CV, Senior Piping, Stress Engineer With Both Onshore & Offshore Exp.

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Key Qualifications: 40 years of experience in Piping / Mechanical Engineering & Flexibility Analysis according to the Basic & Detailed Design and Engineering of Process Piping for Oil & Gas in Onshore & Offshore FEED and EPC, Brown Field & Greenfield Projects, FPSO'S, Refineries, Chemical Plants and Power Plants (CCPP'S).

Current location: Flevoland, Netherlands - View on map
Nationality: Dutch
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: Dutch, english, french, german, Norwegian, spanish
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere
List the countires you have a visa to work in: Belgium, Caribbean, the, France, Germany, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, spain, Sri Lanka (ex-Ceilan)


Key Qualifications: 40 years of experience in Piping / Mechanical Engineering & Flexibility Analysis according to the Basic & Detailed Design and Engineering of Process Piping for Oil & Gas in Onshore & Offshore FEED and EPC, Brown Field & Greenfield Projects, FPSO’S, Refineries, Chemical Plants and Power Plants (CCPP’S).

Career Summary

2014-09– 2015-02
Penspen Limited, Richmond, Surrey, UK

Position : Senior Pipeline/Piping/Mechanical Stress Engineer.


Piping Stress Analysis using CAESAR II version 2013 R1 on Piping and Pipeline Systems, Checking of Pipe supports, Flange Leakage tests. I was able to succeed and increase the Productivity in Pipeline/Piping/Mechanical Stress Engineering in order to deliver the deliverables (Stress Analysis Piping and underground Pipelines & Stress Reports) before thedead line.

2014-07– 2014-09
Grontmij, Antwerpen, Belgium

Position : Senior Piping Stress Engineer.


Piping Stress Analysis using CAESAR II version 2013 R1 on Piping Systems Using NozzlePRO for the Allowable Nozzle Loads calculations. I managed to finish within the dead line.

2013-07– 2014-01
Jacobs, Coryton Refinery, The Manorway, Essex, UK

Position : Senior Piping Stress Engineer.

Project : Thames Oil Port (TOP)

Piping Stress Analysis using CAESAR II version 5.31 on Piping from Pumps to Tanks using API 610 Allowable Nozzle Loads calculations & API 650 Tank Bulge Calculations.

Tebodin, Consultants & Engineers, Velsen-Noord, The Netherlands

Position : Senior Piping Stress Engineer.

Projects: Chemtura, Gusher, Amsterdam & NAM KISS SKIDS (Numansdorp, Warfstermolen, Tibben).

Piping Stress Analysis using CAESAR II version 5.31on Process, Thermic Oil, Utility Piping Systems, Gas Lines using STOOMWEZEN.Performing DIN Flange Leakage Tests according to SEPA & Dr. KOVES. Piping Materials according to EN13480.

Aker Solutions, Fornebu, Norway

Position : Senior Piping Stress Engineer.

Project : Ekofisk 2/4 Zulu

Piping Stress Analysis using CAESAR II version 5.1 on Wellheads, Flow & Gas Lines, Oil / LNG Process Lines, Process Gas & Utility Piping Systems, using 45 Load Cases in Design File & 30 Load Cases in Blast File. Performing ASME B16.5 Flange Leakage Tests according to ASME VIII Division 2 appendix 3.

2012-04 – 2012-06
Fluor Haarlem, The Netherlands

Position : Senior Piping Stress Engineer.

Project : Ruhr Oel MIP (Margin Improvement Program) BP Gelsen Kirchen

Piping Stress Analysis using AutoPipe version 8i on Piping Systems connected to Furnaces, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Reactors. Piping Materials according to EN13480.

2011-03 – 2012-03
Ranhill WorleyParsons Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Position : Pipe Stress Specialist.

Projects : Tapis EOR and Rejuvenation Greenfield Project (Exxon Mobile).

D12 & Interconnecting Piping bridge, Field Development Project (Shell).

MurphyProject, Serendah Topsides Detailed Design of Wellhead, Production

& Accomodation Platform.

Piping Stress Analysis using CAESAR II version 5.2 on Piping Systems connected to Piping Manifolds, Static & Rotating Equipment (Pumps, Compressors). Flare Header, PSV Lines to Flare Header, using Operating, Transportation and Blast Load Cases. Also checking all Pipe Supports on all 4000 Stress Isometrics for Tapis EOR and Rejuvenation Greenfield Project.

Calculating the Loads of Special Piping Supports of all the Critical & Non-Critical lines for the Structural Department. Checking of the Detailed Design Basis for D12 & Interconnecting Bridge. Creating Critical Lines List for Project Murphy.

2010-07 – 2010-11
GustoMSC, Schiedam, The Netherlands.

Position : Senior Piping Stress Engineer.

Projects : FEED Study FLNG Santos Basin Petrobras. FPSO Cidade de Paraty. FPSO P-57.

Piping Stress Analysis using CAESAR II version 5.2 on the Piping Systems to and from the FLNG- & LPG-Dome, Fire Fighting System Main Deck, Compressor Piping, Determination of Piping Loops, Vessel bending, Thermal displacement of Equipment Nozzles. I analyzed using 44 Load Cases.

2009-07 – 2010-03
Tecnicas Reunidas AS & Initec Plantas Industriales, Madrid, Spain.

Position : Senior Piping Stress Engineer.

Projects : Elefsis (Helenic Greece) Refinery at Tecnicas Reunidas in Bami office (Avenida de Burgos, Madrid).

Khabarovsk (Russia) Refinery at Initec, in Sanchinarro, Madrid (First building 3rd Floor).

Piping Stress Analysis using CAESAR II version 5.1 on the Utility and Process Piping.

On the Elefsis Project I analyzed with 19 Load cases for Utility Piping, 22 Load cases for Process Piping and 10 additional seismic Load Cases due to the seismic area in Greece where the Refinery had to be built. I also did the Data Base Control of the Stress Isometrics.

On the Khabarovsk (Russia) Hydro Processing Project I produced the Operation, Hydraulic and empty weight Piping Loads to design the 350 m long Piping Rack 1, 2 & 4. I Stress

Analyzed the 350 m long 36” Flare Line and interconnecting Tank farm Piping using 16 Load cases.

2008-04 – 2008-10
Rosenbergverft, Hundvåg, Norway.

Structural Reinforcement Project 2008 of the EKOFISK Complex.

Position : Senior Piping Stress Engineer.

Piping Stress Analyses using CAESAR II version 5.0 on the Utility Piping of the EKOFISK Complex. Offshore Survey to the EKOX checking restraints Gaps. Making of progress reports.

2007-05 – 2008-04
Fabricom AS, Tasta Stavanger Norway (Head Office).

Projects : GEM2 (Greater Ekofisk Modifications) & LNG Plant, Mongstad, Norway.

Position : Senior Mechanical / Senior Piping Stress Engineer / Coordinator.

Leading a team of 12 Pipe Stress Engineers, 5 Pipe Support Engineers and 3 Mechanical / Piping Engineers for 1 year. Producing Piping & Mechanical Installation & Construction

Working Packages and associated Jobcards. Checking of As-Built Iso’s. Offshore Survey to the Ekofisk Complex, solving Flow Induced Vibration and Pulsation problems.

Preparation of the Pipe Stress Procedures using CAESAR II version 5.0. Checking and Coordinating of the Piping Stress Analyses Reports (Flow Lines, Gas lift Lines and Water Injection Lines) of GEM2. Performing Stress Analysis on all Critical Flow Lines.

Coordinating the Construction of Flow line Spools in Dusavik, Norway. Adjusting of the X-Mas Tree Designs. Making of progress reports in SAP.

2007-03 – 2007-05
Fabricom AS, Tasta, Stavanger, Norway.

Project : Gullfaks A.

Position : Senior Piping Engineer / Senior Piping Stress Engineer.

Preparation of : Tag Lists; Line Lists; Manual Valve Lists; Technical Data Books for the Gulfaks A; PO nrs.: 800142 up to and incl. 800188. Checking of the P&ID’s of the Gullfaks

A; Correspondence with the Suppliers and Manufacturers of Equipment and Valves. Making of progress reports.

2003-01 – 2006-12
PROMAN GmbH Düsseldorf, Germany.

Position : Sr. Piping / Mechanical & Pipe Stress Engineer / Sr. Checker

Leading a team of 3 Mechanical / Piping Engineers for 4 years. Checking of all Piping

Layouts, Isometrics and Stress Isometrics, Pipe Support Drawings, Structural Steel Drawings, Equipment Drawings, Valves Data sheets, Pipe Class Specification Catalogues, Making of progress reports for the following FEED and EPC Projects :

Project : In Point Lisas(Trinidad) – Ammonia N2000; Methanol M5000; Ammonia Urea & Mellamine(AUM);

Ammonia Urea Nitrate (AUN); Ammonia Plant CNC. Natural Gas Liquefaction (LNG) Plant. Project : In Oman (United Arabian Emirates) – Methanol M3000, Phase 1 & 2; Transportation of Methanol to OFCC.

2002-07 – 2002-12
SIEMENS AG Power Generation (KWU), Erlangen (Germany).

Position : Senior Piping / Mechanical Engineer & Pipe Stress Engineer.

Project : Arrubal Power Plant, Dual Fuel Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP),

Siemens AG (PGG) in agreement with Gas Natural SDG, SA.

Adjusting the HRSG – Calculations & Prescriptions of the Steam Turbines of a Dual Fuel Combined Cycle Power Plant with 2 single shaft Gas Turbines according to the Client (Gas Natural SDG, S.A.) wishes.

2002-01 – 2002-07
IHC GUSTO ENGINEERING B.V.(Member of the IHC CALAND Group), Schiedam.

Position : Senior Pipe Stress Engineer.

Projects: FPSO Atlantic (Xikomba) & ESSO Early Production System.

Designing of the Pump Room Piping. Stress Analysis (CAESAR II version 4.30 using 9 Load cases) of the Topsides (Module I) Piping.

2001-01 – 2001-12
IV OIL & GAS, Papendrecht, Netherlands.

Project : Bluewater FPSO, Glas Dowr (Offshore).

Position : Senior Pipe Stress Engineer.

Stress Analysis of Piping placed in 3 Modules on the 242.3 m long FPSO Vessel that is to be stationed in front of the South African coast. I worked with CAESAR II version 4.30 using 26 Load Cases for each Piping system, Sustained: 2 Load Cases; Operational: 6 Load Cases;

Occasional: 4 Load Cases; Expansion: 2 Load Cases; Fatigue: 3 Load Cases. Making of progress reports.

2000-07 – 2000-12
WACKER CHEMIE GmbH, Nünchritz (East Germany).

Project : Silan-Synthesis and Catalyst Preparation Plant (Onshore).

Position : Senior Pipe Stress Engineer & Senior Piping Engineer.

Pipe Stress Analysis, using Caesar II version 4.30, on HP & MP Steam pipes

(DN 500/400/300/200/150). Determination of the classification categories (Flex 1, 2 & 3) according to the Design Temperature and Design Pressure) into which the pipes had to be classified before Stress Analysis. Selection (with Stress Analysis) of axial-hinged Expansion Joints; Variable and Constant Spring Hangers (Lisega); anchors; guides and line stops to support the HP & MP Steam pipes and also the mobil therm oil pipes (Worst Case Scenario).

Designing of Tubular-; U-Tube bundle-; Ketteltype Heat Exchangers; Condensors; Reboilers, Requisitions and Specifications included according to ASPEN II and HTRI Calculations.

2000-01 – 2000-06
JACOBS ENGINEERING B.V. (Leiden, Netherlands).

Project : ALKYL (Nerefco) Europoort.

Position : Senior Pipe Stress Engineer.

Stress Analysis (CAESAR II version 4.30 and used 7 Load cases) on the Piping Systems

(Design Temperature – 20 ⁰C / 220 ⁰C; Design Pressure = 25 / F.V. barga) connected to the Pressure Vessels; Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Columns.

1998-07 – 1999-12
BALCKE-DÜRR GmbH, Ratingen, Germany.

Project : PA/DOP (Phtalic Anhydride / Plasticizer).

Position : Senior Piping Lead Engineer, Detailed Engineering & Senior Pipe Stress Engineer.

Writing of a Design and Engineering Practice Manual (Piping General Requirements), after checking all the Basic Engineering PA / DOP Flow Schemes. Designing of a Technical Specification for Steam and Hot Oil Jacketed Pipe. Preparing of the Valve selections Specifications, the Critical Process Lines (Isometric Typicals), the Piping Special Parts

Specifications for the PA / DOP Plant. Calculation & determination of all the Steam Traps of the PA / DOP Plant. Preparing of the Pipe Class Material Specification, Basic data sheets for the PA / DOP Plant. Checking of all the Allowable Nozzle loads and pre-displacements required for the Columns of the PA / DOP Plant (Worst case scenario).

All these items I did in 10 months.

As a Sr. Piping Lead Engineer, leading a team of 5 Mechanical / Piping Engineers and 15 PDMS Designers to do the Detailed Engineering of the PA / DOP Plant in Madras, India, checking of the Pipe Stress runs & reports (Worst case scenario) according to ASME B31.3.

Making of a HAZOP study. Making of progress reports. All these items I did in 8 months.

1998-01 – 1998-06

Project: Blood Plasma, GMP Building M300 Upgrade in Marburg, Germany, Onshore.

Position : Senior Piping Engineer.

Designing of the Requisition Data Sheets and Specifications for the Vertical Fixed Tube Sheet Heat Exchangers. Drawing of Isometrics and Supervising during the erection of the Heat Exchangers and the Pipes connected to the Vertical Heat Exchangers.

1997-07 – 1997-12
ELEANU GmbH, Leipzig, Germany.

Project : The Iron Ore Working up into Briquettes Plant HBI LGOK.

Position : Senior Piping / Mechanical Engineer (Onshore).

Designing of Piping Layouts for the 22.747m; 31.542m; 80.6m and 86.66m Floors, Sections & Views. Checking of the Isometrics, Variable Load & Constant Load Spring Hangers and the Variable & Constant Load Spring Supports. Designing of the Plant Air, Instrumentation Air and Fire Fighting Pipe lines through the Reactor Tower (0.00m-95.00m altitude).

Making of the Complementary Piping Erection Instructions in English (26 Pages), for the entire Project, comprising the following subjects:

– Installation of Bellows-type Expansion Joints.

– Installation of Pipe Supports, Special Pipe Supports, Spring Hangers and Spring Supports.

– Installation of Valves, Accessories and Safety Valves.

– Execution of Pipe connections and Fittings to Machines and Apparatus.

– Hydrostatic Testing of larger than 24″- Pipelines.

– Execution of Flushing.

These Complementary Piping Erection Instructions were made according to: ASME

BOILER and PRESSURE VESSEL CODE Section 1; 8; 9 and PG 99. ASME B31.1 : Power Piping. Making of progress reports.

1996-07 – 1997-06
SIEMENS AG Power Generation(KWU), Offenbach, Germany.

Project: Paguthan, a Dual Fuel Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) of 655 MW.

Position : Senior Mechanical / Piping Engineer / Pipe Stress Engineer.

Leading a team of 10 Mechanical / Piping / PDMS Engineers for 1 Year doing the Balance of Plant (BOP). Checking of all Piping General Arrangement Drawings (GA’S) and Section & View Drawings according to the P&ID’S & Plot Plans for the Gas & Steam Turbine Building.

Checking of the Outdoor Piping bridge Layouts, Piping GA Fuel Oil Drawings, Stress Isometrics (HP & LP Steam Systems). Checking of the Utility Piping Systems: Fuel Gas;

Liquid Fuel; Demineralized Water; Service & Potable Water; HP & LP Feed water, HP & LP Steam; Auxiliary Steam; Condensate; Clean & Cooling Drains; Standby Condensate; Sealing & Circulating, Closed, Service, Chilled & Forced Cooling water; NOX Reduction; Lube Oil Gas Turbine; Compressed Air; Fire Fighting Water Hydrant, Spray Deluge System & Underground Fire Fighting Water; Checking of the Hydrazine, Chlorination, Additive, Acid, Ammonia & Na3PO4 Dosing Systems & Hardness Stabilizer Systems; HVAC; Checking & Designing of Terminal Points between the (HRSG) Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HP & LP Drum) and the Steam Turbine (HP & LP Steam), Condensate Circulation Pumps, Bypass Stack, HP Feed water Pumps & the Blow Down Basin. Checking of all Valves & Accessories in comparison with the P&ID’S, Terminal Points, Materials (Body), Class (ANSI), Flow Coefficient, Valve & Fitting end facings. Checking of Stress Calculations, Flow & Pressure Drop Calculations, Apparatus Specifications & Data Sheets. Making of the Cost Estimating for the Naphtha Storage Tank Farm and progress reports.

1996-05 – 1996-07
SCHOTT GLASWERKE MAINZ, Germany. Revamping Project Neu Wanne 8.

Position : Senior Piping Engineer.

Designing of Utility Piping.

1996-03 – 1996-05

Position : Senior Mechanical / Piping Engineer.

1) PVDF Adsorption Column, Flue Gas Desulphurization for HF Plant, Starck Goslar in East Germany. Design of the PVDF Adsorption Column.

2) Water Pre-Controlled Denitration Plant,GKW Bayer-Buerrig in Leverkusen (Germany). Determination of the hot tab Tie-ins, demolishing and new Isometrics, supervising during erection for the Water Pre-controlled Denitration


3) Vessel Agitator Project BABCOCK. Making of Vessel Data & Specification Sheets and Bill Of Material (BOM) for the Vessel Agitator Project BABCOCK.

1996-01 – 1996-03
HAGER & ELSÄSSER GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany.

Project : Water Filtrating (Osmose) Plant Dresden.

Position : Senior Piping Engineer.

Designing of Piping Layouts, Isometrics and Pipe Supports for the Water filtrating (Osmose) Plant.

1995-10 – 1995-12
IKR GmbH (A BABCOCK GmbH Piping Engineering Concern), Bitterfeld, Germany.

Project : Oil Refinery Riesa & Power Plant Jänschwalde (Rea).

Position : Senior Piping Engineer / Senior Pipe Support Engineer / Senior Pipe Stress Engineer.

Designing and Calculation of Piping Supports. Pipe Stress Calculations of Power Plant Piping.

1995-07 – 1995-09
Shell Pernis, Botlek Area, Netherlands. Project: Shell Revamping FURFURAL-II Plant.

Position : Senior Piping Engineer.

Designing and Checking of all Piping Arrangement drawings and Isometrics in behalf of the Shell Pernis FURFURAL-II Revamp Project.

1995-04 – 1995-06
STORK PROTECH B.V., Schiedam, Netherlands.

Project : NAM Offshore Drilling Platform, L15-FA-1.

Position : Senior Piping Engineer.

Designing of GA Drawings (Heli-and Mezzanine Deck) in behalf of the NAM L15-FA-1 Project.

1995-01 – 1995-03
GIST-BROCADES, Delft, Netherlands.

Project : Zen & Song.

Position : Senior Piping Engineer.

Preparation of all the Approved for Construction Isometrics, Pipe Supports and Test packages.

1994-07 – 1994-12
Fluor Daniel B.V., Haarlem, Netherlands.

Project: NAM Offshore Drilling Platform F3-FB-1W(12 Wellheads each for Gas & Oil).

Position: Senior Piping Engineer / Checker.

Designing and Checking of General Arrangement drawings, Isometrics and Pipe Supports on behalf of the NAM-Velsen Offshore Development Project: F3-FB-1W.

1994-01 – 1994-06
NAM, Den Helder, Netherlands.

Project : NAM NOGAT, Gas Treatment Plant.

Position : Senior Piping Engineer / Cost Control Engineer.

Comparison of the tender package of 1000 Isometrics with the Approved for Construction package and determination of the increase in costs. Determination of all Test packages for Hydrostatic Testing.

1993-07 – 1993-12
NAM, Velsen, Netherlands.

Position : Senior Piping Engineer / Checker.

Projects : Offshore Drilling Platforms K14-FA-1; K7-FA-1; AWG-1; L13-FC-1; K15-FB-1 and Onshore Location Middelie.

Checking of Piping Layouts, Section + Views, Isometrics, PEFS / PUFS. Stress Isometrics (Stoomwezen) for Offshore locations, Plotplans, Keyplans and Equipment drawings.

1993-04 – 1993-06
DOW CHEMICAL Company, Stade, Germany.

Projects : OSBL Tie-ins MCE-Project & DOWANOL III Catalyst Building.

Position : Senior Piping Engineer / Pipe Stress Engineer.

Designing and calculation of the Pipe Stress loops, Layouts, Isometrics, M.T.O’s and Pipe Supports for the OSBL Tie-ins MCE- Project. Designing & calculation of the location for the new DOWANOL III Catalyst Building. Designing of the Piping Layouts for the Catalyst make- up tank and the Catalyst storage tank. Designing of the Control Valve Piping manifolds and steel platforms for the new Catalyst Building DOWANOL III in behalf of the new DOWANOL TRAIN III for n-butyl- and methylethers Project.

1993-01 – 1993-03
POLYCONSTUCTION B.V., Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands.

Project : SIPM Water Treatment Facilities Shell Refinery, Sola, Norway.

Position : Senior Piping Engineer.

Designing of 3 Detailed Piping Arrangement Drawings (Springhangers included). Detailed Engineering of all Tie-ins. Making of a Bid Package for prefabrication and erection work of all Piping (Tubing incl.), in behalf of the SIPM Project (Water Treatment Facilities Shell Refinery Sola Norway), Comprising: Demolition; New Piping and modifications to existing Piping systems; Pipe Supports; Hydrostatic Testing; Inspection; Painting; Pre-commissioning and Flushing.

1992-07 – 1992-12
EMS-INVENTA AG, Domat Ems, Switzerland.

Project : Polyester Project ZHUHAI (in China).

Position : Senior Piping / Mechanical Engineer.

Designing of all Piping Layouts & Sections & View. Drawing of all Isometrics and Pipe Support Detailed drawings for the 1500 tons / year drying Post-Condensation for bottle grade Chips & 1500 tons / year Mell conditioning for semi dull Chips part of the Chips Production Plant (Polyester Project ZHUHAI).

1992-04 -1992-06
HOECHST AG, Frankfurt, Germany.

Projects : Yellow Pigment & PPS Chemical Plant LILLEBONNE in France.

Position : Senior Mechanical / Piping Engineer & Checker.

Checking of all the Isometrics and designing and calculation of all the Pipe Supports.

1992-01- 1992-03
GLOBAL ENGINEERING B.V., Velsen – Noord Holland.

Project : Maintenance & Revamps for All the NAM Drilling Platforms in the North Sea.

Position: Senior Piping Engineer / Pipe support Engineer.

Designing of all Pipe Supports (Detailed drawings) for the Piping and Stress Isometrics.

1991-08- 1991-12
SULZER ESSCHERWYSS, Ravensburg, Germany.

Project : Nordenham 88.

Position : Senior Piping / Mechanical Engineer / Checker.

Checking of all the Isometrics and bill of materials from the Nordenham 88 Project.

1991-01- 1991-07
VOITH, Heidenheim, Germany.

Project : World’s Biggest Paper Press, Schongau 7 (Werk Schongau).

Position : Senior Piping / Mechanical Engineer.

Designing of the foundation Layouts for Worlds biggest and fastest Paper Manufactory.

1990-01 -1990-12
FRIEDRICH UHDE GmbH, Bad Soden, Germany.

Project : PPS (Crystallization) Chemical Plant of BAYER Antwerpen (WERK KALLO).

Position: Senior Piping / Mechanical Engineer.

Leading a team of 6 Piping Engineers for 1 year. Designing of the 7th and 14th meter floor from Building 5628 between Column E and A, comprising: Piping Layouts, Section & Views, Detailed drawings, Requisitions and Specifications of the Apparatus and Pumps.

1989-10 -1989-12
STEINMUELLER, Gummersbach, Germany.

Project : Power Plant WALHEIM.

Position : Senior Piping Engineer / Pipe Stress Engineer.

Designing and Stress Analysis of Power Plant Piping (Design temperature > 250 ⁰C; Design pressure = 25 barga).

1989-04 –1989-09
De GROOT INTERNATIONAL (GROOTINT B.V.), Dordrecht, Netherlands.

Project : Hydro Oseberg 2.

Position : Senior Pipe Support Engineer.

Designing and Calculating of Detailed Pipe support drawings.

1988-04 – 1989-03
EMS-INVENTA AG, Domat Ems, Switzerland.

Project : Ciba-Geigy G-18 in Kaisten.

Position: Vessel Engineer / Rotating Equipment Engineer.

Leading a team of 2 Vessel / Rotating Equipment Engineers for 1 year. Making of all Requisitions & Specifications for the horizontal & vertical Heat Exchangers (Straight Tube, Fixed Tube sheet, U-Tube & Spiral Tube); Desublimators; Separators; Pressure Vessels, Preliminary Design & Impeller Vessels, with coil; Expansion Vessels; Spiral Tube Condensers; Measuring Vessels; Columns; Kettle Type Reboilers; Reflux Splitters; Falling Film Evaporators; Flashing Vessels; Settlers; Deaerators etc. Designing & Calculating: The Support Brackets, Supporting legs & Special Supporting legs for vertical Vessels with max. shell thickness of 32 mm; max. Design temp. of 343 ⁰C for vertical Vessels in accordance with the DIN-Standards. Drawing of all Supporting brackets & Supporting legs and base plates detailed drawings. Designing of Pressure Vessels Supporting legs with dished ends (taking into account, reinforcement plates and Pressure Vessel weight) this all in accordance to AD-Merkblatt S3/3. Designing of a special borosilicate (Pyrex) glass Settler and determination of its Material Specifications, Fabrication & Inspection requirements, Nozzle data, Min. Wall thickness, Instrumentation connections and Process Operating / Mechanical data. Determination & Strength calculations of all the Secondary Supporting Steel Structures (Consisting of erection Plates, Channel sections, Wide & small flanged beams and special profiled steel). Determination & calculating of the Allowable Nozzle loads of the apparatus. Designing of all Instrumentation connections on apparatus.

Checking of all the P&ID’s. The determination if all Apparatus Requisitions are subjected to the SVDB-Standards or not in behalf of the G-18 Project.

1987-10 –1988-03
CONTROLEC Engineering B.V., Schiedam, Netherlands & BAYER-ANTWERPEN

N.V., Antwerpen, Belgium.

Projects : AZODRIN Project (Shell Pernis) & BAYER Revamping Project.

Position : Piping Engineer.

Preliminary Design comprising: Piping Layouts, Sections & Views, Pipe Supports, of the 11th and 15th meter floor of the AZODRIN Building. Designing of Piping Layouts and Pipe Supports.

1987-05 – 1987-09
FOSTER WHEELER, Antwerpen, Belgium.

Project : SIBP (Antwerpen Refinery) Renovation & Revamp.

Position : Senior Piping Designer.

Designing of Piping Layouts, Section & View drawings, Detailed Drawings of Branch Connections and Tie-ins.

1986-11 – 1987-04
BALLAST NEDAM, Amstelveen, Netherlands.

Project : AFF(Airfield Facilities F-15). Position : Pipe Support Engineer.

Calculating and Designing of Pipe Supports and Pipe anchor Supports detailed Shop Drawings of the kerosene, Instrument Air, Utility and Sewer Piping towards and inside the GS / QS-F-15 underground bunkers for the AFF-Project in Taif & Khamis. The Pipe Supports & Anchors had to be bomb explosion proof. This means, had to withstand an acceleration due to the gravitation of 10g. Checking of all Pipe Support and Anchor drawings for the AFF-Project.

1986-06 –1986-10

Projects: Coke Factories in IJmuiden (Hoogovens) + Smid & Hollander (Asphalt Plant).

Position: Senior Piping Designer.

Designing of Piping Layouts, Sections & View drawings, Detailed Pipe Support drawings for all the Piping in the Coke straining installations, Disengaging and Cleaning drums, Sample connection Tar storage tanks, designing of LP Water pump drawings, for the COKE Factories Project in IJmuiden (Hoogovens). Checking of the P&ID’s & Process Flow Diagrams for the Asphalt Plant, SMID & HOLLANDER Project.

1985-12 – 1986-05
CONTROLEC Engineering B.V., Schiedam, Netherlands.

Projects : Revamping Tank Yard SHELL Moerdijk; Cyanamid; Glassworks Project.

Position : Piping Engineer.

Checking of Piping Layouts. Calculations of the Constant Spring Hangers & Pipe Supports (Medium: Cooking Tar) for the Revamping Tank Yard Project of Shell Moerdijk. Checking of Piping Layouts, Isometrics, Construction Steel Drawings and Pipe Support Drawings for the CYANAMID Project. Designing of the Platforms for the Glassworks Machines (GLASSWORKS Project).

1985-09 – 1985-11
DORDTSE Engineering, Dordrecht, Netherlands.

Project : SHELL Moerdijk. Position : Sr. Piping Designer.

Designing of a High pressure Flushing 12”- Pipe (Stainless Steel) with 2 Expansion Joints, connected to a Heat Exchanger. Checking of Piping Layouts, Isometrics and Spring Hangers.

1985-03 – 1985-08
DOW CHEMICAL, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Project : TURKEY.

Position: Senior Piping / Mechanical Designer.

Designing of Piping Layouts; Proposals for the Reactor; Pumps; Platforms erection and Calculations of the Loading Cells and Reactor Supporting Brackets.

1984-09 – 1985-02
ADCO ENGINEERING B.V., Assen, Netherlands.

Projects:WARTENA-1, GROUW-2 and RAUWERD-1 & 2 PETROLAND Project;


Position : Sr. Piping Engineer/Assistant Project Manager on the PETROLAND Project.

Leading a team of 3 Piping Engineers for ½ year. Taking Field measurements of the 4 Gas Drilling Locations: Wartena-1, Grouw-2 and Rauwerd 1&2. Designing of the Piping Layouts (Well-Head & Glycol Area) for the Temporary Set-up of Wartena-1. Drawing of the STOOMWEZEN, Stress Isometrics for the Temporary Set-up of Wartena-1. Designing of the Well-Head / Separator Area Layouts, Glycol / Launcher and Receiver Area Layouts, Sections & Views drawings of the Well-Head / Separator Area and the Glycol / Launcher / Receiver Area, Foundation Plot Plans & Foundation details, designing of the Gangways for the 4 Gas Drilling Locations. Making of the Requisitions for the HP Gas / Liquid Separator. The positioning of all Hydrostatic drains & Vents of the 4 Gas Drilling Locations.

After being appointed to the function of Assistant Project Manager on the Petroland Project, I made a Checking Manual for the Layouts of all 4 Gas Drilling Locations: Wartena-1, Grouw-2 and Rauwerd-1 & 2. I Checked all the Pipe supports of the 4 Gas Drilling Locations. I Designed all Instrumentation Hook-ups and Connection details of the 4 Gas Drilling Locations. I did the Coordination of all the Piping & Instrumentation for the PETROLAND Project. Designing of the Piping Layouts for the Kationogeen Starch Project.

Making of the Requisitions and Specifications of the Belt Conveyors, drawing of the P&ID’s and making of a Proposal to improve the quality of Kationogeen Starch, for the Kationogeen

Starch Project. Making of a HAZOP study. Making of progress reports.

1984-03 – 1984-08
POLYDESIGN B.V., Leidschendam, Netherlands.

Projects: A.P.V. EVAPORATOR Project; ARAMIDE; NAM E.V.I. – R.O.V. Project.

Position: Senior Piping Designer.

Designing of the Piping connecting the Vapour Evaporators, Down Draught Vessels, Steam Compressors, Condensers & Mono – and Centrifugal Pumps with each other for the A.P.V. EVAPORATOR Project. Designing of the Piping & Pipe Supports of the headers towards the Steam Condensate & Water Utility Stations for the ARAMIDE Project in Groningen.

Designing of 2 Regulating Instrumentation Circuits from the Condensate L.C. Vesssels to the Deaerator & Flash Vessel for the E.V.I. – R.O.V. Project of the NAM in Schoonebeek.

1983-03 –1984-02
FOKKER B.V., Aalsmeer, Netherlands.

Project : Advanced Rigid Array (ARA).

Position : Aeronautical & Space Technology Engineer.

Designing of a Deploy

ADCO ENGINEERING B.V., Arnhem, Netherlands.

Projects : ARAMIDE Plant in Emmen, Flexicoker and the Experimental Plant Project of AKZO CHEMIE Deventer.

Position : Senior Piping Designer.

Designing of the Piping on the 6th, 14th & 19th meter floor of the ARAMIDE Plant. Making of a proposal for the positioning of 3 compressors on the 14th meter floor connected to the Pyro Sulfuric acid freezing machines on the 19th meter floor by means of SS Piping.

Designing of the Drinking Water, Utility and Instrument Air connections on the 6th and 14th meter floor. Checking of the Layouts, P&ID’s and Process Flow Diagrams of the ARAMIDE Project in Emmen. Designing of the Pipe supports for the HP Steam Pipes to and from the Turbines including the Stress Analysis & Calculations for the Spring Hanger Supports of the FLEXICOKER Project. Designing of all the Piping for the Monomer Metacrylate Plant of AKZO CHEMIE Deventer. Designing of the Cooling Water supply & return Piping from the Water Tower to the Reactors in the Halls: 5A, 5B and 5C. Designing of the Utility Piping, Instrument Air Piping and the branch connections including a Proposal for the Fragment Pyro Sulphuric Freezing Machine and all Piping Systems connected with it.

1982-07 – 1982-09
SAVAL KRONENBURG, Breda, Netherlands.

Project : NAM Oil & Gas Drilling Platform, F3-FB-1W Development Project.

Position: Senior Piping / Mechanical Designer for Sprinkler Piping Systems.

Designing of the Sprinkler Piping systems (Structural direct Cooling, Area Cooling) of the Cellar- & Tween Deck and the supporting of these Sprinkler Piping systems. Designing of a HP foam tank, (max. working pressure = 10 bar) and its Supporting saddle.

1982-01 –1982-06
SHELL HOLLAND Chemie B.V., Moerdijk, Netherlands.

Project: 24″- Tie-In Project.

Position : Senior Piping Designer.

Designing of the Tie-in connection of a 8”- flushing pipe from a Centrifugal pump to an existing 24”- sewer pipe. Designing of a 24”- straight tee with blind flange with the main purpose of pumping residue via a Centrifugal pump into a storage tank.

1981-07 – 1981-12

Projects : CONOCO Drilling Platform and F-17 NAM (Assen) Drilling Platform.

Position : Sr. Piping Designer.

Designing of Sprinkler Piping systems for CONOCO. Designing of the Water Hydrant Stations for the Sprinkler Piping systems and the making of material take off proposals for the F-17.

BADGER B.V., Den Haag, Netherlands.

Project: New Zealand Oil Refinery.

Position : Senior Piping CAD- Designer. Designing of CAD-Isometrics.

1980-07 – 1980-12
De GROOT / PENN & BAUDUIN, Dordrecht, Netherlands.

Project : BP Drilling Platform, MAGNUS FIELD (North Sea, Scottish Coast).

Position: Senior Piping Designer.

Checking of Layouts. Making of Material Take Off lists and Hydrostatic Testing Packages for HP Steam & Utility Piping systems from the Modules of MAGNUS Field.

1980-01 – 1980-06

Project : 3 “TRIPARTITE”CLASS Mine Hunters.

Position: Sr. Piping / Mechanical Designer.

Designing of the Piping Layouts, Bulkhead and Deck passages, Mounting Isometrics for the feathering of the Propeller blades. Making of Material Take off lists.

1979-04 – 1979-12
RDM, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Project : Pillar Ship “OSTREA” (Deltaworks Oosterschelde).

Position: Sr. Piping / Mechanical Designer.

Designing of Instrument Air system, Water Cooling System, Bilge Pump & Ballast Systems for Pillar Ship OSTREA.

1978-03 – 1979-02
KING WILKINSON, Den Haag, Netherlands.

Project : ARAMCO

Position : Piping Designer.

Designing of Piping Layouts. Drawing of P&ID’s.

1977-09 – 1978-02
T.N.O. – Delft, Netherlands.


Position : Piping / Mechanical Draughtsman / Designer.

Designing of a Double Purchase Winch with a Winch driving Gear Comprising: a Hydro Electrical motor with a Ward- Leonard system.

1977-03 – 1977-08
PROTECH INTERNATIONAL, Schiedam, Netherlands.

Project : RAS TANURA SAUDI ARABIA (Steam Condensate & Filtration Plant).

Position: Piping Draughtsman / Designer.

Designing of Piping Layouts. Drawing of Isometrics and P&ID’s.

1976-09 – 1977-02
BALLAST NEDAM, Amstelveen, Netherlands.


Position: Piping Draughtsman / Designer.

Making of Material Take Off lists and Calculations of Estimates.

1976-03 – 1976-08
CRAWFORD & RUSSEL, Den Haag, Netherlands.

Project : ARAMCO.

Position: Piping Draughtsman / Designer.

Drawing of Isometrics and Process Flow Diagrams.

1975-10 –1976-03
LUMMUS HOLLAND B.V., Den Haag, Netherlands.

Project : SHELL Pernis.

Position: Piping / Instrumentation Draughtsman / Designer.

Drawing of P&ID’s and Isometrics.

1975-05 – 1975-10
NORTH WEST ENGINEERING, Vlaardingen, Netherlands.

Project : SHELL Moerdijk.

Position: Piping Draughtsman / Designer.

Drawing of Process Flow Schemes and A1 format Isometrics complete with Material lists (10 / Day).

1974-06 – 1975-05
BRONSWERK, Amersfoort, Netherlands.


Position: Piping Draughtsman / Designer.

Drawing of Chilled & Hot Water Supply and Return Pipes. Determination of Expansion Joints in the Hot Water Pipes. Making of a Proposal Drawing for Air supply and Insulation of the Sound Studios in the 15 storied Kuwait Radio & T.V. Centre.


03.10.1981: Graduated as Ir. (Dipl. Ing., MSc) Aeronautical & Space Technology Engineer.

01.08.1970 – 01.06.1974: Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Netherlands

1971 – 1972: PBNA, 1 year course: Draughtsman Designer & Piping Designer.

1972 – 1973: PBNA, Piping Constructor.

1973 – 1974: Technical College (The Hague, Netherlands) Techniques of Measurement and Regulations &

Process Instrumentation;

1998 – 1999 -Technology Consultancy Center (TCC), 1 Academic year Post-Graduate Piping & Mechanical

Engineering Course comprising:

– HNC Certificate : 02.07.1999 – Module I

– Supporting & Flexibility Analysis of Piping Systems.

– Pulsations & Vibrations (Dynamic Phenomena).

– HNC Certificate : 10.07.1998 – Module II

– Design & Calculation of Strength of Pressure Loaded Components.

– Materials: Weld ability; Destructive / Non-Destructive Testing;

– Heat Treatment; Certificates; Corrosion (Including Cathodic Protection).

– HNC Certificate: 10.07.1998 – Module III

– Flow & Transport by Piping Systems: Process Technology with the emphasis on the positioning and sizing

of Process Plants and the Development of Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P & I D’S). Compressors, Pumps, Static & Rotating Equipment (Unit Operations). Cost Efficiency in Designing and Calculating of Pipe diameters & Equipment.


Offshore Survival Certificate: Falck Nutec, Hinna, Norway valid up to and including 13.07.2011


Computing Skills: Microsoft Word; MS Office; Excel; Proarc; SAP; AutoCad 14(3D).

NASTRAN, Finite Element Analysis. Aspen II (HTRI & HRSG Calculations).

Piping Stress Analysis Software: CAESAR II, version 4.30; 4.50; 5.0; 5.1; 5.2; 5.3; 6.1

AutoPIPE for Riser and Piping Stress Analysis.

OFFPIPE for Pipeline installation Analysis.

PIPESIM 2003, Comprehensive Multiphase flow Modeler.

SmartPlant 3D, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine’s Plant Design Software.

Navis Works, Model viewer to assist Pipe Stress Analysis and Pipe Supporting.


MicroStation V8 XM version 8.9 Structured Workflows, New 3D graphics API within DirectX-based display subsystem, Structured Content, updated GUI.