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CV, Senior Mechanical Technician Looking Globally

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 48497
(04/28/1992, male)
List top 5 skills: mechanical commissioning, mechanical engineer, mechanical installation/alignment, mechanical technician
Short Bio:

Diploma holder in Mechanical Engineering from State Board of Technical Division with 6 years of experience.

Experience in maintenance of major rotating equipment: Gas Turbines, compressors, pumps, diesel engines, fans and blowers etc., leading the team of technicians in overhauls /servicing.

Current location: 

Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

Oil, Gas and Energy, Oil, Gas and Energy, Oil, Gas and Energy

Spoken languages: 

tamil english hindi

Locations I am interested in working:



Academic Qualification : SSLC

Professional Qualification : DME – Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Safety Course : Proficiency in Survival Techniques

Helicopter under water Escape & sea survival

Fire prevention & first aid

Elementary first aid

Computer Skills : MS Office

Auto Cad

Plant tranings : Work permit


Fire Watchman


Mar 2015 to date
Mechanical Technician (Job Leader) (GULF)
Client: Kemiya Saudi (SEP) UNDER SABIC
Employer : AYTB

Feb 2014 to Feb 2015
Mechanical Technician
Client : ONGC- Oil&Natural Gas Corporation,India (Offshore)
Employer : SS Construction Ltd

Apr 2013 to Feb 2014
Mechanical Technician
Mechanical TechIndustries Takreer,Abudhabi (Rifinery)
Employer : Toledo electrical&mechanical works LLC

Mar 2012 to Jan 2013
Mechanical Technician
Client : ONGC – Oil & Natural Gas Corporation, India (Offshore)
Employer : Sam Fire Service

May 2010 to Feb 2012
Employer : OFS Industries Pvt. Ltd

Equipment handled:

Having relevant experience in maintenance in all types of pumps such as centrifugal, reciprocating & rotary pumps; Obtaining a complete check list of the dismantled equipment and keep a record of the same;  Inspect the condition of rotating parts namely shaft, sleeve, impeller, oil deflectors wearing, bearings, coupling and stationary parts such as casing stuffing box, distance pieces and bearing housing.

Renewal of mechanical seals replacement of rotor checking wearing and throat bushes, bearing clearances; Maintaining the required Radial & Axial float in multistage pumps; Hydro test of pumps to determine mechanical seal and casing leaks; Over hauling of reciprocating pump such as plunger pump & diaphragm pump including renewal of plunger packing, oil seals, suction discharge valves checking & servicing; Completely overhauled.

Inspection, Dismantling & Installation of Thrust bearings and Journal bearings (plain and tilting pads types) with direct and pressurized lubrication systems; Locate position of rotor assembly and proper installation of gas seals or oil film seal; Respecting the Radial & minimum axial clearance between impellers and diaphragm and delivery dimensions of volute

Screw pump:
Maintenance Of screw Pump; Attend The Trouble Shootings; Overhaul The Pump; Replace The Bearings; Replace The Mechanical Seals.

Rim and face method; Reverse indicator method

Reciprocating compressor:
Inspection, Dismantling & Assembling of Coupling, fly wheel, crank shaft, connecting rod, cross head, gudgeon pin, piston rod, piston and cylinder.

Maintaining limited clearance of Main bearings, Big end and small end bearings with direct or pressurized lubrication systems; Refurbishment of suction & discharge valves, unloader& Renewal of cylinder liner; Check and replace the piston rings, rider/guider rings, stuffing box packing & wiper rings; Check and adjust the Cross Head Shoe Clearance, TDC & BDC; Respecting the minimum deflection on piston rods; Performing alignment of Compressor with driver Equipments.

Fin Fan:
Pm checking for fin fan; Attend the Troubleshooting; Replace the tubes

Mechanical seal:
Handled the non catriage&catriage seal; Replace the non catriage&catriage seal

Heat exchanger:
Handled plate type exchanger; Replace the plates; Replace the gaskets; Checking the tightening of bolts.

Oilmist generator:
Pm check for generator; Refill the oil level; Adjust the oil mist density; Attend the trouble shooting

Attend the trouble shooting; Pm check; Hot alignment.

Fan (FD&ID fans)
Attend the all type troubleshooting; Align the fans; Overhaul the fans; Replace the seals,bearings,Impellers.

Tools handled:
Micrometer(inside&outside),Verniercaliber,Feelergauge,DialindicatorforAlignment. chainblocks , slings, I bolts for using overhauling time.


Operation of X-mas tree Crown valve, upper master, lower master, wing valve (operating closing), and surface safety valve, and adjustable choke valve, SSSV/Down valve.

Choke manifold, upstream by pass, positive choke valve, and down changing of chokes.

Knowledge on flow lines, work of separator, conditions of test, production separator, 3phase separator (oil, gas & water), PCV, oil level controller, gas presser controller.

Changing of orifice plate, taking separator reading, flowing well fluid through separator, by pass opening and closing of manual low valves.

Follows all safety rules and guidelines established by the offshore, onshore and actively participates in safety meetings, safety programs.

Having good knowledge in Permit to Work, Safe Job Plan/Job Safety Analysis, Material Safety Data Sheet, Tool Box talks and Hazards & Hazards control; Imparts job knowledge & training to my team in the field.; Understands and apply to plant safety standards and maintenance procedures while performing work