Telecommunications

Jun. 2001 – Jul. 2002 Laboratory assistant in a class 1000 cleanroom


▪ Applications of sputtering technique and acoustics surface waves devices research

▪ Facilities and laboratory machinery maintenance

Business or sector: R&D


Oct. 1995 – Jul. 2002 Telecommunications Engineering (Major in Electronic Engineering)

Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering (Technical University of Madrid –UPM)

Oct. 2009 – Dec. 2010 Master in International Business Administration

IEN (Industriales Business School – Technical University of Madrid –UPM–)

Principal subjects: Business Strategy, Financial Analysis and Control, Sales and Marketing Management, ecommerce, Production and Quality Management, Human Resources Management

Oct. 2009 – Jul. 2010 Master of Arts in Economics

Spanish Open University (UNED)

Principal subjects: Macroeconomics Analysis, Games Theory, Company Evaluation, Business Statistics, Prediction methods, Efficiency and Productivity Analysis

Nov. 2008 – Jul. 2009 Master in Telecommunications Economics

Spanish Open University (UNED)

Principal subjects: Microeconomics, European regulatory framework, Corporate finance in telecom companies, Business strategy in the telecoms market

Valid Certification CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate (CISCO ID: CSCO11648404) (Sep. 2012)

Valid Certification CCNA Wireless – Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless (CISCO ID: CSCO11648404) (Sep. 2012)

Valid Certification ISTQB – Foundation Software Testing Certification (Jul. 2011)

Feb. 2010 – May 2010 Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence (135 hours)

Technical University of Madrid (UPM)

Sep. 2009 – Nov. 2009 Strategic Marketing (100 hours)

Technical University of Madrid (UPM)

Oct. 2009 – Nov. 2009 Data Mining and Data Warehouse: Basics and Applications (100 hours)

Technical University of Madrid (UPM)

Mar. 2009 – Jul. 2009 Strategic Management (270 hours)

Technical University of Madrid (UPM)

Jan. 2009 Advanced Routing in Linux (25 hours)

Daikon S.L. Training Department

Jul. 2008 Repeater Principles Course: Repeater Planning, Installation & Maintenance (indoor and outdoor wireless signal enhancement) (40 hours)

SHYAM Telecom GmbH (Aschaffenburg, Germany)

Oct. 2006 Introduction to Together (8 hours).

GMV Training Department

Sep. 2006 Time management and Teamwork (8 hours)

GMV Training Department

Nov. 2005 Introduction to Quality Management Systems (4 hours)

GMV Training Department

Oct. 2005 Introduction to UML (12 hours)

GMV Training Department

May 2005 Software Engineering (20 hours)

GMV Training Department

Apr. 2005 Advanced Programming in C++ (20 hours)

GMV Training Department

Dec. 2002 – Feb. 2003 WAP applications development for mobile access to Internet (159 hours)

Technical University of Madrid (UPM)

Oct. 2002 – Dec. 2002 Electronic design based on personal computers (209 hours)

Technical University of Madrid (UPM)


Mother tongue Spanish


Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production

English C2 C2 C1 C1 C2

Advanced English Language Certificate (fifth course) Official School of Languages (Madrid) (2006)

French A1 A1 A1 A1 A1

First course, Official School of Languages (Madrid) (2007)

Communication skills ▪ Team work: I have worked in various types of teams from research groups at the university to project teams as technical manager and IV&V manager.

▪ Mediating skills: I was in direct contact with the customer in several projects (CIO/CPL, SIMACET, FIS-HE, ECCS) gathering their requirements and supporting them in deployment and training activities. As presales engineer I supported all my customers on the configuration and operation of their systems in a daily basis and collaborated closely with the sales force (visits, meetings, demos, bids, etc.).

▪ Intercultural skills: I am used to work in intercultural environments due to my participation in several international projects (over 2 years working in Abu Dhabi -UAE-) and my contact with foreign suppliers (SHYAM Telecom, Digi International, 2N) as presales engineer.

▪ Public Speaking skills: I have to deliver presentations and speeches to my customers and my work colleagues as part of my daily routine.

Organisational / managerial skills ▪ Leadership gained through my experience as responsible for several teams as technical manager and IV&V manager.

▪ Good organisational skills gained through my participation in several projects, for example preparing and managing Amper Comunicaciones technical bid for the GESCOM program (tactical communications system for Spanish Army) and participating in the establishment of a new branch of Amper Comunicaciones in Abu Dhabi.

▪ Capacity to work under pressure and independently

▪ Self-learning and adaptation capabilities that have allowed me to face new situations in a dynamic and flexible way (starting several projects, participating in the establishment of a new branch of Amper Programas in UAE)

Job-related skills ▪ Sound knowledge in all phases of the systems engineering life-cycle

▪ Long experience in telecommunication and defence environment (familiarity with network standards and equipment, DoD , army methods)

▪ Solid understanding of wireless technologies, TCP/IP protocol suite, routing technologies, VoIP, QoS

▪ Wide experience with project working teams combined with good decision making and multi-task capabilities

Technical skills ▪ System Engineering:

▫ Specification: Rational DOORS

▫ Design: Enterprise Architect

▫ Management: MS Project, SAP/R3,

▫ Standards: IEEE 12207, MIL-STD 498, V-Model

▪ Telecommunications:


▫ Mobile networks: 3G, GSM, GPRS

▫ Wireless networks: WiMAx, Wifi, Bluetooth

▫ Satellite communications: Thuraya

▫ RF Repeaters

▫ Tactical communications: CNR, VHF (PR4G V2 and V3), HF (TRC3000, STANAG 5066)

▪ Computing knowledge:

▫ Programming Languages: C, C++, Visual Basic

▫ Databases: Oracle, Microsoft Access

▫ Operating systems: Windows, Linux (Red Hat, Debian and Fedora), Unix

▫ Microsoft Office

Other skills ▪ Willing to travel and relocate

▪ Immediate availability

Driving licence ▪ B



▪ E. Iborra, M. Clement, J. Sangrador, A. Sanz-Hervás, A. J. Navarro, M. Aguilar, “Role of argon ion bombardment in sputtered AlN films for SAW devices”, IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, 411 – 414 (2002)


▪ Command and Control system for the UAE Army (ECCS) as Integration and test responsible (Jul. 2011 – Present)

▪ Command and Control system for the Spanish Army (SIMACET) as Integration and test responsible (Sep. 2010 – Jul. 2011)

▪ Command and Control system for the Swiss Army (FIS-HE) as System Engineer ( Sep. 2010 – Jul. 2011)

▪ Tactical communication system (SERVCOM) as Technical Manager (Oct. 2008 – Sep. 2010)

▪ Command and Control system for Anti-Aircraft Artillery (CIO/CPL) as Test Engineer (Jan. 2006 – Nov. 2007)

▪ Command and Control system for Army Field Artillery Groups (PCGACA) as Test Engineer (Apr. 2005 – Dec. 2005)

▪ Fleet management system (Tracking system development) as Software Developer (Feb. 2003 – Jun. 2004)


▪ Member of the National Spanish Association of Telecommunications Engineers (Jul. 2002 – Present)

▪ Member of Eurielec (scholar association dedicated to electronic research) (Oct. 1995 – Oct. 1996)

▪ Member of IEEE University Brand (Oct. 1996 – Oct. 1997)